2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Viaro Stroller Travel System, Teak Review

2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Viaro Stroller Travel System, Teak

  • Convenient one-hand quick fold
  • Ultra-light weight aluminum frame
  • 3 wheel design allows for nimble steering and a sporty stance

2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Viaro Stroller Travel System, Teak Reviews

Excellent car seat with an ok stroller (By Karen in Mommyland)

I really like this travel system. It’s got a lot of nice features that are good for the mom on the go, but what I like best about it is it comes with my favorite infant carrier car seat.

My old Chicco Keyfit is nearly five years old, and all of the great features I loved about that are present in this Keyfit 30 seat. The base is still incredibly easy to secure in the car. It’s pretty much a frustration free installation and the level indicators on both sides of the base make telling whether or not the base in installed at the correct angle a snap. The car seat provides excellent support for newborns. I’ve never had to worry about baby’s head slumping forward in the Keyfit seats, like I have had happen with Graco and Britax infant seats. The carrier is comfortable to carry and isn’t too heavy. (Britax, I’m talking about you!) The canopy on this seat could be better. It is a bit difficult to adjust and it doesn’t provide a ton of coverage, but it’s not too big of a deal. Putting this seat into the base or the stroller is very easy, just listen for the clicks that indicate that it’s secure and you’re good. Adjusting the harness for this seat is simple and I like how smoothly the straps can be loosened and tightened.

The stroller that comes with this travel system is ok. Assembly of this stroller was very easy. It took me under ten minutes to assemble it. I like that it has a similar design as the Baby Jogger Citi Mini and Britax B-Agile strollers with the addition of included parent and child trays and spacious storage basket that is easily accessed from the front or back of the stroller, but I don’t like that it does not maneuver quiet as easily as those strollers, nor does it fold up as compactly as them. The canopy on this stroller is also not very generous.
If you have the car seat snapped into it and the canopies for both the seat and the stroller are fully extended you will have full coverage for your baby, but once your child is no longer using the infant carrier, the canopy will not offer the best protection. The canopy also lacks a peek-a-boo window so you can check on your little one without having to adjust it. If this stroller had a better canopy, I’d like it more. The parent tray for this stroller is ok. You can hold two drinks in it and there is a tiny compartment that is big enough for you to store you phone and possibly a wallet or a pacifier. It’s not anything huge, but you also don’t need to spend another $25 to add on a parent console. The child tray is ok. It seems a bit low and far out so I think young toddlers will likely have a hard time reaching it, but the good news is you can take it off, so you aren’t stuck using it. And even better, you don’t have to spend $20-25 to buy a child tray if it’s something you feel you must have. My youngest two kids have lived without a child tray on their strollers and are no worse for wear, and I suspect their older siblings never really "needed" the tray either. Folding this stroller is easy, just lift a flap on the seat, press a button and pull a strap and the stroller folds up. My only issue with the folding mechanism is it doesn’t latched closed. Strollers that don’t automatically latch closed or lack a latch to keep them from opening up on you unexpectedly are a pet peeve of mine.

If I were rating this stroller on it’s own, I’d give it just three stars because it can’t be latched shut and also because of the small canopy, but because it comes with an awesome car seat that I’d rate five stars on its own, this travel system winds up being a four star system. It’s not perfect, but it’s not awful.

Lightweight and easy to steer (By Sarah B.)

What I liked:
*This stroller is quite lightweight. I found it very easy to carry with only one hand. It’s definitely much lighter than my previous travel system.

*It stands upright even when closed. I find this to be very helpful for storage both in the back of my minivan or in my garage.

*It is fairly compact when folded. I can easily fit this in the back of my vehicle or in a hall closet if I need to. It folds down fairly compactly for its size.

*The ability to access the storage basket from both the front and the back is helpful. There’s a little flap on the front that can be lifted in order to access the basket.

*It is very easy to steer, even one handed. The width enables it to easily fit through a door.

*The canopy is quite wide which is nice, and when used in conjunction with the car seat, completely covers the infant (which is nice if you’re out in public with a newborn and want to avoid a lot of outside contact, or if your child is sleeping and you need to block out the sun).

*It is very easy to fold-up. Just pull up on the hidden handle inside the seat joint and the stroller folds in on itself quickly and easily.

*The color actually looks better in person than it does online. For some reason, my computer made it look more grey/green/tan when in actuality it’s more of a charcoal/light grey color.

What I didn’t like:
*I don’t like the way the seat reclines. Rather than an adjustable bar/latch type of system, the incline of the seat is controlled by a strap that you loosen or tighten to your desired angle.
I found that it’s very difficult to adjust the incline while the child is in the seat (aka if they’ve woken from a nap and want to sit more upright, you have to remove the child from the stroller or else struggle to hold up the seat with one hand while adjusting the tether with the other…it’s doable, but not especially convenient). I tend to prefer a seat that is easily adjustable with one hand.

*The snack tray seems like it’s way too far away from the child. If your child is secured with the 5-point harness, then they must be absolutely upright in order to reach it. Even then, my 22 month old struggled to reach the cup holder and snack tray. If you have an older child with longer arms, it may not be as much of an issue, but for the younger crowd, it’s literally a stretch for them to be able to access the tray.

*Although this has the look of a jogging stroller, it is for walking only.

*I wish the sun canopy had some sort of peek-a-boo window that enabled you to check on your child while walking. Instead, you have to either completely raise the canopy or walk around to the front of the stroller. It’s just a minor thing, but it would have been a nice feature.

I’ve been mostly pleased with the car seat. The canopy feels a bit flimsy, but the seat itself is attractive, seems reasonably comfortable, and is fairly lightweight (as far as infant car seats go). The straps are fairly easy to adjust and the base is easy to install and remove.

It snaps into the stroller without difficulty (You will need to make sure the seat is FULLY reclined before attempting to attach the car seat). I always make sure to test that the car seat is firmly attached/latched to the stroller before walking with it. You remove the car seat from the stroller the same way you remove it from the car base, by lifting up on a lever located in the rear. I did feel like the base is fairly wide, perhaps slightly wider than the Graco I’m replacing. It’s not excessively wide, but it is not especially compact.

All in all, it’s a decent travel system. It’s lightweight, fairly compact, and easy to steer. It’s probably not my favorite, but it’s not a bad option. I still prefer the Contours Bliss stroller system in terms of versatility, etc, but it does have most of the features I look for in a travel system.

Great 2 in 1 Stroller and Car Seat! (By D. Berdanis)

When the box arrived I was a little worried about how heavy it was. Once all set up, I realized that a lot of the initial weight was due to packing and the base of the car seat is heavy.
This stroller is perfect for our needs with our grandchildren! We not only don’t have to worry about transferring their car seat from one car to ours, we now have our own to leave in our vehicle.
The car seat not only has a leveling foot, it has leveling bubbles, and a latch tightener. We had no problem installing the seat into our vehicle. Stopped by the fire station to have them check it out, just to make sure we did it right, and not only did they love the look and feel of the car seat, we had everything set up exactly how it was suppose to be.
The car seat even has an insert so we can transport him/her (not born yet) as a newborn. And I love all the extra padding this seat has.
Don’t need any adapters to move the car seat to the stroller. A big plus for me! Took me a little bit to figure out how to unsnap the seat from the base, that stays secure in the car. Yes, the directions are very clear on how to do this. I just didn’t think to look at them while I was fumbling around with it.
Once released from the base, the seat part just clicks onto the top of the stroller. Un-click and back into the car it went.
The stroller is so nice also! Nice 3 wheel base so we can get around smaller areas easier.
Harness is nice and secure but, until our new little one arrives, our other grandchildren are too big to be harnessed in.
Easy to just tap, and secure, the brakes with my foot.
Great large basket it has is so useful when we need to bring water, snacks, diapers, and everything else we need to bring when we go to the park or zoo.
The extra is the cup holders up close to where I am and another down where the child sits.
Folding up the stroller is a snap. Can use one hand with it but, with having some arthritis, it’s easier for me to use both hands.
Even with sore hands, at times, I had no problem carrying the stroller once it was folded up.
Have only used the stroller once but I really like the look and feel of this stroller.
Was a cloudy day so we detached the canopy.
If you’re looking for a great gift for yourself, your, soon to be parents, children, or even as a great baby shower gift, this Stroller Travel System should be on your "to buy" list!
There are so many great features of this stroller/car seat set, I’m sure later on I’ll think of more great things I missed telling.
And did I say it looks great too?