Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System, Millennium Review

Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System, Millennium

  • Travel System includes our Expedition LX Jogging Stroller and our Flex Lock 30 Infant Car Seat
  • Expedition LX Jogger has front locking wheel for jogging and swivel wheel for easy maneuverability
  • Stroller features parent and child trays, large storage basket and large adjustable canopy
  • Flex Lock 30 Infant Car Seat accomodates children up to 30 pounds and 30 inches tall
  • Flex Lock Car Seat comes with easy flex lock adjustable height in car base

Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System, Millennium Reviews

A year later & still love it! (By C. Fleming)

I got this stroller system while I was pregnant w/ my 1st child. I did not want a bulky, heavy travel system like the many Graco ones. I figured I would be able to get by w/ a carrier, snap&go and an all-terrain/jogger like stroller. Over a year later – I was so RIGHT w/ this system!

The Carrier/Carseat: The Flex-loc carrier is great!!! It is amply padded, light weight and the triangle handle is genius – lets you get a firm/steady grip on it from any angle. The sunshade is large and is not attached to the back like so many other carriers – this lets you “follow-the-sun” and keep baby’s face shaded at all times, key when walking outdoors. Yes – the fabric of the seat is not as soft or “high-end” feeling as some other carriers but after a year of use I have found it to be very easy to clean & has kept its cushion perfectly. We used an extra soft/padded insert from 0-5 months (about $20 at BabiesRus) and my daughter was plenty comfy. My daughter is 14mo & I now have to change to a convertible carseat and am very sad to say good bye to this carrier.

The Jogger: My sister has a BOB revolution and I wouldn’t trade if she paid me! The jogger does have some cons – I’ll get to them 1st so I can get to the pro’s.
Cons: Bulky when folded, heavy to lift into the car, double foot breaks are kind of cheap & a pain w/ flip-flops, fabric & padding are not as soft or cushiony as many other strollers (tip: has tons of super cute stroller liners to add extra padding & comfort – I have one & it made all the difference – BeloBe makes specifically for this stroller).

Been jogging with this stroller since 2008 (By Mommy’s World)

I got the 2008 model for a baby show gift 2 years ago. It was easy to assemble, I did it myself. I have been using it on a regular basis now, I probably jog about 10-12 miles a week and it still works like new. The place I jog at is very hilly and curvy a hand brake would make it easier to maneuver, but over all it does pretty well. Since I have been using it for so long I have found ways to overcome it. It works just as well in town, as in the country, or beach, or camping. When my son was younger the snap and go car seat worked great. Now he is two and I have a new baby and I am using the car seat for him and it still works just as well. We are now looking for a double jogger for me, but until then I use this one while my husband watches my other son.
Pros: 12″ Swivel wheel that locks well in jogging mode
Sun shade is not attached to stroller handle bar so it can be moved to block son
Fits in most doorways so great for shopping
Has a large basket underneath
Comes with car seat and snap n’ go base
Has a wrist strap for jogging that works great
Cons: no hand brake (but so fare no one makes swivel well jogging strollers with a hand brake)
When folded it take up a lot of room, no problem if you have a large vehicle like an SUV or mine van
For long runs on rugged tureen shakes a lot
car seat snap n’ go car seat only works with Baby trend products
Over all I am very happy with this model. For just a basic jogging stroller without the extras this works great in walking and jogging mode and it is durable for the money. I would recommend it to anyone looking for the basics.

Stroller is great, carseat is ok (By MI Mom)

I have had this travel system since 2007, and I have used it for both of my children.

Pros: the stroller is great! It fits through doors well, and the carseat snaps right in. We have taken it off road, in snow, over dirt, etc. which is why we got a jogging stroller not a regular one. As my son grew, he fits great, lots of storage, cupholders, etc. It was easy to put together (the stroller) and has not had any problems. I find it fits fine in my car or suv. The seat fits into a base, so getting it in and out is easy. It can use a regualr seatbelt if you are in another car, but it’s kind of a pain. My kids outgrew it before I needed to turn it around, but you can easily rotate the base and make it forward facing if you need to after 1 year. I do like that it snaps easily into the base and into the stroller

Cons: I really dislike the carseat.The straps are VERY difficult to re-thread, which you must do all the time because you have to take them out to untangle the straps, which happens all the time. When you push the button to loosen the straps, it only loosens one side, and then you have to pull the other strap to even it out. Overall, I really dislike the carseat part of this system.

Great travel system (By montegobay09)

I have been using this travel system since my daughter was born and she is now 5 months old. I am extremely happy with my purchase and often say to myself and others how happy I am with how easy it is to manuver and how much I love it. There are some cons to the system (mostly the car seat), however, for the $$ and for how happy I am with it, I think it’s better than the other bulkier travel systems out there.

Some people have said that this stroller is bulky and if you’re looking to get in and out of your car a lot with it I guess I’d have to agree. But while we were looking for travel systems this was by far the least bulky. It’s a bit awkward to get into the trunk but it fits nicely into our Toyota Corolla and I’ve packed it for many weekends away which meant a trunk full of baby stuff and we were able to get everything in the trunk with the stroller too.

Cons: 1) We found the car seat to be very upright but once we had the base installed we were able to play with the positioning and it works great now. 2)The straps on the carseat are ALWAYS twisted. It seems as though as soon as we straighten them out…they’re twisted the next time we put her in. 3) stroller doesn’t have much padding but you can buy extra padding for strollers that are super cute.

Pros: 1) Soooo easy to manuver because of the swivel front wheel – can go around turns VERY easily 2) lots of storage underneath and with cup holders for baby and parent. 3) way more compact than other travel systems 4) car seat is lighter than most portable car seats (even though they all get pretty heavy with a growing baby!) 5) Big wheels allow for easy pushing on a variety of terrain.
6) fits through doorways easily 7) cover on carseat and stroller have great range so baby is always blocked from the sun 8) Easy to fold it down to put in trunk and easy to snap back up with one hand to use again. 9) handle on stroller is comfortable and at a great height (I’m 5’7\” and my husband is 6’0\” and we both love it).

I highly recommend this if you’re looking for a travel system. If you’re looking for a stroller to jog on really rough terrain I might try to find a more heavy duty one but for everyday use, walks and the occasional job I’m very happy with it :)