2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System, Azura (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Review

2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System, Azura (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Includes the keyfit infant car seat and base
  • Carrier shell is lined with EPS energy absorbing foam
  • Vehicle base features spring loaded adjustment foot with easy to read bubble level guides on both sides of base and centrally located, one pull latch tightening for easy and secure installation
  • Stroller features multi position, flat recline seat with memory recline
  • Roller features parent and child cup holders, large storage basket and easy one hand fold

2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System, Azura (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

Loved it overall but with some criticism (By Lilti9er)

I love that this brand is so easy to use, open/close and to me the feeling is of high quality. As first-time parents, I’ve done my fair share of research and have removed many brands off my list from past experiences babysitting friends & family’s children. When my husband and mother went to look at this brand at the local Babies R Us, I didn’t realize that many patterns were of different kinds of materials/fabrics. Luckily, we didn’t have any problems keeping the Azura clean. We also had a 2nd Chicco Keyfit 30 in the Fuego pattern for my husband’s car and didn’t have any problems keeping that clean as well. A friend of ours had a pink one and she complained that hers made her baby very hot and sweat a lot leaving stains in the fabric. I reminded her that the newborn insert needed to be removed when the baby reached 11 lbs, I believe. I didn’t hear of her complaints afterwards on the sweating issue but she did complain about the weight of the car seat even though she had a lightweight baby.

My baby was 8.5 lbs at birth and she fit in the car seat perfectly with the newborn inserts. I removed the body insert once she reached the max weight but I left the head cushion attached to prevent the head from flattening. I loved how easily I was able to install the car seat base while pregnant. The weight of the car seat and baby combined as she grew never really bothered me. I was more in love with quality than cared about weight since it was usually on a stroller anyways. Something I would complain about with the car seat is how little of sun coverage the canopy provided, even with the extra sun visor. It never stayed out either, it would always pull back. That’s something the manufacturer should look into. I was given an aftermarket sun/rain cover for the entire car seat to help with that.
I also disliked how small the shoulder strap cover was. It was fine at first when she was a newborn but as she got older and bigger, the strap covers didn’t do anything to prevent the seat belt from rubbing against her skin. I eventually replaced them with much longer aftermarket strap covers.

The Cortina stroller was nice at first until I started to use it. It would only fit in my SUV vs my husband’s smaller SUV. So we used the Chicco Keyfit Caddy on trips in his car. The Cortina was nice for walks around the neighborhood but not good for shopping trips b/c it was a full size stroller to maneuver through small aisles and clothes racks, and it’s heavy to load and unload onto my SUV. The car seat was easy to click onto the stroller but the stroller also lacked in canopy coverage. Even with the car seat canopy opened fully and the stroller’s canopy over it, there would be gaps on the sides and eventually the car seat’s canopy would fall back and expose baby. Those canopies really annoyed me. I did like how the handle adjusted since we’re short people, I’m only 5′ and I was comfortable pushing it on the lowest setting. I hated bringing this stroller to the dr’s office b/c those offices are so tiny and the Cortina is like a full size. We would have to strategically park it off to the side out of the dr’s way and really, it would still be in the way lol. We loved the Caddy for those dr’s visits and really, everywhere lol.

I didn’t use the Cortina stroller much, I mainly used the Keyfit Caddy with the car seat. Then we stopped using the car seat altogether when she was approximately 10-11 months old b/c she was reaching the max height limit of the car seat. That may be another thing to think about. In my experience, the baby reached the height limit before the weight limit so I could’ve saved some money and went with the regular Keyfit instead of the Keyfit 30. She’s been in the Chicco Nextfit since she outgrew her Keyfit 30. We gave most of her baby gear to families in need so I know for sure that I won’t be purchasing the travel system again if we had a baby #2. We have 2 Nextfits, one in each car, so we may just use one of them for a new baby. I haven’t thought it all the way through yet though. If I don’t use a Keyfit car seat then that means I’ll have to carry the baby everywhere we go or babywear or stroller…I don’t know yet. But I know for sure that if we were to purchase another infant car seat then I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another Keyfit car seat but with a Caddy instead of the Cortina.

Simple and easy to use (By orcaspam)

Really like this car seat/stroller combo, its very light and easy to collapse and open up. The only things I wish it had was a larger cupholder…I can’t fit my camelbak water bottle in it..and that you didn’t have to adjust the recline of the stroller in order to put the diaper bag in the bottom compartment. Other than that, this really fits our needs and is super simple to use.

We’ve adapted to it and it’s a great set. It’s easy to use and pushes like … (By PatioL)

The system is big. If you have a sedan, the stroller will take up almost all of the room in your trunk. We have a truck too with a half cab in back and we lose the front passenger seat when the baby seat is in the back jump seat b/c it has to be folded over and all the way forward. However, these are it’s only two but luckily not for us, fatal flaws. We’ve adapted to it and it’s a great set. It’s easy to use and pushes like a dream. Also, this pattern is so handsome. Get lots of compliments every time we take it out.

super good (By Lily)

my husband and i were searching for long time before we purchase the item, it is little expensive but totally worse the money we paid. the quality just so good and the color is beautiful! i am so glad they are able to ship to Hawaii.

Great stroller (By Anne Jacobs)

We haven’t had our baby yet, but my husband said this was very easy to put together. It seems to be a safe, comfortable ride for our daughter on the way.