Baby Trend Sit N Stand Deluxe Stroller – Columbia Review

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Deluxe Stroller - Columbia

  • Extra Large Baskets, Rotating Canopy, 2 Built-in Cup Holders for Parent, 2 Built-in Cup Holders for Baby, Safety Harness, Reclining Seat, Compact Fold, Canopy, Comfort-grip Handle, Adjustable Harness
  • Reclining Seat, Folds for Easy Transport, Accommodates 1 Infant Car Seat
  • Foot-activated Dual-rear Parking Brake, 5-point Harness

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Deluxe Stroller – Columbia Reviews

Baby Trend Sit n Stand (By Geebot)

Great and dependable product. Worked well with a Graco infant car seat. I would have given it a 5-star rating but it did have some kinks to it. Although the Graco infant car seat worked with the stroller, it was a bit tight and we had a problem with fitting the canopy of the Stand n Sit unit to go over the car seat. When folding, you have to make sure that front tires are turned the proper way, if not, it get’s caught on the bottom carrier and makes it difficult to fully close. Upon opening, you have to make sure that the carrier net on the bottom is not hitting the two plastic grommets on the rear axle, if so, you can rip the attachment when you open the stroller. The closed compartment provided on top of the stroller doesn’t really fit much of anything.

Other than those quirky things, this is a great stroller. Our other young child is able to sit or stand while we are pushing our infant on the stroller. It is also maneuverable which worked very well while on use at a Disney theme park. We love the way the rear step tire swing out when you fold them, it allows the stroller to stand on its own and you can move it without having to pick it up.

Really useful (By Osborne Family)

This one is the new version with a few changes from the older ones I was looking at. The basket underneath is very easy to get into from the back instead of from the top. The tray folds down and holds a car seat, which is so much better than having to use an adapter and snap it on and off to fold. But along those lines, the stand on platform has to come on and off, which could be improved. The Joovy’s platform is stationary and I liked it better, but the car seat adapter was just too much of a pain. This Baby Trend is a bit longer too so the older child can actually fit on the seat. But it still folds down just as small. I highly recommend it and would give it 5 starts if not for the platform.