Best Double Stroller: Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller, Dragonfly Review

Best Double Stroller: Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller, Dragonfly

  • Polyester, Plastic, Metal
  • Imported
  • Stadium style seating double stroller with exceptional versatility holds two Graco Classic Connect car seats.
  • One hand, standing fold closes easily with no bending necessary, leaving one hand free for baby.
  • Stroller holds 2 children up to 40 pounds each. Two reclining seats with individual canopies
  • Rear seat reclines completely flat when baby’s had enough adventure.
  • Extra-large storage basket and parent’s tray add additional convenience.
  • Stadium-style seating double stroller with exceptional versatility holds two Graco Classic Connect car seats.
  • One-hand, standing fold closes easily with no bending necessary, leaving one hand free for baby.
  • Stroller holds 2 children up to 40 pounds each. Two reclining seats with individual canopies and footrests keep your travel companions comfy.
  • Rear seat reclines completely flat when baby’s had enough adventure.
  • Extra-large storage basket and parent’s tray add additional convenience.

Best Double Stroller: Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller, Dragonfly Reviews

LOVE it! Solid quality, excellent features (By Max’sMum)

Awesome stroller! Especially for the price ($118-$130 at time of purchase), it’s solid quality, with fantastic features. It might not be perfect in every respect, but no stroller ever is.

This stroller is arecent acquisition for us, so I am REALLY excited about it, especially because it has made my life with two kids 2 and under MUCH easier. I have found new freedom and I no longer hesistate to go on a walk with them when I’m bymyself! I think Graco has integrated a lot of new features into this model—taking into account complaints from past customers (reading through the older Duo Glider reviews, it looks like a bunch of them have been addressed).

I was looking for a simpler, smaller, lighter-weight option for transporting my kiddos when they don’t want to walk. I didn’t want to spend too much since we’ve already spent a lot on strollers in the past. This is a nice alternative to our Uppa Baby Vista stroller with a rumble (second) seat, which is heavy and bulky and takes up a ton of room in the trunk.

Here are my favorite features:
1. Really does open and collapse easily with one hand. I’ve tried this on a few occasions holding my 8 month old and it’s been relatively easy. Just unsnap the side lever to unfold, and pull and twist the handlebar to begin collapsing.

2. Lightweight, yet very sturdy and high quality materials: frame is solid, the fabrics feel thick and durable and relatively waterproof (NOTE: the color was a little darker than I expected—the blue is more of a dark teal)

3. Assembly is a cinch. Done in about half an hour. I needed to use a little more force than expected to snap trays into place, but all in all, easy enough and pretty quick.

Size: For a two seater, it’s got a compact footprint and is narrow enough to maneuver through tight spaces. You can’t get much smaller than this without giving up comfort, safety and that awesome basket underneath. I’ve taken it up and down hills and around small spaces and it does great!

5. Both kids have a great view, since the one in back is set up higher.

6. Both seats have large canopies that generally create shade in the right spots! There’s even a clear backing to the rear canopy, so parents can peek at their babies. The front canopy is HIGHLY adjustable, the rear is stationary and doesn’t shade quite as well, but is adequate.

7. Both seats have trays and the parent tray is awesome. Note, there are only two cupholder TOTAL on this model. The back seat tray is a little lame and lacks a cupholder—whatever (I’ll use my dropper stopper for that). Parent’s tray has one deep, sturdy cupholder (which keeps liquids away from babies and has the canopy as an added barrier). There’s a reasonably large, deep, lidded container for keys, wallet, wipes, phone, whatever…

8. The basket underneat is very large and the kids’ feet don’t take up precious cargo space—which is the problem with my UPPA baby Vista when I use the second (rumble) seat.

1. Rear child tray has no cupholder

2. Both seats have only two positions: for the front it’s either upright OR deeply reclined (quite nice), for the rear, it adjusts from upright to completely flat. No inbetween. This is unclear from the product description. A slightly upright, but reclined position option would have been nice, but isn’t the end of the world.

3. The rear seat is slightly angled downward and has a tendancy to slide the child’s bottom forward. I make sure the seatbelt is tight, especially because my child’s feet can’t reach the footrest.

4. As with ALL IN-LINE strollers, the child in the back has the ability to kick the seat of the child in front, and the child in the rear can reach and possibly rub the head of the child in front. Depends on how well-behaved your kids are! Choose seat selection accordingly!

All in all: a fantastic product, with an excellent price. Highly recommended!!!!!!

Good, not Great. (By mnn22)

After using this stroller for a few weeks I am going to bullet point things of importance. Some may see them as pros, others as cons. You decide 😉
Im using this for a 3 y/o 32# toddler and a 5 month old.

~Price is reasonable.
~Folds and opens easily and for being a double stroller it is quite light.
~Trays are not removable to put child in/out. -Front and ‘driver’ have a cup holder, back child does not.
~I’m 6′ tall and its not uncomfortable to push.
~ Front canopy is nicely adjustable, the back is not. It’s attached to the frame of the stroller. (Sun/wind beams right in)
~There is no view through the top of the canopy to see the back child if they’re sitting, but it you have the back lying flat there is a small area to view.
~There is only 2 positions- straight up or lying flat.
~3 point harness for both children.
~Maneuvers nicely but, I find it slightly difficult to push it over uneven sidewalks.
~The basket below is nice and large. Feet do not interfere with the basket space, but if back child is lying flat there is no way to access the basket.
~The quality of the side of the basket is lacking. Made of mesh and 3rd time opening the stroller it ripped.
~There is a little compartment along with the cup holder for the parent. The compartment and cup holder are nice and deep
~My toddler is not very tall and his head is pretty close to the top of the canopy in the front.

I cant speak for the use of a car seat with the stroller. We just put the youngest in the back.

I have to say if we were planning on having this stroller long term we probably would have returned it. There are just some faults with this stroller that seem like no parent was involved in the making. For the price, and the duration we plan on using it, it will serve its purpose.

I got this stroller as a gift so it’s perfect. I gave it 4 stars because it does … (By Christie)

I got this stroller as a gift so it’s perfect. I gave it 4 stars because it does have flaws as many stroller do. It doesn’t fit that well in the trunk on my mini van, I have to stand it up to fit it in (maybe I’m doing something wrong). The understorage is not as easy to get to as I would like. It doesn’t fit my diaper bag and when the back seat in reclined it’s near impossible to get anything out of it. The back seat only has two position, upright or flat down while the front one has a slight decline in the seat but not much at all. The back seat does not have a cup holder and the front one doesn’t not fit the bottles we use which is avent. Good things is it’s super easy to open and close and really is not all the heavy at least to me it is not. It strolls nice and easy except outdoors I had some issues but it was not terrible. Overall decent stroller and glad it was a gift to me….

Good but with a few annoying features (or lack there of) (By C. Kerian)

I love this stroller in some ways and really am baffled by it in others.

First off, I have tall children, so I reasonably expected that my 3 year old would have head room issues. That wasn’t my biggest hiccup though. The depth of the chair in front is very shallow. When he sits on it he has several inches above the knee hanging over the edge of the chair and his foot rest in front is almost tucked under the chair not out in front like my Graco single stroller. Kind of annoying for a kid with long legs because the edge of the foot rest hits the back of his ankles.

The basket is great and the adjustable nature of the front canopy is well done, however I have noticed that the slope of the back seat is a little severe. The strap under the seat keeps it high in back but there is no second strap to give support in the front so the front part of the back seat slopes down and deep in the center. I have rectified this by running a wide strap of heavy velcro under the front of the back seat and looping it around each side bar to support it more but really, this should have been a design given. You never want your child to be sliding forward on their chair and therefore straining against the harnesses constantly. It’s uncomfortable for them and unnecessary wear on the straps.

It takes a little getting used to with the way it folds and unfolds but the design in solid there.

The front wheels annoy me a bit. They came pre-assembled and you just snap them on, BUT the axles seem a bit loose to me because I can see the wheels slide a bit on their axle as I am walking and therefore the wheels tend to have a bit of inward or outward tilt to them at times.
It’s strain on the axle, tire tread, and axle mount that really should be tightened up and fixed with a couple of o-rings or washers to keep the shift from happening.

My husband, who is 6’4", had no troubles pushing this stroller and walking normally. Our single stroller annoys him because he constantly kicks the back of the basket or frame when he is walking, but with this one he had no troubles at all.

Steering wise its alright so far. I notice it is harder to steer if I put my oldest in front and 18m old in the rear, vs the reverse of that. So being front heavy with front swivel wheels is a bit harder to handle than the reverse but that’s not unexpected. Outside of that, it steers easily though I don’t think I could one hand steer it like I do my single just because of the added length. Also, not unexpected.

The snap on trays…oh those stupid things. Who designed them? What were they thinking? Do they even have kids? So here is my rant on the idiocy behind the snap on trays. They snap on, they are sturdy. They take a crowbar to get off and they don’t open at all for easy loading in and out of the whee tyrants. The front one is solid and had a nice height, but I am 8 months pregnant and trying to lift a 35# kid into a stroller instead of pulling the little clip and flipping it open like my single stroller does so he can climb in and out himself. The back on has been chucked into a corner and left for dust collecting. It is essentially a brace bar for a car seat to be set on but as anything else it is useless. It has no cup holder, or real tray depth and because your under basket goes all the way under this seat straight through to under their foot rest, which is would be nice if there were some kind of fabric to keep the rocks and gravel on my kids shoes from dropping into my basket but I plan to find a fix for that as well…back to my rant…the tray again takes a CROWBAR to peel it off and it doesn’t really do anything but give me something to try and lift the kid around when seating them and something for them to bang on when they want to be loud. If you don’t need to put a carseat in the back, leave this thing off altogether. And again..WHY doesn’t the front one swivel open for easy seating? Why, Graco, why? End rant here.

The full fold down bed in back is really nice for little ones who need to sleep and can’t really do it sitting up without waking every 10 minutes or so. Both the additional shade and shelter from noise and wind helps the keep the smaller ones out for the count. Though it is worth noting, the back seat only has 2 positions, up and flat, the up position is comfortable reclined and hasn’t really given me any issue. The positions of the front chair are limited due to it being a tandem stroller but I didn’t think it was that bad as long as the one in the back doesn’t mistake the head of the kid in front for a bongo drum. (or GASP…hair pullers, ouch) My daughter likes to rub her brothers head to make it stand on end because he has very fine hair and static builds quickly. Poor boy.

The fabric is a good color scheme for spills and clean up. =) Access to the lower basket for clean up can be tricky but I have found that if I unhinge the back upper bar of the basket I can easily get to anything or get in with a towel to clean up.

Overall the stroller isn’t light but it is certainly not that heavy either. The fold up is designed to make it easy and the handle to toting it folded up is well done. I find pulling it along no more or less cumbersome than my single stroller. (Really nice when in the train stations in Japan and you find that they only have to get to your platform). The parent tray is alright with it’s cup holder and snap shut box, but the fabric around it can ride up and get in the way at times so I am thinking of putting a couple velcro tabs there to keep it in place.

I would say that I like this stroller over all but if I could choose 3 improvements that really should have been givens it would be the front tray opening for easy loading, the sturdier axle design in the front wheels to keep down unnecessary wear and tear and another strap under the back seat (or even a bar) to keep the seat more level and supportive. It’s a 4 out of 5 because a couple of these have easy little home fixes so I will give it some leeway for the price, because the price for this double stroller was really reasonable in comparison to most of the other tandem strollers I found that had a fully flat reclining seat and good adjustable canopy for sun shade. (Going to the markets in Japan regularly requires a thin stroller, so no side by side for me, and the walk can be killer on a hot, humid day if I had to strap the newest one on the way into an ERGO.)

Hope this review is helpful to you.