Baby Trend Universal Double Snap-N-Go Stroller Frame Review

Baby Trend Universal Double Snap-N-Go Stroller Frame

  • Plastic, Metal
  • Imported
  • Accepts 2 infant car seats
  • Stadium seating
  • Larger cradle frame for better fit for all car seats
  • 2 cup holder parent tray with covered storage compartment
  • Large drop down storage basket

Baby Trend Universal Double Snap-N-Go Stroller Frame Reviews

Best stroller for twins! (By Jacquie Schultz)

This is stroller is so light and easy to handle. Fits our Chicco key fit 30 cars eats perfectly. A must for all twin moms!!!

Excellent product (By KS)

Used this with 2 Graco Snugride 35 carseats for over a year with my twins. Works great, love the easy fold design and storage underneath. Handle is the perfect width to strap a diaper bag onto it. Seats snap securely into the frame.

Does not work with Graco Snugride 35 ClickConnect (By Kamyar Ghandi)

I just got brand new Double Snap-N-Go and a pair of Graco Snugride 35 ClickConnects. and I am having problem getting the seats to fit in. I had already read this forum and had assumed folks who were having problem were the ones who had the older Snap-N-Go. But that is not the case. The new Snap-N-Go has two belts in the bottom which are supposed to support the seats. But the black plastic which those bottom belts are attached to is interfering with the seats and preventing the seat from fitting securely in the frame. So the seat feels very wobbly.

Beware of two different types of Double Snap N Go (By casey s)

ALERT!!! There are two different types of “Baby Trend Snap N Go Double.” We purchased our car seats based off the compatibility list of the other version so we had to send the car seats back because they were not compatible with this version. If you go to the BabyTrend website you can see the two different types ( This one sold on amazon is the Canada version. I have scoured the internet and I can’t find the other type (flat all the way across). This type here has two straps along the bottom and nothing “clicks” or “snaps” when you put the car seat in it. With the first set of car seats we got that were not compatible, even with the strap across the top the car seats it would bounce around and don’t seem secure. After buying compatible car seats (Baby trend flex loc-we really like them), they fit securely in and do not bounce. From the Baby Trend website, these are the car seats that are compatible with this specific model sold on amazon….
Baby Trend – Flex-Loc, EZ Flex-Loc, Inertia
Graco – Snugride, Snugride 32
Safety 1st – On Board Air 35, Designer
Aprica – A30
Combi – Shuttle 33
Summer – Prodigy
Peg Perego – SIP, SIP 30/30
UppaBaby Infant Car Seat
Britax – Companion, Chaperone
Chicco -KeyFit 30
Maxi-Cosi – Mico
Evenflo – Discovery

It is really confusing that the two versions have different car seat compatibility lists. Once we got past the headache of returning and buying new compatible car seats, we are so happy with this stroller and makes taking our twins out really easy. You have to put your diaper bag in the storage bin before you put the car seats in place, but other than that it’s a great stroller and love leaving the babies in their car seats. Pushes smoothly.

“Universal” indeed (By EL)

This stroller frame claims to be compatible with almost all car seats, and specifically, the Chicco Keyfit 30. But seats do not “snap” anywhere into this version of the stroller. They simply sit on two nylon straps, with another strap available to (loosely) run across the top and theoretically hold the seats in place. So the stroller is “compatible” with the seats the same way it’s “compatible” with a stack of bibles or a frozen turkey — you can strap anything on top of the frame, just don’t count on it being too secure. The seats bounce around way too much for comfort when on uneven ground or going up a porch step. I understand other versions of this stroller actually allowed for the seats to be physically secured to the frame. But this one simply doesn’t feel safe.

Doesn’t fit Snugride 30 Classic Connect (By Martha Bagnall)

The stroller is fine, but our Graco Snugride 30 Classic Connect seats do NOT clip into the frame. The black plastic piece where the straps underneath attach prevents the carseats from fitting all the way onto the bar. You can still use the buckle, but it’s nowhere near as secure as it should be. Very annoyed.

Doesn’t fit Graco Snugride 35 (without altering the product) (By Andrew Stettner)

I’ve seen reviews both saying it does fit and it doesn’t. It seems like the snap and go has been resigned slightly from earlier models. They version we received has two straps that run beneath the car seats (front to back) for additional support under each seat. Unfortunately, the plastic that connects the straps to the frame is not manufactured to enable you to click the seat to the frame. Baby Trend support claimed that no seats click to the frame. This is just not true. Watch the YouTube reviews and you can see that 1. those straps are not there in the video, and 2. the seats click into place. I ended up cutting away a portion of the plastic that holds the straps to the frame to create a notch for the seats to click into place. Not ideal, and definitely not universal. Also other reviews speak of a section in the manual that explains how to adjust a bar for the Snugride to fit. There was nothing in our manual describing such an adjustment. Overall, the belts hold the seats in place. The clicking into the frame just gives a little security when the seat is not yet belted down.

Good value but many annoying “improvements” (By Mr. Brody)

The snap-n-go frames offer great value in converting infant car seats into strollers. Solidly built without the bulk of most strollers. I had a single snap-n-go some time ago with my first child, which led me to purchase this double with our twins. I’m sad to see main functionality I loved about the older model missing from the new snap-n-go’s. As other reviewers have mentioned, car seats no longer SNAP into the frame! You simply place the seat onto the frame and secure it with straps that clip together over the seat belt hooks on infant car seats. This makes installing and removing infant seats much more slow and cumbersome. Folding the stroller is also cumbersome. Instead of a single motion, I have to collapse the stroller and flip the front basket tray back before fully collapsing the stroller. The locking mechanism can pivot. While this may be convenient for unknown reasons, it makes locking the folded stroller ANNOYING. The older single model had a fixed locking clip. When I collapsed the stroller, it would simply lock in place. This stroller’s locking clip pivots, so I have to make sure it’s aligned just right before collapsing it all down.

+Steers well for its length
+Pushes easily and rolls smooth on most surfaces
+Built in parent tray is a nice touch (2 cup holders and 1 center tray with lid)
+Nice large basket underneath that is easy to get to with the seats installed
+Stadium style seating
+Solid simple brakes

-Folding is cumbersome
-Handle does not pivot like older single frame model

Please bring back the old features. PLEASE PLEASE MAKE infant seats snap in place!!!!