Best Double Stroller: Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller, Ombra Review

Best Double Stroller: Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller, Ombra

  • Build your own travel system with matching Chicco car seats; Accepts two No.1-rated Key Fit or Key Fit 30 infant car seats
  • Fully-reclining rear seat for bassinet enclosure or car seat attachment
  • Exclusive forward-fold front seat for car seat attachment
  • Convenient one-hand activated fold and automatic storage latch
  • Weight Limit: up to 40 pounds per seat

Best Double Stroller: Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller, Ombra Reviews

Fantastic stroller! (By Toni Smith)

Love this stroller!!! We have always used the chicco car seat and it is not compatible with some of the lower priced double strollers. We bought this stroller because we tried it out at a retail store and my 2 1/2 year old fit comfortably in either seat and the car seat just snaps into place in either seat as well. The main feature I am so in love with is the seat size for my older child. So many double strollers have such small, shallow front seats that the children could practically fall out of them and they don’t look comfortable at all. This is not the case with the chicco. The seats are large and comfortable for an older child. My older child could easily nap in the back seat while the car seat is in the front seat for longer trips to places like the zoo. The only down side is the weight of the stroller but that’s to be expected with a double. I highly recommend this stroller to any parent looking for a double stroller, especially for use with a chicco car seat. We plan to get a lot of use out of this.

great stroller (By deanna)

Love this stroller. Perfect for what we need it for. Errands with both kids or a nice walk. Not too sure what people have complained about- where do you walk wth the stroller that’s so incredibly rough? Anyway, my ONLY issue is its really hard for me to lift and get back into the trunk of our suv. But that’s expected with a double stroller!!! My oldest daughter is 2, and my youngest is 3months and it’s perfect !!! I can still access underneath storage with carseat in stroller

Love it! (By crs2442)

I actually went to the store and tried out several double strollers. I have a 4 year old, 2 year old and 3 month old. The older two both still want to ride in a stroller, but buying a triple stroller that fit in my minivan was impossible so I decided on a good quality double.
My top picks were this stroller and the Contours Options Tandem. I will be honest and say after some research I was leaning towards the Contours. But after trying them both this one was by far the winner.
It has a nice parent tray, adjustable height for the handle, both front and back seats recline (and the back reclines all the way which is great for sleep!). Super easy to push, easy to put together, not as heavy as other doubles and it fits in the van :)

The only thing I wished is that the cup holders were in a different place. You have the choice of the lap bar or two cup holders on each side in the front, it comes with both options. 1) Whichever kid is in the front has to be in charge of getting the kid in the back his cup and 2) there is nothing in front of the child in front. For my kids that means an easier escape.

Good for toddler and newborn in chicco car seat (By Sara)

Very nice stroller. Bought it because I already had the chicco car seat. Using it with 3year old and newborn. I wish the cup holders were deeper because you can’t use them with out the cup falling out each time you hit a bump. Basket underneath big enough. It is a bit heavy/big but that’s to be expected with any double

But features are good. The second canopy in the back keeps falling … (By L. Natividad)

Everything is as described. But I must say it is heavy. My wife is about 101 pounds and my wife cannot left the darn thing, so I always have to do it. But features are good. The second canopy in the back keeps falling off every time you fold it, but if you have the infant carrier, then you are good. Once you fold it, be sure not to get your fingers caught. What you do is fold it, and let it fold to the ground, then it will lock and you can put it in your car. Way better than the other strollers, I enjoy Chicco products.

More Pros than Cons (By BB)

I’ve only had for about a week and thought I’d post my initial review (will update later if anything changes)

*Great stroller for children who are on the taller side. Mine are 1 and 3yrs and typically in the 90 percentile in height. This was a big issue for me in finding a double stroller that accommodated their height comfortably. Both children can sit comfortably in the forward and rear seats of this stroller. Also, both seats recline.
*You can get this Mid-Range Priced Stroller on sale!
*Decent size basket with easy access when rear seat is in the recline position. Rear seat also can be converted to a bassinet for babies when sleeping.
*Fairly simple and intuitive assembly. I’m a young mom and had no issues assembling this stroller while following the instructions given.
*Has a parent tray with cup holders as well as two cup holders that can replace the front seat handle bar.
*5 point harnesses that are simple to adjust.
*Umbrellas that can easily be removed when not needed.
*To collapse all you have to do is push a button located near the handlebar and voila! To reopen you use the SAME button.
*The front wheels have a foot pedal that switches for use from smooth to rough surfaces. I’ve had no issues navigating the stroller beyond strolling in stores where the fixtures are not spaced far enough apart.
*Fits in the back of my Ford Escape perfectly!
*Seems fairly sturdy and made well. Time will be the deciding factor on this one.
*The stroller is fairly heavy. I was aware of this fact when purchasing and most others that are comparable (that I tried out at Babies R Us) to this one as far as features are concerned were no lighter.
*There is no tray for children to use for eating.