Best Double Stroller: JOOVY Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller, Black Review

Best Double Stroller: JOOVY Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller, Black

  • Most lightweight, compact, maneuverable tandem available at 22 lbs.
  • Stand-on platform and rear bench seat for older child
  • Sealed ball bearing wheels for superb maneuverability
  • Universal car seat adapter included
  • Parent organizer with rear canopy attachment and 2 cup holders

Best Double Stroller: JOOVY Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller, Black Reviews

I need a double in style!!! (By Ilikea)

Great lightweight stroller for someone who needs a double stroller. Most other brands are very heavy and bulky and don’t maneuver well. The new graphite aluminum frame makes this one standout both in beautiful color and in the lightweight. It is very easy to close up and lift with dual triggers and a push. It has a lot of canopy coverage as well as a zippered piece to cover the back child when needed. The leg rest is adjustable and it has a nice tray which also removes if you don’t need it. There’s reflective material on the canopy as well which is great for late walks. It has a basket underneath for extra storage and a parent organizer for your drinks,keys and phone! It includes a universal car seat adapter so you don’t have to buy one. The stand/sit option is good for the older child who doesn’t want to stay in a stroller which my son loves. I have a small trunk and I just fit this in there unlike the other double stroller brands which are too big. We definitely recommend this one. Thanks Joovy for such a great product and price!

Squeaky wheels that make me want to scream! (By Puja Vaid)

I’ve been looking a double stroller for a few months now and I’ve gone back and forth on whether to get a tandem or a side by side or to go for something like the Joovy Caboose sit and stand stroller. I liked the old Joovy Caboose ultralight stroller and was on the verge of buying it when I was told that they would be coming out with a newer, lighter version. So I decided to wait for the newer version since the price of both were going to be the same.
The changes are subtle, the handles have been removed to make the stroller more lightweight, there is now a canopy for the rear as well that can be extended from the main canopy. The dimensions have not changed, the weight has. We tried out this stroller in the store before we purchased it.
While I love the stroller, my reason for giving it three stars is because the wheels squeak – really, really badly! Now that in itself wouldn’t be so bad if I’d been using the stroller for a few months but the squeaking started on the first day after I’d dropped my daughter to daycare and was walking back (it’s a 15 min walk on flat, even sidewalks). The wheels squeak all the time when I am using the stroller, even when we are indoors such as in a mall. After a while it just gets really annoying.
The other thing that I do not like about this stroller is that I have a lot of difficulty using the basket – its awkward to get into and really isn’t all that big and I also find it difficult to hang things off the back bar. I was previously using the baby trend snap n go, which had a humongous basket that could fit my entire diaper bag and my purse AND all the baby blankets – so maybe I’m just spoilt because of that!
Also, when both canopies are extended, I am unable to see my kids, a mild annoyance but it means I use the rear canopy a lot less than I usually would.
While the squeaking wheels and the limited basket space do bug me, I have chosen not to return this stroller. The reason being is that there are things that I love about this stroller that more or less make up for the things that I hate. I love the large canopy at the front, love the turquoise color, love that my 3 year is able to sit and stand whenever she wants and at the same time my 15 month old is comfortable in the front seat. The best thing I like about this stroller is the way it moves. I’d tried a tandem in the past and I had to return it because although it was smaller than the Joovy in terms of dimensions, it was a lot heavier to maneuver and I ended up with back pain whenever I had both kids in at the same time. I have had no such problems with the Ultralight Graphite. True to its word, this stroller is lightweight and so easy to maneuver and turn. I actually enjoy using it and my kids are comfortable in it. Now if those damn wheels would just stop squeaking….

Heavy, long, and difficult to maneuver, with too little space for kiddos. (By Stephanie Calafiore)

I am somewhat surprised by all of the positive reviews, but perhaps I am not the target market for this product. I purchased this item for my 2.5 year old and newborn. Here are my issues…

1) TIGHT!! When you put the carseat in the front, there is NO room for the rear rider to sit. They can stand, but my son is too young to really get a good handle on that–there are no handles, so he had a hard time hanging on. And he’s not “reliable,” so to speak, to not run off, and the seat is useless. OK, so I bought the rear seat to try to get him a little more room. Nope. Totally squashed in there! And he’s not huge, he’s 50th percentile for height and weight. I took the car seat off to see if we could fit with 2 kids simply sitting in seats, and it’s still really tight. The front seat always has a degree of recline, which impinges on the rear seat’s amount of room. Nobody seems comfortable. That said, the rear seat is nicely made and seems like a good option if there was more space. I understand they are trying to keep the stroller shorter to help it maneuver better, but at the expense of the kids comfort.

2) HEAVY and still LARGE: When folded, this is is large, long, heavy, and awkward. The canopy sticks out, you can’t leave the carseat adapter attached or it sticks WAY out, and it’s hard to put in the car. It’s easier to maneuver my full size strollers into and out of the car, and they fit way better! Like, my Summit X3, Cruz, and City Select are all WAY easier to fit in my huge SUV’s trunk.

3) HARD TO PUSH: Frankly, it doesn’t navigate all that well. And I’m talking smooth floors in malls and such, not grass/playgrounds/etc. It’s long and heavy, and the weight isn’t distributed well.

Light, easy, but still great for two kids. (By Elizabeth)

This is great to use with one or two kids and can accommodate even our six year old (who is a little on smaller side). When the six year old and two year old are in it, you can tell it is slightly heavy and harder to maneuver, but it can work in a pinch. I strongly dislike strollers usually because they can be so big and bulky but this one is very light and easy to use. We have a small hatch trunk and it even fits in there. My parents like to take the kids on walks and use it for that. They are not always the most savvy with putting things together or taking them apart, but this is easy to open and close even for those who are not accustomed to children’s things or wonderful with manual dexterity. There is a nice little pouch at the top to keep phone and wallet if you like and a basket underneath if you want to bring diaper bag or put your purse in there. One thing to note however is that the pouch obscures the view of the child in the back. It is kind of in their face so I don’t keep it on there very often. The seat that the child in the back sits on slides back and forth. It would be nice if there was a lock for that. But a small issue in the scheme of things. Canopy is pretty large so helps with sunny days and sensitive kids who don’t want sun in eyes. It does collapse but not particularly well. It would be nice if it was easier to collapse and open, and it is still quite in the way even when folded up. It was pretty easy to put together, but it does require reading the directions and following them carefully. You cannot do it just by eyeballing it. Overall, I do not like strollers because of hassle and they are big and often cause more problems than they are worth, but this one folds up to a good size and is easy to work with. If you need more than an umbrella stroller but don’t need a massive behemoth of a stroller, this is the perfect option. We do not have a baby, so did not try the car seat adapting (you have to order that extra). Overall I would suggest this to others.