Best Double Stroller: Baby Jogger City Select with 2nd Seat, Onyx Review

Best Double Stroller: Baby Jogger City Select with 2nd Seat, Onyx

  • 100% polyester
  • Imported
  • Most versatile stroller on the market today, the City Select was designed to keep your family rolling as it grows from one child to two
  • Now sold with the Second Seat Kit included, the City Select Double is allows parents to mix and match seats, bassinets and car seats to suit their family’s needs
  • Over 16 different combinations from double tiered car seats to a bassinet and single seat combo (Car Seats, Bassinet Kits and accessories – sold separately)

Best Double Stroller: Baby Jogger City Select with 2nd Seat, Onyx Reviews

Things to consider when buying your first stroller! (By Han Skysolo)

As a new parent finding the right stroller can be a long, and somewhat stressful process. There are literally hundreds you can choose from, ranging from a few hundred dollars to thousands! Many people think of a stroller as a “car” for babies – do you want a Mercedes or a Kia, and what can you afford? I’ve found some pretty good resources for deciding on the best stroller, including a site that lets you do side-by-side comparison of features (it’s called justafax , you can google it) if you go there you’ll see a stoller section that compares some of the top strollers side-by-side.

some of the most important features I was looking for were if the stroller could fold as a double (which means if you have twins, will it still fold up), and also if the seat is reversible. For example, some seats will literally spin, while others the handle will simple move from one side to the other. I really liked the ability to compare features side-by-side, as often things can get confusing.

I recommend taking a quick look at the site, at least for a little information.

Some other things to consider are whether or not you’ll be using the stroller a lot in the an urban environment, vs a rural environment. If, for example, you only take the baby(s) out on a walk occasionally, getting a stroller that has simple foam tires may be enough. In my opinion, I’d go for a stroller with foam-filled rubber (if you’re a bit more active like me), as it gives the support of a rubber wheel without having to worry about popping a flat.

Another important aspect to your stroller which few consider is it’s ability to grow with the baby as the baby grows.
Often for the first few months of birth your baby will be using the car-seat as the primary mode of mobile-protection both inside and outside the car. You want to make sure that you are happy with the car-seat, and that the on you choose either matches the stroller you buy, or is compatible with it. Some brands only allow their own car-seats to work with their strollers, so be aware of that when making your decision!

Lastly the most important thing to consider is the overall weight of the stroller, as you’ll be needing to lug this in-and-out of your vehicle on a regular basis. Many people get enamored by the size and storage of some strollers, without considering weight.

Anyway, I hope this information can help you decide on the best stroller to fit your needs, good luck and congratulations, you’re a parent!

Swiss Army Stroller! (By Big Dawg)

We have been in the hunt for the perfect dual stroller, we realized quickly that our recent purchase of the BOB Duallie and the Vine Thule Glide 2 (both excellent strollers) wasn’t going to work with our vehicle for daily use due size of our cargo space, removing the wheels every time we have to load the stroller in wasn’t going to be an option.

The Baby Jogger City Select is near perfect, we really like the solid build quality and the multiple configuration settings and the smaller form factor when folded. We have a 2 y/o and another one coming, I will need to purchase a Britax B-safe adaptor which runs around $20, not bad, but could be cheaper. Once I receive the adaptors and run a test fit, I will update my review.

Initial installation was a bit tricky, packaging was nice and compact which means but plenty of the pieces were separated. It all came together eventually, but comparing it with the out of the box configuration of the BOB and Thule which just required the wheels to be installed, this was difficult. Adjusting the seats is very easy, the release buttons are easy to press and disengage for an adult.

Here’s my breakdown:

1. Multiple configuration settings.
2. Solid build.
3. Comfy ride.
4. Telescoping handle bar.
5. Easy to remove and re-install the seats.
6. Compact size when folded.

1. A bit on the heavy side.
2. Locking when folding is not automatic, you have to manually engage.

Worth mentioning:
1. Seats can not be folded flat, however the entire seat can be laid down like a gravity type seat.
Folding requires you to use 2 hands at the same time to engage the release, 1 handed fold would be nice, but I understand they most likely did this because of the weight of the stroller.
3. My 2y/o fits perfectly in the stroller, I am afraid this stroller might get too small too quickly.

Overall, this is like a Swiss Army Knife of stroller, I just wish it has a nail cutter built in :). My planned configuration is to face the 2y/o in a front facing with the carseat rear facing in the back of the stroller.

UPDATE: I purchased the wrong adaptor from Amazon BJ90326, it did not work with the B-safe car seat, it sat too low and I could not set the toddler seat front facing without force (see pic). If you need the Britax adaptor, make sure you order BJ90331.

UPDATE 2: July 2015
We now have the newer Britax B-safe Elite 35 infant seat, again we have the fit problems on this stroller. The carseat will fit, but its very loose on the mount, its a bit unsettling, but it doesn’t look like it will fall. In addition with the front seat is facing forward, the B-safe barely fits, I need to shove the front seat forward that will almost puts the seat uncomfortably forward. I am afraid with our use the front seat fabric will rip with more use.

Our 2 year old is 36″ tall and looks like she has about 2-4 inches of comfort left – … (By Amazon Customer)

We bought this stroller when we had our 3rd child, so we had a 4 year old, 2 year old and infant. I was looking for more flexibility because sometimes I need a double stroller and sometimes I just need a single stroller. We have a City Mini Double GT, and Single GT. We are keeping those strollers.

There is no way the 4 year old can sit in it at all. She stands at 45″. Our 2 year old is 36″ tall and looks like she has about 2-4 inches of comfort left – so another year maybe. Her feet already come to the bottom of the bar. The baby (4 mos) loves the seat and seems very comfortable because you can recline her to whatever angle she wants – a very comfortable play angle. I really like the seat for her and love the fact we can turn her to face us. She is the biggest fan of the stroller by far.

It is very versatile, however, not convenient. It is heavy. It requires many parts and many “accessories”. It takes up the entire trunk space in our small suv, and you have to take the infant adaptor attachment off. It also takes up more space in the back of the mini van. There are too many steps for packing it up in and out of the car. With the City GT, you take it out, open it and put the car seat on it or the child in it and go. With the City Select, you unfold it. Clip in the car seat attachment clip in the car seat. IF you want the second seat, then you have to attach 2 arms, the seat, the car seat attachment, then the car seat. When you put the kids in the car, then you are taking 4 pieces off of the stroller each time you put it in the car.

We are electing to stick with the City Mini GT and a Bjorn if the 2 year old wants to stroll.