Best Double Stroller: Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller, Phantom Review

Best Double Stroller: Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller, Phantom

  • Nylon, Metal
  • Imported
  • Accommodates up to 2 children sitting in stroller seats, up to 2 in infant car seats, or one sitting and one standing
  • Stroller allows your older child to stand on the rear platform or sit on the rear seat
  • Accepts up to 2 baby trend, Graco snugride classic fit and britax infant car seats to make a travel system
  • Stroller accommodates 2 children up to 50 pounds each
  • Large basket and easy compact fold for easy transportation or storage

Best Double Stroller: Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller, Phantom Reviews

Great for two (By Rachael E. Sheridan)

I have two children 4 years apart. We use this stroller primarily for shopping (long walks in the mall) and for walks around our neighborhood. My infant daughter uses her Graco car seat when she’s in the stroller and it fits perfectly in the front or back. My 4-year-old son enjoys being able to choose whether he sits in front or back. The cup holders and support bar interchange very easily to accommodate the carseat. The only thing I don’t like about it is the lack of sun shade for the child in the back position. Since we live in Arizona, we get pretty intense sunshine. We fixed this issue by using the clamp-on umbrellas we bought for the wagon. I can maneuver them to cover the kids from any angle. The folding mechanism is super easy to use, but it won’t stand up on its own. This is just a minor inconvenience. What I like best about this stroller is its compact size when it’s folded up. I can fit it in the back of my Prius wiith room to spare for when we go shopping. I love this stroller.

Love this stroller and I’m able to use our chicco … (By Catherine)

Love this stroller and I’m able to use our chicco key fit car seat with it. Would’ve given it 5 stars but it does not stand up on its own when it’s folded and you can not fold it with the tray in the back (which needs to be in place in order to put the infant car seat in the back) You have to put the tray in everytime and then take it off before you fold it up. Otherwise it’s great. I have a 22 month old and a 3 month old.


Updating: 1 minor set back to be aware: the stroller can tip backward when you have the baby or baby carrier on the back and the front passenger gets out of the front sit or you park the stroller up hill. Don’t have too many bags on the back either. What I did to counter bak
Lance the wt is having your bag or something heavy in the cargo basket I also tried using the gym wristband or ankle band weight and wrapped it around the center if the stroller and take it off before folding. Works like a charm.

Originally I got the Joovy Ultralight b/c it said 21lbs so I thought it was light. OMG it’s 28.2 lbs (both mfr and my scale) and you can’t place the baby carrier on the back (tandem) if your toddler wants to sit in the front instead of standing up. So I returned it. I did some more research and decided to get Baby Trend ultra sit and stand. I couldn’t wait for shipping so I got one at Target for same price and 5% off for using their red card.

I have a nearly 3 yo and an infant. My daughter flip flopping where she wants to sit (front or stand up in the back). With Joovy i couldnt put my new born on the back. Thanks god for Baby Trend that we have an option to put the baby in the front or back and the infant car seat clip onto the tray and have buckles and bar on the back to hold onto the infant carrier. I have a graco snugride 35 and it fits perfectly. I decided to go with this Baby Trend due to the age of my kids age different. When my new born turns 1.5 or 2 to use the front seat then my toddler would be 5 who would listen better (pray to god she would). If you have 2 kids close to age and young then you should need double stroller not tandem so they can rest.

This is heavy 26 lbs but lighter than joovy (28.2lbs).
It folds up nicer than Joovy and very very sturdy made. It took me 5 min to put take out of box and put wheels together. That’s all to it. Overall it’s better than Joovy UltraLIght and cheaper (139.99) However I suggested before you would order from any where, go to the Target they have this new version than babiesrus and check it out by bring your kids to try out.

Item steers smooth
plenty of room
item wt is average
Sturdy made product
love the cups holder
love the tray that baby carrier can clips onto the tray
easy to fold/unfold
Fit well in the trunk of my VW jetta (2014 where trunk is smaller than previous models)
Price cheaper than other brands
Easy to assemble (5 min for me)

Warning: If you have 2 younger kids with age close to each other then better off with double stroller so they can rest. If you have 1 kid 2 and older and one is new born or 3 and older and a 2 yo or younger this is ok.

Sturdy, Easy to maneuver (By Arthur Bilaos)

Sturdy, Easy to maneuver, fast to fold and to open, meets all my expectations! Recommended for parents that have toddler and baby.

Perfect for my two boys (By Janie S.)

I love this stroller. It is exactly what I need for my 20 month old and my 3 month old. It gets around the grocery store smoothly and is nice and compact for a tandem stroller. My older son loves the bench seat and standing options. I see people complain about the basket storage underneath, but for us it has been spacious and useful. Overall, I would absolutely purchase again, and suggest it for friends.

A little big but very good. I have a Honda Civic and it just … (By matthew hernadez)

I have two children, a two year old and a six month old. A little big but very good. I have a Honda Civic and it just fits in my truck. not a lot of room for much else in there now. But walking with the two kids is a breeze now. Read the instructions to make sure you know how to use it and strap both kids in.

I love this stroller and will update once our new baby … (By Liz)

I love this stroller and will update once our new baby joins us in October. My daughter thinks it’s so cool that she can sit, stand, or ride in this stroller. I wanted to go ahead and write a review because this thing is HEAVY! Realizing that I’m 8 months pregnant doesn’t help, but this is really going to be a pain to get in and out of the car once I have a two year old and newborn to lug around. Just keep this in mind when purchasing.

The wheels don’t turn good (By Jennifer an Hugh)

This is a nice stroller don’t get me wrong. BUT turning it is a pain in the butt. It’s awkward when you have to slightly turn it at all. It’s also heavy as crap to get in an out constantly. If the wheels just turned more smoothly and it wasn’t such a huge hassle driving it I would probably use it more.