BOB Revolution Pro Duallie Stroller, Orange Review

BOB Revolution Pro Duallie Stroller, Orange

  • Hand activated rear deceleration brakes for added control to conquer hills and inclines
  • Adjustable handlebar accommodates any parent’s height with 9 position options
  • Swiveling front wheel allows for superior maneuverability

BOB Revolution Pro Duallie Stroller, Orange Reviews

*Mostly* worth the hype… (By Jaz)

…But still a few things that could be improved. Still on of, if not *the* best out there.
I love the way it pushes and rolls – like a cloud on ball bearings. It’s pleasantly bouncy for the kids and so nice to push, in other words, does what it’s supposed to do and does it very well. This is my third jogging stroller and my second double and there is no comparing the ride.
The adjustable handle bar is great not only because there is a 13″ height difference between my husband and I but because it can fold out of the way when folded or stored.
The hand break is great for slowing this behemoth when you’re going down a hill or ramp and it’s loaded down with kids. Why anyone would want a stroller that weighs nearly as much as you do flying down a hill with no break is a mystery to me. You’re already mortgaging your house to buy this baby for your babies. Shell out a few more bucks and save your back by letting the breaks do the work.
It folds with the tray / car seat adapter on.
Nice big sun shades with reflective fabric on the corners.
It’s a double jogger. All of that nice ride comes with a price. It’s wide, heavy, and bit difficult to fold. It does fit in the trunk of my Ford Fusion but it is a sweaty wrestling match peppered with curses to make it happen and the rear wheels ride up in the front. No surprises there.
Locking the front wheel is a bit of a pain. There’s a tiny red lever up in front on the wheel assembly but this is bar far the hardest of the three joggers I’ve had when it comes to locking/unlocking the front wheel. If they had a little lever on the handle bar like the Schwinn that would be sweet.
Sun shades sag a bit in the middle – like there’s nothing supporting them.

Amazing stroller purchase ever (By Amazon Customer)

I love love love this stroller. It’s greatest advantage is having a hand break and two settings for front wheel. So easy to maneuver even with my two toddlers sitting inside it. My elder one is around 4y and fits so easily in it and still there is room for her to grow. My kids just love sitting in it too.

No adapter available for 2 infant seats. (By A C Onsumer)

I bought this for my daughter who is expecting twin girls in February. She has a single BOB Jogging Stroller, which I bought her 2 years ago as one of her baby shower gifts, when she had her first child, a girl. The single BOB stroller is what she picked out for the first baby as she is very athletic, and a runner, and is very happy with the first stroller. The only downside to the twin stroller is BOB does not make an adapter to install 2 infant seats in the twin stroller. I sent BOB an email requesting they design an adapter for 2 infant seats for their twin stroller, but haven’t heard back from them. Maybe if others who are having twins also request an adapter for two infant seats, it may prompt BOB to manufacture one. I gave this BOB twin stroller 4 stars because BOB does not supply/provide a twin infant seat adapter. Thanks for reading.

Legit (By ms24)

LEGIT! So a great stroller and a great ride for our twin girls. Can’t go wrong getting this stroller. If you live in an area with hills, spending the extra on one with a handbrake is WORTH IT! Babies/kids only get heavier…

Worth every penny :) (By Andrew Pritchett)

This stroller is great! It pushes like a dream, handles bumps and curbs effortlessly and all around rocks. Upon opening the box you simply have to latch on the three wheels, unfold and go. We also bought the infant carrier attachment and are pleased with how easy it is to put on and take off. So far our toddler and infant are both enjoying ridding in it, and me and my husband both look forward to pushing it (this was not the case with our old single stroller). I am a petite woman and can easily steer this with one hand while both kids are in it. The storage compartment on the bottom easily fits my diaper bag and a couple of grocery bags with room to spare.

My only complaint is that the seats are rather reclined, even in the upright position. The infant carrier attachment has a snack bar that goes across the second seat and my toddler cannot reach it when strapped in because the seats lean back so much. I also think the cup holder should come standard. It seems like if you are spending nearly $600 you shouldn’t have to shell out another $25 for something so basic. That said, it was worth the money to be able to stash a drink, a bottle, phone, keys, etc. easily within reach.

Best Double For Your Family! (By BB)

This is by far the best stroller I’ve owned.
Very light to push, the break is awesome for slowing down hills. The Padded seats are way better than the last version. yhe canopy shade really well and it’s easy to push threw rough terrain. The adjustable handle bar is nice too.
Cons: Tires go flat monthly and The seats sag in the middle :/
Over all I love the stroller! Wish I would have bit the bullet and bought one with my second child instead of my fourth.
If you have the money and walk/run a lot, invest in this stroller!!

Great stroller, easy to use & high quality. (By JC)

We’ve been using our green BOB Revolution Pro Duallie Stroller for several months now. Before this we only had our BOB single sport utility storller with the fixed wheel. But I have logged almost 800 miles on that one so I’m pretty well versed with this line.

This stroller is easy to maneuver and very stable. We use it for our 2.5yo and 6mo boys. We had the car seat adapter on until a week ago & now the 6mo boy sits forward is the stroller seat. he likes it much better. One area for improvement would be the car seat adapter – it should let the car seat itself sit up a little more. It pretty much lays the kid down the way it is now.

Our other BOB has a hand brake and I wanted to have one again- this one works much better though as it is a drum brake for both back wheels, as opposed to a front caliper brake. A big improvement.

The stroller is of great quality and like any other BOB stroller. I do feel like the shade canopies are much flimsier than our single stroller. They are built on a plastic frame as opposed to a metal one. Other than that, all is good.

Get it, you won’t regret!