Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller, Tropic Review

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller, Tropic

  • Accommodates up to 2 children sitting in stroller seats, up to 2 in infant car seats, or one sitting and one standing
  • Stroller allows your older child to stand on the rear platform or sit on the rear seat
  • Accepts up to 2 Baby Trend, Graco Snugride Classic Fit and Britax infant car seats to make a travel system
  • Stroller accommodates 2 children up to 50 pounds each
  • Large Basket and easy compact fold for easy transpiration or storage

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller, Tropic Reviews

Good for two. (By Grammie)

I bought this stroller for my 4 month and 20 month old grandchildren.
It is a must for two littles and lets Mama be mobile!
I’ll list some of my thoughts-

Great price.
Is narrow enough to fit through door ways.
Has a good turning radius.
Opens and closes easily.
With the infant seat in the front position visibility is good.
Cup holders and tray remove easily to change positions.
The lap restraint for the rear sit/stand position keeps a busy toddler corralled!
Toddler can sit, stand and even rotate 90 degrees and put feet and legs up on seat.

The basket is hard to access with two children on the stroller.
There is no back rest for the rear seat.
If the infant carrier is in the back position it is difficult to see over and the front child feels isolated.

A great piece of outdoor equipment (By Amazon Customer)

I’ve been using this stroller for about 4 months now and I love it and think it is worth the money. I had my reservations with the price to begin with, and honestly probably wouldn’t have bought this for myself if REI hadn’t had a yearly sale on it. Amazon does carry this stroller at a great price, and if you are comparing this with the City Elite-the prices are comparable. I love the color and use mine a lot. It seems really big and bulky if you’re a first time stroller buyer, but I’m 5’4 and can handle getting it in and out of our van just fine. It does take a little getting used to in that respect and I will mention that I also own a super cheap umbrella stroller in for small trips to the pool etc. It fits with the Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat with an adapter sold separately.

Good stroller (By S. M. Gomez)

Works wonderful for my two young ones. Minor down fall is it does not fold up easily and has to have some force to click it closed as well as opening too. Also is not convenient worth pushing one handed, definitely needs two hands our one handed strength (does not turn very well).

This has been perfect the few times we’ve had to use it so … (By Amazon Customer)

This has been perfect the few times we’ve had to use it so far. Our oldest loves being able to sit in the front and look out, while we can keep an eye on our youngest in his carrier. And it’s perfect because it will grow with them both and we’ll be able to continue using as both boys grow.

Nothing spectacular here (By Moondoggier)

It successfully carries two children (1 and 3), so in that way it does it’s job…but it is a workout. Can be difficult to push and is almost impossible to steer unless it’s empty. We may be spoiled because we had a bob double stroller before, but right now I’m kind of wishing I spent a little more for a better stroller.
My kids seem comfortable though. It also has a decent sized basket for storage, but if you put anything it it then it becomes even more difficult to steer.

Not sure if I would buy it again? (By Candygirl)

I ordered this stroll because it has the highest weight limit (50 lbs.) for the rear seat. It is well made and rolls very easy. I have 3 problems with this stroller. 1) to use a car seat in the front the seat needs to be reclined. Which the puts the seat at an angle and makes it uncomfortable for the child in the rear seat. 2) There is no Sun shade for rear seat.3) The basket is very difficult to access.
All in all it is a decent stroller. The price is fair. It performs well and folds down easily.

Lightweight but has its drawbacks. (By Shellbie M. Melby)

Alright well my grandmother bought this for us as a gift and I kind of have a love-hate relationship with this stroller.
Pros: lightweight, lots of cup holders, nice color, easy fold and setup.
Cons: you can NOT take this on a horizontal incline! I walk my son to and from school 5 days a week to and from both times is about 12 blocks. I either have his brother in this stroller or on my back. My eldest has high funtioning autism and sensory processing disorder and frequently “loses energy” and cant walk anymore for a little bit so I prefer taking a stroller. Theres a driveway on the way that has a slight incline and if youre not careful this stroller WILL tip!
small seats. Im constantly worried about my soon to be middle childs butt falling off of the front seat and my eldest has to sit on the edge of his seat just not to fall off of the back. This is while hes buckled in. Hes 4 and not a very big child. The fact that he has issues sitting on this seat is saying something.
NO REAR BACK REST! Ok so this is a stroller right? your kids are supposed to be comfortable in a stroller. no child can sit straight backed on a stroller for any amount of time and if the child leans on the back of the front seat they will feel the bars and that is NOT going to be comfortable.
TINY front foot rest! My 19 month olds feet barely fit onto it bare footed and when he is wearing his boots they kinda just hang off.
Small front straps. If you have a rounder child then they wont fit the chest straps.
You can barely access the basket. Its honestly more like its not even there because of how hard it is to access it. you have to completely unbuckle the rear child to get a bag down there and if you do want a bag down there it can NOT be a very big one.
my eldests half filled toddler backpack was a squeeze to get into there. its also hard to access from where the rear footrest is.
Tiny parent console area. I cant even fit my keys into the thing with the lid.
So long story short its ok in itself but not very comfortable for the child sitting in the back. VERY lightweight and is lighter than my single Graco stroller. I would NOT get this if you have two younger kids.
EDIT: typically strollers have a predetermined amount of strap to use to buckle your kids in correct? The ones ive always used have had to have had it tightened and it was obvious it had more strap to use if necessary. This stroller arrived with the straps fully loosed and I (having never had a baby trend stroller before) assumed that there was slack up behing the seat that you had to reach up and get to to loosen it. Well today I found out otherwise. My soon to be middle child is 23 lbs and is in 18-24 months clothes and he is the one who sits in that seat. Its cold out and so he has a coat on I get my slouchy, tired child buckled in and start walking his brother to school. Not even halfway there hes getting upset and I cant for the life of me figure out why until I notice that it looks like the chest straps are digging into his shoulders! Sure enough I unbuckle him and check on him and theres marks on his shoulders! These straps are as loose as they can possible be and theyre still THAT tight?! What the heck baby trend?! I undid the chest straps from the waist straps to get him home and after he was settled i checked and it turns out that these stroller straps have a rectangular ring connected to one end of the strap which then goes around a foam covered metal bar and through the ring and then down to the holes for the different levels for different heights. This stroller is NOT for longer torsoed children if you intend for them to be buckled using the 5 point system! Seriously this thing has the shortest straps ive seen on a stroller it reminds me of the straps on the baby swing >_>

Five Stars (By Ayla young)

Works great! Rides smooth and I love that I can put car seat in front or back!