2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Cortina Travel System (Graphica) Review

2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Cortina Travel System (Graphica)

  • Designed especially for the Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat
  • the Chicco Cortina Stroller works as a travel system for your infant and a full-size stroller for your growing baby.

2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Cortina Travel System (Graphica) Reviews

Easy, versatile, great system! (By agirlwithaguitar)

I’ve have used this stroller system for my daughter’s entire first year and love it! My little girl is just now getting a bit big for the car seat so we’re going to move up to a forward facing one, but this has served us very well. The car seat can be used in the base, or it can also be strapped into a car without the base by threading the seatbelt through notches in the sides (which is useful if you take the stroller on the ferry to visit relatives and don’t want to have to carry the base with you). The construction of the whole system is sturdy, the stroller folds flat, the extra cup holders are awesome and there’s a big storage area underneath, very handy! The handle is adjustable, so adults of various heights can use it comfortably. The stroller can be used without the car seat as well, if your LO is awake and wants to see where s/he is going, and also reclines fully so if s/he nods off while you’re out on a walk, you can make him or her nice and comfy by lowering the seat back to the recline position. We also occasionally used the stroller as bassinet while traveling, and the car seat was so comfy for her, I actually just let her use it as her regular bed until she was about 6 or 7 months old. She slept better in the car seat than the co-sleeper I bought, or anything else I tried.

Regarding issues of having difficulty snapping it together that were raised by one reviewer, it took me abut 5 minutes to figure that out. The handle has to be out and the seat has to be reclined in order for the car seat to snap into the stroller. So, leave the baby strapped in the car seat in the car … get the stroller out, set it up with the handle up and the seat reclined. Then, lift the car seat out of the base and it snaps into the stroller very easily. No problem.
For folding and unfolding the stroller, simply lift the lever at the back … there’s a little handle … also took me a few minutes to figure out the first time around but was easy after that. So unless the adult managing the stroller has some physical disability or is really low on the evolutionary scale intellectually speaking, once a person has done this once or twice, it’s very very easy to manage. Just follow the steps. I bought my system second-hand, so it did not come with instructions, but I imagine the new ones probably come with illustrated instructions too.

Work Great For Us – Loved It (By CFH Review)

For our family this system has worked great. Any system that is an all in one is going to have some adjustments you will have to make in order for the unit to go from one state to another. Our family has never had a problem using the carrier with the stroller or without it. The car base unit is super easy to install and use. Our son has just out grown the carrier and base units and we are passing them on to a friend who is having a baby soon. We will continue to use the stroller.

I can understand the other reviewer’s frustration. You do have to know how the system works and what position(s) certain parts of the stroller need to be in install the carrier. The ability of this stroller to go from a carrier system to a full fledge stroller for a toddler is great for us.

The units are sturdy, well built and thought out for your growing baby. Our family has felt safe using them with our baby. We highly recommend it.

We also preffered the Graphica Color scheme.

Wonderful Travel System! (By Emily H.)

We would be lost with this travel system! It doesn’t even compare to anything else, and my husband and I researched many before we purchased this one! Our little guy is safe, and this keeps him comfy.
The stroller is wonderful and easy to break down/transport, and the seat is sturdy, but not too heavy.

Highly recommend (By Janlong)

This stroller and infant carrier are lightweight and easy to use. Nice features, including cupholders for mom and baby. Very easy to install the base for the car seat. The carrier can be removed from the stroller with one easily located latch. Highly recommend.

Great Product (By Vijay H. Shah)

I love it. It’s Great Product. I will recomed this produt to every one.
Thanks !
Vijay Shah McDonough GA

Love the Keyfit system (By az110490)

This is my second Chicco Keyfit system and I love them! Easy to use, so secure, and most importantly, my baby is comfortable. I never had many problems in getting the car seat snapped into the stroller, just put the back of the stroller seat down before putting in the seat. It only took a couple of times before I learned that lesson.

The stroller has amazing control and suspension, the adjustable handle is great since my husband is a full foot taller than I am. And I’ve never used an easier car seat, the strap adjustments are so quick to make.

I wouldn’t have any other system for an infant, and in fact, I bought a Chicco system twice (only because we lost the first one in a home disaster).

It’s an ok stroller (By fleurx)

I’ve had this stroller for a year now and I can say confidently what I like and what I don’t like about this product.

– quite compact and it fits easily in the trunk of my car (Toyota Corolla)
– easy to fold/unfold with just one hand
– the canopy is movable
– the car seat latches on strongly onto the stroller
– it glides well and it is easy to steer with one hand

– the car seat only goes to up to 22 lbs and my daughter outgrew it at 9 monts
– the back of the stroller does not recline high enough and my daughter is not comfortable unless I put a rolled up blanket behind her back
– pretty pricey