Best Double Stroller: Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double, Carbon Review

Best Double Stroller: Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double, Carbon

  • Large removable shade canopy; Covered parent tray with 2-cup holders

Best Double Stroller: Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double, Carbon Reviews

Love it!! (By April)

I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 2 month old, so I needed to upgrade to a double stroller. After a lot of research, I decided to go with this one. The jump seat in the back seemed like a great option for my daughter, but I realized that the standard sit n stand strollers wouldn’t be ideal since she wouldn’t be able to take a nap on long walks. This is perfect!!! She rides in the front for walks (but will be too tall for the front seat pretty soon), while the baby rides in the back seat since it reclines farther back than the front. Otherwise, I use the carseat to put the baby in the front & she rides either on the jumpseat or the backseat (depending where we are & what we’re doing). They say that Baby Trend carseats fit on the stroller, but I have a Graco Snugride carseat that fits perfectly in the front (it is too big for the back seat though).

I was impressed with how sturdy & well built this stroller is (some I looked at seemed rather cheaply constructed). It seems like it will last a LONG time!! Another thing that really impressed me was how smoothly this stroller guided along as I pushed it & how easily I could turn/maneuver it. I was worried about pushing one this big around, since some of the small ones I’ve used don’t even seem to turn very easily…VERY HAPPY to find this one could be operated so easily!

I love that both kids have snack trays and so do I! The parent tray is very nice with 2 cupholders & a small compartment that latches shut for my cell phone & keys (or whatever you want to use it for). There is quite a bit of space in the basket area underneath the kids to fit all their extra stuff too!

Great Double Stroller! (By B. Perry)

I purchased this stroller as soon as we found out we were expecting baby #2. Our kiddos are 2 years and 3 weeks apart so a double stroller was a must! We previously had a Graco travel system which although very comfy and padded was huge and bulky when folded. It was also a pain to open and close the stroller with their push and twist hand feature on all their strollers. This Sit n Stand is so easy to open and close if you follow the directions… it is thinner when folded than my previous graco and much much lighter. Because it is a tall stroller it does take two free hands to load into a car. I did a lot of research on doubles and I am so glad I spent a little extra to get two full seats. Both tots can nap comfortably in this stroller, and my old graco infant carrier clips into the front or back seat no problem. I am so very pleased with this purchase and I have already recommended it to several friends!

Get this! It’s great! (By rooooooodog)

We love this stroller! We don’t have an infant seat that actually connects with this one but our brand sits in there just fine and there’s a buckle attached to the stroller that you can use to strap in the infant seat so it works great for us!

It was easy to put together: just add wheels and the canopy and it’s so easy to fold and unfold! It drives really nice- not like you’re driving a bus.

Love the options to have an infant and rider or two riders or a rider with a child using the sit and stand!

Don’t hesitate! Get this stroller!

Okay but not great (By AKorf)

I purchased this stroller when I found out I was pregnant with twins. I wanted a tandem stroller that could hold 2 infant seats (not all do) and I didn’t want to spend a ton of money.There are things I really like and things I don’t like about it. Likes: 1)The color is very nice and neutral. I have b/g twins so it really works for us. 2) As mentioned above it holds 2 infant car seats. I have the matching Baby Trend seats. They snap in and out easily. 3) The parent cup holders and little storage bin is great. 4) I really like that both seats have a tray and I didn’t have to purchase the second one separately. 5) It is easy to set up/open. Dislikes: 1) It is difficult to fold down all the way. It takes a lot of muscle to get it to fold completely so I can hook the strap that keeps it closed. It is also big and pretty heavy. If you were a petite person you would probably have a lot of trouble getting it in and out of the car. 2) The basket underneath is large but basically inaccessible due to the back seat footrest and sit and stand step. This really drives me crazy when I’m trying to shove my diaper bag in there. It mostly just rests on the step in back. 3) It steers fine if you are going straight on a smooth surface, however if you want to turn or go on a bumpy surface it is very difficult to maneuver. Often one of my twins becomes fussy when we’re out at a store and I pick him/her up out of their infant seat to carry. This leaves me trying to push the stroller with one hand. It is VERY difficult to do. When walking around the neighborhood I have to be careful not to tip it when going up onto the sidewalk. Overall, it does the job I need it to do, but it’s not great. I’m glad I didn’t pay a ton of money for it.

Love it! It’s wonderful! (By Meredith Hobbs Lund)

When I first read the reviews I was hesitant to purchase this stroller. People complained it was too big or too heavy or didn’t roll good but honestly I don’t know what they are all talking about. The stroller is a double stroller so it’s obviously going to be a bit larger or heavier then a single stroller but its not that much bigger than my evenflo travel system stroller and they fold up the exact same. It weighs about 40 lbs but is easy to carry cause there are lots of places to grab on to. Putting the wheels on when it arrived was extremely easy. It rolls good it turns around smoothly even though it is longer then a single I thought it handled the same. It does just as good in off road pavement as any stroller with wheels that size does. People complained that there kids didn’t fit in it that their knee hit the tray. Well I have a 3 year old that is tall for her age 90% and she fits just fine . Her knees don’t hit the tray and when the infant car seat is in the front it doesn’t get in her way either. so my opinion to them is obviously your kids are too old to be putting in the sitting stroller so remove the back seat and move them to the standing part. I couldn’t be more happier about my purchase and if anyone is hesitant about purchasing this stroller don’t be. It’s great and you will love it.