Best Double Stroller: JOOVY Caboose Graphite Stand On Tandem Stroller, Appletree Review

Best Double Stroller: JOOVY Caboose Graphite Stand On Tandem Stroller, Appletree

  • Most compact and maneuverable tandem available
  • Stand-on platform and rear bench seat for older child
  • 3-position front seat recline, linked parking brake
  • Universal car seat adapter included
  • Easy trigger fold design

Best Double Stroller: JOOVY Caboose Graphite Stand On Tandem Stroller, Appletree Reviews

A few cons, but nearly a perfect stroller for the price. (By Marfar)

This is a great little stroller. It’s not perfect, but considering the price, I’m tempted to give it 5 stars. Please note: I bought and paid full price for this stroller–no discounts for any reviews–so these are my observations from an over-researcher who has been shopping around for strollers for a while now and finally decided to pull pull the trigger on the Joovy Caboose Graphite. (Not that free reviews are any less honest, but I may have a different perspective, since I *chose* this stroller, as opposed to it choosing me.) Below are my detailed thoughts.

Let’s end on a high note and start with The Cons:
1. No built-in parent console/organizer tray.

2. The handlebar is straight across and then slopes straight downward. This has TWO drawbacks. First, it makes it very difficult for attaching any kind of third-party, after-market parent organizer. (I bought one akin to the Skip-Hop Neoprene and it sags a little, as the loops have to be pushed inward–otherwise they fall off the edges and slide down the bar. It’s not ideal. Obviously, the Joovy organizer is made for this, but I had preferred the features of some of the other organizers. Oh well, I may have to just get their organizer after alll.)

3. The second drawback of the straight-down handlebar is that, from a physics standpoint, I feel like some of my push-effort is directed downward and therefore wasted, making it so I have to push a little harder to propel this thing in a forward motion. (Now, some mechanical engineer can correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s how I see it…) Now, I will say that this stroller isn’t hard to push, so this isn’t a big complaint.
I just feel it would have been better if the handlebar could have sloped forward and the child standing would still be able to hold onto something.

4. It doesn’t fold up very small and it takes a little "umph" to fold it up, in my opinion. For reference, I did try and it easily fits in the trunk of our little Nissan Sentra with the sunshade and wheels attached; but I would never be able to travel with it in that small car, if I had to fit much else back there (i.e. suitcases or a Costco haul). This isn’t a negative for me, since that’s not our primary family vehicle, but I wanted to include it in case you’re tight on trunk space. However, there are few double strollers (or even single, non-umbrella strollers) that fold up small, either. If you are looking for a double that maximizes your remaining trunk space, I would suggest looking into the Combi Cosmo double stroller or the Zoe XL2 double stroller Zoe XL2 Xtra Lightweight Double Stroller, Grey Wheels – London Navy.

5. I ordered the "Amber" color, which isn’t a cute mustard color, as pictured. It’s more of a bright orangey-yellow. I feel like dirt shows quickly, though it’s easy to wipe down.

6. The storage basket underneath, though not as small as I expected, is not huge and is partially blocked by the rear seat (the seat does slide to open, but not as wide as the basket). I CAN fit my JuJuBe B.F.F. diaper bag in the basket, but I do have to wrestle it through the small opening. If it was stuffed full, I think I would have to slim it down before I could fit it in.

Now for The Pros:

1. The price. To me, this is a huge pro and the price is drastically cheaper (hundreds cheaper) than the other double stroller I was eying. I felt like for this price, I could take the gamble and it wouldn’t be a devastating loss if I regretted the purchase–which I don’t. This really is a fantastic stroller! Looked at a different way, for this price, I could buy a stroller AND a parent organizer console AND a wagon AND a new bike child carrier seat and STILL be able to save two or three hundred dollars from what I would have spent. I would never have felt like I could have justified purchasing all those things if I had splurged on a $500-700 stroller.

2. This stroller has the footprint of a single stroller. Most sit-and-stand strollers are terribly elongated, bordering on becoming the dreaded tandem stroller, which feels like steering a bus. NOT this Joovy! Put side-by-side, it is no longer than my sis-in-law’s Graco Click-Connect single stroller. Because my kids are 18months and 4yo, I knew my 4yo would be off-and-on and I didn’t want to commit to a full-time double. If he grows out of the stroller entirely in a year or two, I didn’t want to be stuck with a double stroller for my single rider. The Joovy is perfect in that regard. Without the second child riding, you don’t even remember this is technically a double stroller. The rear seat could then be used to set a diaper bag on and it doubles as easier-access storage.

3. Included is a carseat converter and a (removable) child tray with cupholder. On the other stroller I wanted, I would have had to purchase ALL accessories separately, making this price even cheaper in comparison. Or I would have gone without.

4. Generous sunshade. This is a big deal in sunny Arizona, where I live, as I didn’t want my kids baking in their stroller. The sunshade isn’t fixed, so it can move to accommodate different angles of the sun, which is a huge plus. It is even able to cover the rear child along with the front child, if desired. My only complaint with the sunshade is that when it is folded up, it doesn’t stay completely shut, but falls slightly open. I will probably affix some kind of DIY velcro strap to keep the sunshade tightly closed when not in use. The sunshade is also removable, so that is another nice feature.

5. The tires are some kind of rubbery-foam, not unlike the bike tires on my son’s Strider balance bike. Therefore, they will never go flat. But also, they are much nicer than the plastic umbrella stroller-esque tires I was expecting. You couldn’t take this stroller jogging off-road, but I would call them "semi-all-terrain tires." Definitely a nice feature.

6. The wheels can lock into a fixed position or unlock to swivel for easier steering.

7. Steering is pretty easy and this stroller is a smooth ride. I can one-handed steer and push this thing on flat, even ground–with both kids in. (My 18-month-old is 16 pounds and my 4yo is 32-34 pounds, so they are on the lighter side. But even with 50 pounds of weight riding, this is an easy stroller to push. It’s relatively lightweight, too.

8. My kids LOVE this stroller. Love, love, LOVE it. I was surprised that my son mostly prefers sitting on the back seat to standing. Although he does like to hop off and on, he is a big-time stroller rider. He was always fighting to ride in his sister’s stroller previously, when there was only one seat. The seat seems plenty comfortable. The footrest moves position. The recline positions, though not flat, are substantial. There are a lot of perks and positive features that offer "best of both worlds" options and I have been really happy with this stroller.

Overall, this is EASILY a four-star product; with the price, I am tempted to forget the drawbacks and give it a 5-star rating. Tempted…but I’ll leave it where it’s at because I think a glowing 4 stars is the most accurate assessment. Also, the drawbacks were not surprise issues with the quality. They were mostly features I could see from the stock photos and chose to accept–like the handlebar configuration or smaller storage basket. If you are looking for an affordable option, have kids with an age gap, want the functionality of a double stroller without the size or commitment, I would highly recommend this stroller. I agonized over this decision and read zillions of reviews and even stopped strangers at the zoo to interrogate them about their strollers, haha; anyway, I’ve been happy with it.

P.S. Initial set-up only took about 20 minutes. I didn’t think the instructions were very clear, but it wasn’t that hard to figure out. Also, despite the fact that folding it up isn’t the easiest, this thing unfolds super easy. Just lift the handle ’til it clicks into place. (Also, there is a lock on the bar above the left rear wheel which needs to be pushed shut afterward and unlatched prior to folding–and which I always forget about.)

P.P.S. For comparison’s sake, the "other stroller" I was eying is the City Select double stroller by Baby Jogger Baby Jogger City Select with 2nd Seat, Onyx. The CS also has the benefit of being a double stroller with the size and commitment of a single. Because the seats are removable, it can be a single stroller; and the configuration customization is awesome. If that’s your style, I would recommend checking it out because it is a dang good stroller (I’ve pushed it around). As much as I like it, I couldn’t swallow the price, especially when my kids are at an age where they may start outgrowing it soon. However, one selling point of the Joovy over the City Select is that you don’t have to choose between the sit and stand feature. Both are an option all the time, whereas with the CS, the second seat gets in the way of standing. An expensive, "sold-separately" glider board can be attached in addition to the both seats, but it becomes more cumbersome with 2 seats + board (from my understanding). Unless you’re trying to accommodate three children, you are probably going to have to choose between sitting and standing beforehand. Overall, the CS is a more luxurious stroller, but the Joovy is really better designed for the off-and-on older-toddler rider.

Hope that helps anyone else who gets angsty about big purchases, like I do. Pics attached: forgive the messy garage; the pics weren’t originally taken with the idea of displaying them for review. I also wanted to add a video review, but since I’m having a little trouble getting it to upload, I will have to come back and update it.

A very nice stroller for use with an infant carrier. (By A Soldier’s Wife)

I’m the mother of nine and I bought this stroller to use with a Peg Perego infant carrier, as it was one of the few strollers promising compatibility. Actually, it should be compatible with any infant carrier. It simply has an extension bar that fits on in place of the snack tray. This bar cradles the carrier in the seat, and there is a security strap for added safety.

There are only three things I don’t like about this Joovy. First, the seat is supposed to be fully reclined when using the car seat attachment, which completely blocks access to the rear sit-and-stand area, which I was anxious for my toddler to able to use. Second, the basket is too small for any sort of diaper bag or tote, no matter how modest. And third, with the carrier attachment in place, it is quite long when folded. But I drive a twelve passenger van, so space is not an issue, and if it was, the carrier holder could be removed easily; I’m used to carrying my tote around anyway; and the infant carrier is just as secure with the seat only partly reclined, though the safety strap is not long enough to snap around the seat. This is just a shopping stroller for me, though, and only used on level ground. And the straps can be replaced with longer ones for a couple of bucks.

Otherwise, the carrier feels secure, it’s easy to push and maneuvers surprisingly well with both the baby and the toddler riding, and it’s easy to open and close. It’s a wee bit longer than I’m used to, but not unmanageably so. I also like that it’s not much wider than an umbrella stroller.

I thought about adding the second seat for the two-year-old, but I think it would be too crowded. However, if Joovy wants to send me a seat for review purposes, I wouldn’t complain! Maybe that would fix the problem of the fully reclined seat. But maybe not, which is why I didn’t buy one!

All in all, it’s a nice stroller for taking shopping, especially if you’re wanting accommodations for two.

Great compact stroller for any parent with 1 or 2 small children! (By D. Berdanis)

This tandem stroller is perfect for taking my two nieces, or my grandchildren, with us when we go out walking at the nearby state park.
The 3 yr old loves standing on the back platform while the baby is happy sitting in the front either sitting upright or laying back in 2 other positions. I don’t have to do any lifting with the 3 yr old because she can get on and off the platform all by herself. When she got tired of standing, she turned around and was able to sit, facing backwards, and rest a bit.
It’s already getting so sunny and warm here that I love the extra large canopy with the extended visor. Has really been great at keeping the sun off the children.
I also love that when more babies come into the family, this tandem stroller comes with a universal car seat adapter so we’ll be able to have a smaller child secured in a nice car seat that we can have turned and facing backwards.
Stroller is really nice and heavy. I spent more time wresting this stroller out of the box than I did getting it open and assembling a few parts. (no tools required. Wheels, tray, canopy)
Have to take off a bar before opening, (it is clearly labeled with bright orange sign), and take off the protective foam parts (also marked).
Easy one button release to collapse so you can store or put into your vehicle.
Very easy to push and make turns which is very important when I’m pushing a stroller.
Has a nice material basket underneath where I can carry some extra items for the kids.
I LOVE that I can purchase the Joovy Rear Seat. This will allow me to have a front facing, reclining seat if I need it. Only costs about $70 and would be a great addition to the already great features of this stroller.