Baby Trend Sit N Stand DX Stroller, Vanguard Review

Baby Trend Sit N Stand DX Stroller, Vanguard

  • New and improved stand-on platform
  • Allows children to sit or stand
  • 5-point child restraint safety harness
  • Covered parent organizer with cup holders
  • Swing away child tray with cup holder; child tray accepts Baby Trend infant car seat (Car Seat sold seperately)

Baby Trend Sit N Stand DX Stroller, Vanguard Reviews

Stick with the regular Sit N Stand (By D. Gasteiger)

So, I had a hard time deciding between this and the regular Sit N Stand. I went with this for a few reasons, thought the tray didn’t need to be adjusted to fold, liked the color combo and thought the step was a bit larger and that perhaps the step wheels were a decent idea. I bought this stroller mainly for Disneyland trips since we live close by. We currently have a 2-1/2 year old and a 7 month old. I will give my pros and cons –

Folds easily, one handed
Can see baby easily as opposed to an umbrella stroller that convers him completely
Seems to be pretty well built
My extremely active toddler LOVES it and sits on his bench about 80-90% of the time vs. when we brought a regular stroller to Disney he walked the majority of the time.
Basket is large and can be easily accessed on the sides
Lots of cup holders

Step with wheels is really noisy! Sounds like you are pushing a shopping cart and is really annoying. This alone would have gotten me to buy the regular version had I been able to compare them in person.
The wheels do need to be straighted out to fold it – no big deal.
The tray needs to be adjusted down before folding – not such a big deal but I always have the baby in my arms or in the Bjorn and it’s one extra step I could do without.
The shade does not come down far enough to keep the sun out of baby’s face – this is a big con to me but maybe I can get one of those adapters
It’s long but that’s the breaks with a double. I had a side by side Maclaren and this works out so much better!
It’s heavy too but there again, it’s a double!

Overall, this is a great stroller and works great for trips to an amusement park, zoo, etc.
I shouldn’t have to mention this but many people seem to give it negative remarks for not allowing the rider in back to sleep, to that I say – Duh! This is not for people who have stroller sleepers. The front seat does recline but only about half way. This works fine for us. Neither of my kids are stroller sleepers nor was this ever intended to be used as such.

Love this stroller! (By Stephanie Gentry)

After doing our research and looking at our budget, this stroller seemed like the perfect fit. We already have a 3 year old daughter and have a son due in May. We obviously needed something that could accommodate them both easily, yet not take up a ton of room either in a store or in our tiny Sentra’s trunk.

This was very easy to put together…I did it myself in about 10 minutes. Instructions weren’t even needed. My daughter had already tried it out in a store and loved being able to choose whether she stood or sat and the ease with which she could hop off and have her independence. The footboard with wheels wasn’t squeaky on ours at all, as I had read in other reviews. And as I had seen someone else write, the front seat does not extend all the way back (nor should it, it would be directly in the way of the child in the back), but my daughter has never been a stroller sleeper and I expect the same from our son. Also, the storage basket underneath is huge and is not hard at all to access, even with a child sitting in the back. In the photos, you can plainly see that it has snaps attaching it to the bars that hold it up. Simply unsnap one of those buttons and you can get to everything you need. My husband loves that the handle doesn’t sit low (he’s 6’3″ and this has been a problem with other strollers) and I love that it’s still not too high (I’m exactly a foot shorter than he is). We were confused at first as to how to have an infant seat lock onto the front, but my husband and I discovered that the front tray folds down and this is what an infant carrier locks onto. Very nice, other Sit N Stand models come with a separate bar and you have to remove the front tray to use it. I had also read that people were having to remove their canopy and front tray to fold and store.
We found we didn’t have to do that at all…and again, we have a Sentra with a tiny trunk. You do have to make sure the wheels are in a certain position for it to fold as flat as it will go and to lock it. But once you have gotten the hang of it (my husband mastered it the 2nd time…me on the 4th try), it’s pretty simple and it folds flatter than our smaller single Graco stroller. For the money, you cannot go wrong with this stroller for two children.

Good, but watch how you fold! (By Paige)

This is a great double stroller as it is light (well, lighter than most double strollers), easy to fold with one hand, and my toddler loves the sit/stand option. However, there is one serious design flaw that you must be aware of before purchasing: when you fold the stroller you MUST be careful that the front wheels are in the right position AWAY FROM the frame otherwise the wheels can be damaged beyond use. The first time we folded this stroller after purchasing it, we didn’t pay attention to the way the wheels were positioned and the frame completely destroyed the wheels. Luckily Amazon customer service was awesome (as usual) and we got a replacement, but you should be aware that the stroller isn’t a simple one-handed fold and forget about thing. Pay attention to the way it is stored. Otherwise, we are happy.

Must have for younger/older kids. (By Vixen Wench)

Perfect. Purchased for sis who has infant and 2 year old. She didnt have the same carseat and hers fit as it was same brand. 2 yr can stand and little straps keep him in place or sit and use straps to keep him seated. All around great system and vaule well spent.

The best stroller for 2 kids (By Z)

We are a family that like to be alot outside and go for walks. This stroller is the best stroller I ever had (and I had many!). My son is 2,5 years and my daughter is 5. The stroller is big enough to be comfortable for the kids but not to big. You can go to stores, take turns easy. A big basket helps to carry drinks, umbrellas, jackets, snacks or anything. I also like the 3 cup holders. The stroller was very easy to put together, I needet 5 Minutes without the instruction. Its also easy to fold it and put it in the car. Its not heavy at all. Dont take to much space away from the trunk. I love it!!! The stoller make walks and shopping much easier with 2 children.