Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System, Centennial Review

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System, Centennial

  • Stroller is for a child from birth up to 50 pounds, max height limit 42″ tall
  • Stroller has multi-position, reclining, padded seat with a 5-point safety harness
  • 16″ rear and 12″ front all-terrain bicycle tires, Front swivel and locking wheel for easy jogging or strolling
  • Flex lock 5 point harness car seat is rear facing for a newborn 5 to 30 pounds up to 30″

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System, Centennial Reviews

Overall Happy – Many Pros and One Con (By Greg)

So far it works pretty well and looks pretty snazzy. My wife and myself are pretty happy with our first higher priced baby purchase.

Pros: The build quality seems to be pretty good. The tires are great and are easy to maneuver. It really does give it a nice ride. Assembly was extremely easy. Also, I like the design of this version compared to the older model. I like that everything is a uniform color instead of having red here and there for levers. The stroller folds up VERY easily. Just pull the two hooks on each side of the frame and push down slightly, gravity will do the rest.

Con: Taking the stroller off of the base in the car and the stroller can be a little difficult. The lever takes more force than what we think it should need. A couple of times my wife had difficulty squeezing the lever enough to remove it from the base/stroller. It isn’t a deal breaker, just something to prepare for. If you do not hear it click, you most likely need to squeeze harder. This is why it is getting 4 instead of 5 stars.

I will try to update this to reflect our experience over time.

Beattifull and easy to use! (By Roger T&T)

This stroller is so functional, at first I was skeptical about the big wheels, but they have proven to be essential in maneuvering this stroller across rough or awkward terrain. it pivots effortlessly and the car seat function very nicely as a rocking chair when detached from the pram or from the car seat attachment of the car and placed on the floor. The stroller feels sturdy, safe, collapses easily and instantly to stow, very good product! I would highly recommend this.

Great in theory, not so great if your baby can’t sit up on his own yet! (By Brad Russell)

We picked this up in the green color, but they are all the same whichever color you choose. We are not going into the specs of the seat, you can research that yourself, but more of the general things that should be important if you are buying this for a newborn.

On the positive side, we love the jogger. Surprisingly for the size, it is extremely lightweight and a breeze to push around on walks. You almost feel like you are pushing nothing. Yes, standard strollers are smaller and more compact, lighter as well in some cases, but I do not care about how heavy it is folded up, we wanted something smooth to push around, and this gets it done. The second part of the jogger we love is the fold up. It is SO easy to fold up, and it stands on its own. No pinching the fingers, no hurdling over or moving around to lock it in place. It simply folds and stands. Awesome for parents.

The issues we have are with the design of the whole package, seat and stroller together, and the “ouch that looks like it hurts” reaction we get when seeing our boy in this!

The seat itself in theory is great. Great multi-grip rubber handle, not too “plasticy” feeling. The base to the seat is great with serious latches for the car that are as easy to remove as they are to put on. But put the seat in the base on a vehicle that has any kind of non-level seating, and the seat almost is at an incline, causing poor baby’s head to want to slump over. The base does have a leveling bar in the rear facing part with 3 adjustments to make it more level, but even with it fully adjusted, the seat is too “straight up” and not enough “lay back”. We are also not talking about some fancy car with cockpit seating. A good ole SUV that is common place.
The cushion of the seat around the head does nothing to cushion either as it is much to flimsy to hold baby from slumping. We have 2 other children, and I have never been more nervous about taking a corner than I have been with this seat, just imagining what my kids head looks like when I make that right run makes me cringe.

The next part of this review is the seat and the stroller. Add those together and it is even worse. The baby is darn near sitting up at this point, and I can tell you, newborns are not great at holding up their head! So now instead of a slump to the left or right as in the car, now we have a head that bobbles to the front, which is in no way a comforting look for him. We have had to resort to placing the seat in the stroller differently to keep our boy from bobble-heading which does work, but is not as secure as locking the seat into the stroller as designed. Our new way also takes away from the ability to fully canopy the baby seat and stroller together, letting good sunlight shine down on newborns face. Again, the small complaints on that is far worth the the view through the little window of our baby looking like he is trying to eat his own chest.

The above is the reason we are going to purchase another carseat for our vehicle, and just sit tight on this one until he can hold his own head up for long periods of time. Which defeats the initial purpose of buying this, and is a bit of a waste of cash that no parent with a newborn has an abundance of!

This WILL be a great seat/jogger combo……someday. We just wish it was today.

By the way, this review is for our normal sized baby. He is a good solid 8lb, 15oz when born, and 3 weeks old at this point.

Hope this helps some folks who do not want to see their new bobble-head baby!

So far everything works great on it and has held up wonderfully (By Doxielovin07)

I wanted to wait to write a review about this. My daughter is now 6 months old. I wouldn’t trade this stroller for anything! The stroller is lightweight enough that I can handle it alone and transport between vehicles if need be. The carrier is a little heavier, but its because its acts as the car seat as well. So far everything works great on it and has held up wonderfully. It took a little bit to get used to how the stroller opens from the collapsible state, but once I got the hang of it, its a piece of cake. I have a friend with a different brand of carrier/stroller. I can get my daughter out of the stroller, in the car and stroller put away before she gets her son into the car. A must have for any new parent!

Wonderful stroller!! (By Kai)

This may be the best stroller purchase in the 12 years I have been a mom. Over the course of 5 kids I have had various strollers. Chicco umbrella strollers, Graco travel system strollers, Combi strollers, Instep double jogging stroller, Schwinn fixed wheel single jogger, and lots more I can’t remember. This fits the bill for many uses. The swivel front wheel makes it adaptable to so many uses. This has become the only stroller I use anymore. I can use it for walking, jogging, going to the zoo, walking around town, and shopping. It folds and unfolds easily, is easy to carry, and fits in the back of my Honda Odyssey. Ample foot room. Straps adjust easily. The side part of the harness straps make me feel very safe that my baby is secure. Currently I am using this stroller for my 6 month old. Reclines easily. Doesn’t recline completely flat-but it is flat enough for a nap. Canopy is huge and can either cover halfway or almost the entire stroller. Handlebar is perfect height. I am 5 ‘0″ and my husband is 6’4″ and we both find it very easy to push. In fact-it almost seems like it can push itself. I have found nothing that I don’t like about this stroller. It is so well made and beautiful.