Best Double Stroller: Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller, Red Velvet Review

Best Double Stroller: Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller, Red Velvet

  • 7 Seating configurations – Options Elite seats easily remove and can be configured in any way that works the parent with two in tow.
  • Accommodates up to 2 Infant Car Seats – Options Elite includes one Universal Car Seat Adapter that fits over 20 different car seats – for twins, a second Car Seat Adapter can be purchased as an accessory.
  • The Contours Options Elite easily folds with both seats on, auto locks and stands on its own.
  • Canopies have mesh peek-a-boo windows and expandable zipper mesh for maximum coverage
  • Handle bumps and cracks in the sidewalk with ease with the shock-absorbing rubber coated EVA rear wheels

Best Double Stroller: Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller, Red Velvet Reviews

Works the same (if not better) than pricier tandem strollers that cost hundreds more! (By Sarah Youngman)

I am a current stay-at-home mom to a 3-year-old and a 1-year old, I am also five months pregnant with our third child. Needless to say, a double stroller is a MUST HAVE in this family. We have two double strollers that I am quite fond of, a tandem and a side-by-side jogger. Both have served their purpose well, but both were quite costly. I was given the opportunity to test this stroller and I jumped at it. I really wanted to see how it measured up to my pricey double strollers. First off, let me say that I was skeptical. The base price of my pricey tandem stroller (which looks quite similar and has the same ability to switch the seats around) is around $500. This doesn’t include what I paid to add a second seat, child tray, cup holder and car seat adapter. After all the extra accessories we paid nearly $700 for it. I wasn’t sure that the Contours Options Elite stroller could compare at only $300, but I was VERY wrong! I was shocked when the stroller arrived and it INCLUDED a second seat, a cup holder, two belly bars AND the infant car seat adapter! Wow! What more did I need? It took me about 45 minutes to put it all together, start to finish, and the instructions were quite clear. I love the fact that the stroller folds up with both seats attached, something that my pricey stroller cannot do. I do think it’s a bit heavy when folding, but again, I’m five months pregnant, and you DO have the option to take the seats off to make it lighter if needed. When loading it in the car, I had no problem fitting it in my minivan’s trunk! It went in and came out easily! When we arrived at our destination, I put both children in and noticed that they had much more head and leg room in this stroller, as compared to my pricey stroller.
My petite 3-year-old’s head was constantly hitting the canopy in the other stroller, but not in this one. My one-year-old also can’t kick the back of his sisters seat as easily as he could in our other stroller. The basket on this stroller is HUGE! I wish it was easier to place my bag in the basket from the rear when both seats are attached, but this isn’t a huge concern, as the basket has a zipper on the side which allows for easy access. There was so much room in the basket, that even with all our coats and bags in it, from a trip to the mall, there was STILL plenty of room. As for the ride, the stroller is very easy to push and maneuver. I didn’t have any trouble, even in the most cramped stores. Everything about it was smooth! The seats are very easy to adjust and I love all the options that are available by just lifting and clicking the seats in place! I also liked how far the seats reclined. I was able to recline the back seat quite far so my 1-year-old could nap while we shopped. The canopies provide a ton of coverage, which is wonderful, especially when your child is trying to sleep. Overall I was VERY pleased with this stroller, and am happy to continue using it! I will also be recommending this to friends. I am still in shock that for about $400 less, it does what my pricey stroller does, and it almost does it better! My one suggestion to Contours would be to sell a glider board type accessory that can clip to the back for a third child to stand on, us moms with lots of little ones really find those helpful! Other than that, I can’t think of anything I’d add! This is an all around great stroller, and I highly recommend it!

Great price for a double that works for so many ages! (By OurKnightLife)

After owning the original version of this stroller (think 5 years old), I was sent this stroller for my honest review. I have to say I really love it.

7 seating configurations
weighs 38lbs
each seat holds up to 40lbs

With 7 ways to configure your seats – there will be something that works for your family. Back to back is nice when kids need space from each other.
3 reclining positions
Huge basket with side zipper access
Comes with car seat adapter that will work for nearly every infant seat on the market (over 20 styles)
40lb weight limit for each seat
Stroller folds up pretty compactly with both seats attached
Mesh pocket in each seat to hold sippy/bottle or toys
Expandable canopy
Black frame looks really sleek and stylish
Works for tall parents. I’m 5’9 and don’t even come close to kicking the tires.
Tires are upgraded to make all terrain more maneuverable.

CONS: (And by cons I mean, I’m being picky – I realize to keep the price down you can’t have everything.)
The adult cup holder isn’t every big. It won’t hold my bigger water bottles
The harness clasps could be nicer. They work fine, they just aren’t the best

I’ve seen other people complain about when they recline one seat for a sleeping child it interferes with the other seat… My suggestion is to put the sleepy child in the back seat so the front seat doesn’t recline on the child.

Snack tray and shopping basket can be purchased. If you have twins and you want another infant seat adapter you have to purchase that extra as well.

Honestly, I’ve owned a lot of double strollers. This is awesome for families who carry a lot with them, and have two or more kids that need to ride.
I love the changes contours has made to make this lighter, sleeker, and an overall smaller double. I would definitely recommend this stroller to my friends. I gave it 5 stars because of the price and ability to grow with your family.

And then there was two… (By jsorrenti)

About Me. Early thirties father of two (2 years apart), 6 feet tall, of average build and strength. Wears sandals, and often walks in stores, parks, and on boardwalks. I have owned, and still own, many strollers, and have tried and tested many more. I thought I was a expert, and then along came kid number two…


Options. Yes it’s right in the name, but it’s true. There are 7 different seating configurations, which are all quite useful. In my first few weeks I’ve already gone through quite few of the. options. Not to mention the 3 easy reclining positions each seat also does.

Space. Living in NY and working in Manhattan I see a lot of strollers. I see a lot of tandem strollers that are very small; kids are practically stacked on top of each other. I love that this stroller gives my kids room to breath, stretch, and nap. Nice knowing the newborn will be able to nap without a curious 2 year old’s foot rating or swinging near his face.

Storage. It’s all about that basket, no trouble. Switching from a single stroller and being forced to sneak things into the basket, a huge basket to accommodate two kids worth of stuff AND more goods was a must. Taking your kid and plopping him in a shopping cart is no longer an option with two kids, so you’re either keeping one in the carrier or you nix the shopping cart and everything goes in the basket. Even with all the kids in it you can still access it from the side via a zipper.

Size. It really fits. When testing out the double strollers I ventured out of the wide-aisled stroller section and did a quick fake shopping trip around the store. (Do this.