2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Cortina Travel System – Luna Review

2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Cortina Travel System - Luna

  • The KeyFit Infant Car Seat secures baby from 4 to 22 lbs. The Cortina Stroller is designed for use from birth to 50 lbs.
  • The Chicco KeyFit Infant Car Seat is designed for safety, comfort and convenience. With its removable newborn insert, the KeyFit Car Seat will accommodate your baby from 4 to 22 lbs. The carrier’s thickly cushioned seat includes a 5-point safety harness and is lined with energy-absorbing foam for increased safety and comfort.
  • The KeyFit Infant Car Seat base is designed for fast, secure installation. The spring-assisted level foot easily adjusts to fit the slope of the seats in your vehicle. The bubble level indicator on each side of the seat helps you install the seat correctly on either side of your car.
  • The KeyFit Car Seat fits securely onto the Cortina Stroller so you can take your newborn on walks as soon as you’re both ready. Once your child is big enough, place him or her directly into the stroller for your outings.
  • The Chicco Cortina Travel System with Discovery pattern includes the Cortina Stroller and the KeyFit Infant Car Seat so your child will be traveling in style, on foot or by car. The car seat is loaded with safety features, including energy-absorbing foam for improved side-impact protection, a removable newborn insert and a 5-point harness. And your child will love riding around in the Cortina Stroller, featuring a multiposition, flat-recline seat, adjustable leg support, removable canopy and all-wheel suspension. For smaller babies, the car seat fits securely into the stroller so you and baby can catch some fun on the run right away.

2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Cortina Travel System – Luna Reviews

Chicco Cortina Travel System Luna Print (By C. E. Jacobs)


My sister purchased the Chicco Cortina Travel System in Luna Print for her baby girl in November 2009 when it first came out. I had been researching strollers then we went and took a tour of strollers at Babiesrus and we pushed and folded up nearly half the strollers on display that night. We finally found a feature in the Chicco that she loved that is not normally on an affordable stroller. The seat lays flat and the footrest pulls up to create the feel of a little bed or bassinet. It was easy to fold, push, and put the car seat on the stroller and remove again. The car seat itself was a dream it had so much comfy padding and wasn’t heavy or bulky like other infant seats and the carrier handle folded up and down really easy. I think the only drawback we found was that we were normally used to 2 parent cup holders and one of the side snaps wouldn’t stay snapped on the child’s armrest a defect I am sure but really annoying. For the Car seat I do not like how short the sun shade falls and you cannot pull it further forward, but that is easy to rectify with a light blanket when ever you are in a sunny place. The diaper bags fit perfectly underneath and my niece had a lot of growing room. I loved the colors of this stroller and the fabric is durable and the white didn’t get dirty as easy as I thought it would.

Car Seat is the Best..Stroller Not So Great (By Mrs. 1916)

Pretty much all comments are accurate so far.
Car seat is amazing! Easy to install, takes small babies, and the best part is the easy tightening mechanism. I was very sad when my baby outgrew it.
Stroller is only so so. It was nice to have with the car seat, but in hindsight it wasn’t worth it (and accessing the basket was a huge pain), so I have sold it to use a Maclaren in the mall/tight spaces, and a BOB for outdoors.
Reasons: I felt it all loosened over time and did not maneuver as easily as it first did; it was still too big for small spaces; and the wheels were horrible in the snow!
In hindsight I think a snap n go with the seat would have been better or I should have just bought a premium all terrain stroller with rubber wheels from the get-go. At the time I thought the Chicco was an easier size to use than the BOB, and was trying to avoid an SUV stroller, but that was a mistake! I don’t think there is much of a difference in size at all at the end of the day!
Giving 4 stars because the car seat earns 5, and the stroller is just average at 3. Depending on your needs, the stroller may be fine for you, but I found it wasn’t a good fit for me….my husband, he misses it for the cup holder!

Great stroller, seat has limited use for larger babies (By FatOrangeTabby)

I bought this travel system because the infant seat is the safest car seat on the market. It was great for my teeny-tiny newborn, who grew very fast into a 16 pound, 27″ 5 month old. While he is still well within the weight range on this, and in the height range for a bit longer as well, who wants to lug around a 15 lb. seat with a 16 lb. baby inside? Even when he was smaller, say 11 lbs., it was still HEAVY. For that reason we stopped carrying it into places. And for that reason, we figured why use it at all? We switched him at around 2.5 months to his Recaro ProRIDE Convertible Car Seat, Blue Opal which he likes a lot better. He used to cry in this seat all the time, and I think he hated the feeling of being down in it. It’s very deep. He was born in July, and he did sweat quite a bit in it. His head and back would be damp when I took him out, even in an air-conditioned car.

It is extremely easy to install, and because it is so heavy, it’s very safe. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again. We just used it for such a short period of time, that it hardly seems worth it.

The stroller is wonderful. A little tricky to install, but very, very easy to push. I’m 5’11” and my husband is 6’2″ and we both push it around without kicking the back of it all the time. The handle adjusts for taller people. It turns on a dime, has adequate storage and cup holders, and my son will sit in it for hours at the mall or on walks. He usually falls asleep in it after awhile. I like the removable tray, the sunshade is adequate, and the stroller folds up easily. It is heavy, but it’s sturdy.

I’m very happy with this system. I’m also happy that I didn’t buy an extra base for the infant seat, but instead decided to spend the money on a convertible seat that will last a lot longer.

Very good (By forumans)

There is not much of assembly. Car seat came assembled. Stroller needed some assembly. User Manual for stroller doesn’t have clear pictures(drawings) describing which side they hold the stroller during assembly. It took me about 20 minutes to understand. Actual stroller pictures could be printed instead of some drawings. That is the only reason I am giving it 4 stars. Otherwise, I would definitely give it 5.

Would buy again without hestitation! (By J. Brand)

I was in Buy Buy Baby looking for stroller accessories. A couple was in there and we gave a rave review of our Chicco stroller which they were also looking at. It reminded me that I haven’t left a review on Amazon yet. We have been using it for nearly 8 weeks and go out ALOT! Obviously, we are not using the toddler seat version yet; just the carrier snapping in. All of our friends that have recently had babies reached the same conclusion we did to get this stroller and we all love it!

Reasons I *love* the travel system:
1.) drives smoothly
2.) handle is adjustable. I am 5’4″ which is average and apparently don’t fit the ideals that many other stroller handlebars have been built to for steering height preferences.
3.) Easy to know that the carrier is secure by listening for 2 clicks. Initially, we were either dumb or the stroller needed broken in a bit because a piece of fabric was getting caught. We don’t always get the 2 clicks right away but we keep trying until we do whether in the car seat base or the stroller just to be safe.
4.) One-handed opening is super easy. Just pull up on the handle and do a flick outward of the wrist like an gentle underhand toss of a ball and in 2 seconds it is open.
5.) Awesome value. You get what you pay for and this will easily last another kid. Just like we told the couple registering, it is expensive but worth every penny and wouldn’t think twice about buying it again. We didn’t see how the models that cost more added more value. I babysat for a friend’s kid that had a Graco and I came to the conclusion after a walk around the block and to our neighborhood playground that the stroller was a piece of junk!
It didn’t steer well, the ride was really bumpy on even my hands being on the handlebar (even worse for the baby), and it just felt cheap in general despite being new. It helped to guide our decision of what to look for in a stroller.
6.) I feel like the baby is securely strapped in and it is pretty quick to get him strapped into the carrier.
7.) The carrier is designed really well for carrying around while the baby is still this age. Extra wide portions of the carrier handle are in the exact right places. The grip is perfect.
8.) Just looking at it you can tell it is quality. So many carriers have paper-thin seat padding and look like they are about to fall apart. Our baby will travel so much that we want to make sure he is comfortable and that we get something that won’t fall apart on us in the airport or in the middle of a hiking excursion. He has never cried when we strap him into the carrier. So, it is obviously rather comfy.
9.) Doesn’t take up a big footprint in our house. When we bring it in from our cars, we put it next to the front door. It stays upright on its own. Though I wouldn’t trust it if there was a lot of wind outside and certainly wouldn’t trust it to stay upright and do stupid things like put it next to the baby inside just in case it happens to fall over.

Minor design issues in order of annoyance – the reasons it gets a 4 star instead of a 5 star:
1.) The biggest annoyance is that the toddler bed (can’t think of what better to call it) has to be fully reclined in order to put the infant carrier securely snapped into the stroller. Forget about putting a large diaper bag in there. Getting the diaper bag out for a quick diaper change when you don’t also remove the carrier is a pain, too. We are still learning after many uses that the diaper bag has to go in first (because the toddler bed thing has to be raised, which is simple, in order to get our rather slim JJ Cole bag in the basket) then the carrier goes in. To fold the stroller, you have to do the process in reverse. If you don’t remember to grab the diaper bag and other contents out of the basket (which we have done several times), they will dump out onto the parking lot or wherever you are. We find it easier to toss the diaper bag over a shoulder like a purse.
2.) The strap covers on the carrier (that go next to baby’s face) do their job well. They catch the drool and spit-up just fine. And, our baby is an expert at spit up! However, what exactly were they thinking when they put stitches on there??? To get the darned things off to wash, you have to actually disassemble the belts (just like you would to move up to the next higher level as the baby gets bigger). They should have put them on there with velcro. We registered for some removable seat belt protectors/drool catchers but they are too long to use in the infant carrier but they will work when he is in the toddler seat.
3.) don’t see the point of the window in the sunshade. There has to be pretty good sunlight going in so that the baby can be seen. It is much easier to just move the sunshade back if you want to see if the baby is sleeping. Maybe for an older kid it would be better (i.e., you can see that they are sleeping because they are slumped over). We saw on the newer models the sunshade window is now a black mesh material. That solves a problem that we saw in floor models where the clear plastic would crack from being folded up but I can’t imagine that you can see the kid any better that way. Chicco should put a cover over the window so that if people want to use it they can but they can also then cover the window when they don’t want the sun to hit their kid’s head.
4.) The shades on both the stroller and carrier still leave gaps between them where the baby will get wet or get sun exposure. And, also the carrier shade does not stays securely in the full shade position. We are constantly pulling the one on the carrier so that it does its job.

Neutral comments – I have issues with one handed folding of the stroller. My husband is about 3 inches taller and has no problem with that. I feel like I have to wrestle it to the ground and I do not always hear it snap closed. Not saying that I fail at doing it; it is just awkward – must not have figured out the secret. Half the time, it rolls out from underneath me. And, it basically takes up the entire trunk of my Toyota Camry. It is a little on the heavy side when hoisting into our Honda Pilot (which is basically at waist-level) but nothing we can’t handle.