Best Double Stroller: Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller, Vanguard Review

Best Double Stroller: Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller, Vanguard

  • Accommodates 2 Baby Trend infant Car Seats
  • Locking front swivel wheels, and pneumatic bicycle tires
  • Convenient parent tray includes two cup holders, MP3 speakers and covered storage compartment
  • Effortless trigger folding easily collapses the Navigator double for storage and transport
  • Padded seats offer multi-position reclining seating allows your kids to be comfortable and happy

Best Double Stroller: Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller, Vanguard Reviews

Owned for a couple of years – full review (By pwizzy)

We’ve owned this stroller for a couple of years now, and I have had enough experience with it to offer a complete review. I was recently out taking my kids on a walk when I realized I should inform others about this stroller. It has its advantages and limitations.

The Bad:

1. It’s not, by any means a “Jogging Stroller.” I’m not sure why Baby Trend would identify it as such. The stroller actually starts to shake when you begin a fast walk or light jog. It’s so bad a shake, that my kids like to “hum” and listen to their voice bounce around. Definitely not for jogging.

2. Craftsmanship is okay. We had it less than a year, and the front wheel just busted, no use other than simple walks around the block. Not too happy with it breaking so easily. The larger wheels help for curbs and dirt roads, but I’m not sure I trust the craftsmanship to go off-roading with it.

The Good:

1. Service – When we did have the front wheel break for no reason, the warranty was still valid, and we sent it back, it was repaired quickly and shipped back. I’m thankful to Baby Trend for making that process very easy.

2. Space – I love the space my kids have to be in their own world. Plenty of space for storage, kids and everything else. I do love the room.

The Rest:

1. Size – It’s wider than most strollers; obviously, but it goes through doors fine, and I really don’t mind it. The thinner models (front back) probably are more attractive, but I am indifferent on this. It’s heavy too; my wife cannot lift it into the car without some help.

I think, if you need something to stroll around the block with your kids, this is a good answer. For going to the mall, Disneyland, high adventure, I’d probably go with something else. As of right now, if I had to do it over again, I’d probably try something else out.

David Przybyla

Mom of Twins (By Courtney)

We purchased this after a disastrous trip to the zoo involving a rented stroller. Our boys are soon to be 3 and we debated buying a jogging stroller for a year. We had a Combi Twin Sport that my husband hated. Our go to stroller was our Jeep twin umbrella stroller, but when one of the boys started unbuckling himself and running or dragging his feet on the ground, we realized that unless we were ready to let them run free or put leashes on them we were going to have to get a bigger stroller.

I looked at joggers for a long time before deciding on this one and price as much as anything was a consideration. I did not want to spend $600 on a stroller we may get 2 yrs of use from. If we had bought a double jogger from the start and planned to use if for 4-5 yrs perhaps I would have looked at others. That being said, I really do like this stroller. My twins are just under 36 inches and 36lbs and 33lbs. The have a huge amount of space. I also love the extra wide foot rest. It was the main reason I went with this model. Double front wheels meant both boys have foot rest and no one is hanging a foot off the side. Also a big part of my choice was the trays. Even when the boys wiggle free of the straps, the tray slows them down enough that I can catch them before they try to run. Plus it’s great for snacks – drink in one holder, pour some crackers in the other and they are set.

Storage is phenomenal. Baskets underneath, pouches on the seat backs, and the compartment on the handle provide a place for everything. No more shoving the boys shoes in my purse when they take them off and drop them. Two parent cup holders is pretty awesome too.

The ride is smooth, it turns great, and seems to be very comfortable.
I do not jog, so cannot attest to it’s jogging capabilities, but as a walking stroller is excellent.

Now, the thing is big. I mean really big. we’ve fit through all the door we have tried, but I can easily see this not fitting somewhere. Especially an older building. It takes up a lot of real estate parked in the garage and when you are out it takes up a lot of space in the back of the car. I drive a Yukon XL; with the 3rd row folded up we have plenty of room for the stroller and whatever else. With the 3rd row down, it would take up most of the cargo space. And it’s heavy. I’m 5’3\” and fat, I do not lift weights and I am not fit. I can still lift this stroller into my Yukon, but it is heavy. If you’ve spent any time hauling to baby seat around you can most likely manage this stroller.

love my double jogger (By kristi)

for my first baby, i had the single baby trend jogger and loved it! we still have it! so when i got pregnant with #2 this was the first thing i wanted. best part about this stroller is the price. i got i at bru with a 20% off coupon for $190. way better price than all the other brand double joggers priced $500 and up! also love that everything is included, nothing to purchase separate. comes with parent tray, toddler trays, and comes ready to snap in 2 infant carriers.

i have a 2 year old and a newborn so i needed to be able to strap in infant carrier on one side and put toddler on the other. the stroller is well balanced. steers nicely, and is smooth enough ride even ffor the infant. both kids love the stroller. the baby sleeps and toddler is happy and cant wait to go for her daily run.

the reason i gave it 4 stars is because it is too big. if it were just a tad bit smaller it would fit through all doors. and this stroller is very heavy, like 50 or 60 pounds heavy. but, if you are a runner you had better be in good enough shape to pick the stroller up. it does become quite heavy when running uphill pushing 2 kids, but i think any stroller would feel heavy going uphill. also, it takes up the whole back of my acadia with the 3rd row folded down. so, do not purchase this stroller and expect it to fold up tiny. it folds in half and is still jumbo. none of these things were deal breakers for me because i knew going into the purchase.

the one bad part of this stroller is the speakers. they cannot be heard. your phone is louder if you just stick it in the cupholder. the single jogger had this same problem as well.

i have not had any wobbling prpblems or wheels falling off as others have, seems like a solid built product to me.