Best Double Stroller: Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller, Crimson/Gray Review

Best Double Stroller: Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller, Crimson/Gray

  • Patented quick fold technology fold your stroller in one step
  • Front wheel suspension soaks up road bumps
  • Comfortably padded seats reclines to a near flat position with vented seat tops
  • Large adjustable sun canopies with peek a boo windows
  • Under seat basket and seat back storage compartments

Best Double Stroller: Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller, Crimson/Gray Reviews

Do not buy! (By Renee Poitras)

I really wanted to love this stroller. I researched double strollers for weeks. I decided between this, the joovy x2 and the combi twin, both of which are more affordable.
I purchased because I wanted sturdier wheels (irony) then the Joovy and it had a higher weight limit then the Combi. After owning exactly 1 month I was pushing my two sons (40lbs and 30lbs respectfully) and had my 2 month old in a carrier in my ergo, on a flat paved (busy) road.

The plastic wheel fell off completely. I didn’t see any rock or any debris we could have hit. I was forced to push the unstable stroller until we were in a place safe enough to stop and examine. Further damaging the wheel frame. Mind you these are plastic wheels not foam or air- how it detached from the frame I do not know.

I contact baby jogger immediately. After submitting pictures and explaining over email since they aren’t interested in resolving over the phone. They told me I must have been jogging with it so they will not warranty the part.
1. I have zero interest jogging pushing 50lbs on a good day let alone 90(including kids and stroller weight). 2. I feel like I was just bamboozled out of $450. 3.They are calling me a liar, not listening to what actually happened and most importantly NOT standing behind their very expensive piece of baby gear.

So I think if you want a stroller you want to invest in the will work with growing kids and last you (more then a month!) consider any other brand beside Baby Jogger. I will never ever buy from them again and I am warning all of my friends about how terrible their customer service is.

Love City Mini in General but this stroller falls a little short (By Binyamin)

Needing to move to a double stroller I knew I wanted to go with City Mini as I loved the single and thought that the GT was too expensive. The reality is that this stroller is not bad, but it is just not great.
Pros: Beautiful color, new buckle system is awesome, set size is good and love the canopy coverage.
Cons: The under basket is ridiculously hard to get into it. I can almost never get a bag into it, it is heavy with two kids in it and while these wheels are great on the single, on the double are just not enough.

I got to push the GT the other day and it was a huge difference, it felt light as a feather to push with two kids inside and the fact that you can move the handle allows for the best hight to push .
I will just have to spend the extra money and get the GT

Love this stroller (By Sara)

Love this stroller, works perfectly for my almost 3 year old and 5 month old. I like that both seats can separately recline to almost flat. It also folds up smaller than our single Chicco stroller.

You need this stroller. (By somefineday)

This stroller is amazing. First of all, holy smokes does this thing fold up flat. It was a breeze to assemble. It turns on a dime. It’s a smooth ride. I have a 24 lb two year old and 16 lb nine month old on it and it maneuvers like a dream. The basket underneath is basically worthless but every thing else is so fantastic I can’t even kind of care.

Quality product (By AdeleOT)

After researching double strollers for a while, this one won me over for its value. For my single stroller, I have a Britax B-Agile which is similar to the City Mini. I decided to go with the City Mini for the double due to being dissatisfied with some features of the Britax. The City Mini seems well constructed with quality materials. The hoods give great coverage and can be adjusted independently. The harnesses are easily adjustable. The stroller is easy to fold as well. The basket is small but most strollers have this problem. The handle is comfortable to hold. The stroller is a bit heavy when I push my 10 lb infant and 31 lb toddler- however, most double strollers would be heavy. I would overall recommend this stroller.

Update: I still like the stroller and would probably buy it again. Just wanted to add in a caveat: the buckles are annoying as they come in 2 parts- the shoulder and waist parts, and they constantly separate and are time consuming to buckle especially with a wiggly toddler and antsy infant. Also, the safety straps at the bottom of the stroller which are intended to prevent folding while in use are a hassle. I did not have to deal with these with my single stroller.

Excellent stroller, especially for growing kids! (By Amazon Customer)

This is a fantastic stroller! I got it for my 2-year-old twins and I am thrilled. It folds quickly and easily pulling on two straps in the seat part, and I can unfold it with one hand by unlatching the side lock and then pulling up on the handle bar. It steers like a dream and I’m able to maneuver it with one hand even hauling two big toddlers. It was very easy for my kids to get in and out of the seats by themselves (no picking up required!) and the 5-point harness straps are generously adjustable for the times kids really need to stay put. The sun shades move independent of each other and give great coverage. At 5’9″ I am very comfortable with the handle height, as were the other 6’+ people pushing this stroller. The color is vibrant but not obnoxiously so, quite aesthetically pleasing.

My only issue is the storage space underneath the seats. It’s not particularly spacious and also not the easiest to access- especially with a kid in each seat. Overall, this wasn’t a huge deal for me hence the intact 5-star rating.

Awesome product, I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a stroller that won’t frustrate.