Best Double Stroller: Maclaren Twin Triumph, Black/Charcoal Review

Best Double Stroller: Maclaren Twin Triumph, Black/Charcoal

  • Basic Weight: 10.5kg/23.1 pound
  • Appropriate from 6 months
  • Two independent hoods and multiple seat positions
  • Fits through standard doorways
  • Includes Rain cover

Best Double Stroller: Maclaren Twin Triumph, Black/Charcoal Reviews

I researched double strollers like a mad woman during my second pregnancy (By Ben and Larissa)

This stroller is a dream come true! I researched double strollers like a mad woman during my second pregnancy, and we ended up deciding to wait until the baby was born to see whether or not we really needed one (our boys are 2.5 years apart in age). Waiting ended up making a lot of sense for us, since my second really wouldn’t let us put him down for the first three months or so and was constantly in a ring sling or Baby Bjorn. As he got a little bigger though, we realized we really needed a double for things like mall trips, errands, walks around the city. This is the only stroller we’ve bought sight unseen — it just seemed to fit our needs. It is one of the best strollers we’ve owned (we have quite a few singles — a BOB, Baby Jogger City Mini, Baby Jogger City Versa, and UppaBaby GLuxe). The fold is really easy (much easier than that on our single GLuxe…wish we’d gotten a MacLaren single umbrella instead). It fits into the teeny tiny trunk of my Honda Fit. Unfolded, the stroller is slim and easy to maneuver. My three year old is about 40 inches tall and 39 pounds, and fits comfortably, as does my 9 month old. Even filled with sixty pounds of kids, the stroller pushes easily and can handle choppy bumpy sidewalks better than I’d expected. I really like the high weight limit — both my boys are on the bigger side and it was important to us to get something that they would be able to ride in for a while. My husband is generally put off by huge, wide double strollers that seem to take up a whole sidewalk and very reluctant to get a side-by-side, but loves this stroller! Cargo space is quite good given that it is an umbrella stroller, and basket access is great. I love that the rain cover is included.

I really like this stroller (By Ashley A Cornell)

I really like this stroller, I have a 19 month old and a 7 week old. The recline is great for the newborn, I have to put a blanket behind him since he’s so small still…. But then it works with the straps tight.
My 19 month old is 30 lbs and he does good in this next to newborn :)
The brakes are a little hard to undo with my flip flops/sanders living in fl.. But I can mange

Love it! (By martina)

Love love this stroller!! I just bought it for my two year old twins and I love it. As do they. It’s really good value for the money. I’ve owned several strollers, this is #6, and other than my Mountain Buggy Duet- this one is my favourite.
-rain cover included in price
-easy folding and storage
-easy to steer
-fits through doorways
-still roomie for the girls
-short sun visor, an easy fix I think Maclaren is overdue for
-tiny storage baskets, but that is to be expected with an umbrella

The sun visors are the only reason i didn’t give this stroller 5 stars.
I wouldn’t recommend this for anything more than a city/shopping stroller though. But if thats what you’re looking for this one is fab!

works great! But definitely not for newborns as the seat … (By CP)

Bought this for my 2.5 year old son and 7 month old daughter, works great! But definitely not for newborns as the seat is shallow and does not recline fully. I choose the side by side so there would be no arguing over who sits front/back. Also, both can sleep side by side and see each other easily. The kids are happy with it! I’ve had it about 6 weeks, and love it. Use it so frequently, it just stays in my car trunk. Fold is stiff the first few times, but gets ‘looser’. The hoods don’t provide much shade and are only OK. Yes, baskets hard to access when kids are reclined. Otherwise, great storage with 2 baskets. Seems more stable than my Quest single. Have not yet traveled with it, but seems like it would be great.
So far, has fit through all doorways and since it’s side by side, footprint isn’t that big. Easy to push…but we are usually on paved surfaces.
Great for a parent who is often out with the kids on their own and where carrying baby in Ergo is getting too heavy or hot.

Best double stroller (By Amanda Vega)

I love this stroller. It was perfect for my 22 month old and 6 month old. We took it with us on a family trip and it was very convenient . It’s light enough to fold and carry but not flimsy. Includes rain cover free.

I love, love, love it! (By Sasi7997)

I had a single McClaren stroller about 7 years ago and loved it. Once I found out I was having twins, I knew that this was the stroller I wanted. It is easy to maneuver, light weight (for a double stroller), and durable.

I like how the weight limit is 55 lb per kid and it is easy to open and close, not quite one handed like the single stroller, but that is because the handle bars are separate. I wish the canopies covered the babies a little bit more. I think it was on the techno or the higher end model ones they have that extended visor on the canopy. I wish that was on the triumph. I wish the baskets were a little bit bigger and easier to access, but I knew this from owning one before. You can’t expect much storage from an umbrella, if any at all.

Never buy again (By Bill)

Sold me amused stroller, which broke in less than 30days. The vendor did nothing except pass me to Maclaren who would not honor their warranty though I sent them photos and my receipt

Best light weight double (By Lindsey Waitkus)

Bought this on a whim because we forgot our stroller while on vacation. Wish we bought it sooner. So easy for traveling. Ordered one day shipping and received it on time. Nothing bad to say about this stroller, we had a single when we lived in England and fell in love with the brand because they are lightweight and sturdy!