BOB Stroller Strides Duallie Fitness Stroller, Red Review

BOB Stroller Strides Duallie Fitness Stroller, Red

  • Aluminum
  • Imported
  • Includes Stroller Strides Fitness Kit: BOB handlebar console, stroller strides exercise manual and exercise tubing
  • Swiveling front wheel allows for superior maneuverability, locks forward for increased stability jogging or when the terrain turns tough
  • Easy, two step folding, lightweight frame for convenient transport and storage
  • State of the art, adjustable suspension system provides an exceptionally smooth ride
  • Accessory adapter allows for quick and easy attachment of BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter or Snack Tray

BOB Stroller Strides Duallie Fitness Stroller, Red Reviews

God’s gift to active mothers! (By Toni Perkins)

I can’t rave enough about this stroller. It is amazing! I have a 5 year old, a 2 year old, and a nearly 4 week old. When I take this bad boy shopping, all three of my kids can fit because my five year old just sits on the front footrest above the wheel. I have also taken it on several runs now, minus the 5 year old, and this stroller pushes like a dream. It is so light weight and really just glides along. It turns on a dime and doesn’t do the weird shimmy and shake thing that many other jogging strollers I have tried do.

One thing to be aware of is that this sucker is HEAVY. I have a big 4 wheel drive truck with a leveling kit on it and it takes everything out of me to pick this up and stick it in the bed of the truck. That really is the only downfall, which I really don’t consider a negative considering all of the other wonderful things this stroller does. Well worth the money!

Worth the Money (By Amazon Customer)

After having the single and doing a lot of hands-on research we decided to stick with B.O.B. brand and get the double. I went running with a lot of moms with other strollers, tested some out in stores, and asked questions everywhere I went in stores. It seemed too bulky at first, but overall isn’t any bigger than the others. Our single we have had over two years- it has gone on 31 flights (on/off lower storage on planes), been in three color-runs, 3 off trail breast cancer runs, hiking Yosemite/Tahoe, and endless trips around towns. We had one flat tire after a 5k run off road. i was never dissatisfied with the single and the double is proving the same. You MUST measure your vehicle though. I have seen low reviews on it not fitting, but that could be prevented by taking 5 minutes to measure your vehicle. If you must the wheels are very simple to pop off and on. There is nothing on the market like B.O.B brand strollers for the cost. R.E.I. will service/repair B.O.Bs in their bike department if needed, and sell all the attachments if you want to make sure they fit.. and I have always had great customer service regardless of not buying them there.

Worth every dollar! (By ParentstoGandJ)

This stroller has given me the confidence to jog 4.4 miles up from my usual 2.6 in less than 2 weeks. My daughter dropped her stuffed animal on a jog, so being a good dad I had to go back and find it. This made my jog about 2 miles extra than normal. If I was using my old Graco travel system I would of just gone home, but with the BOB I wanted to stay outside longer and get more exercise.

It has been two weeks since I have been using this jogger and I’ve ran about 15 miles, and every time I think to myself, “Man this thing is worth every dollar I spent on it.” Overall, excellent product, my daughter falls asleep in it and loves being in the nice seats, and wait til you feel the suspension.

Only downside is the bottom storage compartment isn’t the largest.

Stop your research and buy this one! (By Amy Wilken)

I have waited for over a year to write this review because I wanted to make sure that I had enough experience with this stroller before letting other people know about it. I researched double strollers for at least 3 months before purchasing this stroller. I just couldn’t imagine paying this much for something that I was going to use with my kids. However, I am SO glad that I did! My kids are now 3 and 1. I push them in this thing everywhere. Just today we walked to the park. I used one hand to push and the other was holding my water bottle. It is easy to push people!!! I have had no problems pushing this thing. Of course going uphill sucks, but it sucks with out a stroller too. It fits through doorways with no problems, so you could take it shopping. I just choose not to shop with my two little ones. The basket underneath is big enough to put the things that you need to have with you when you have small kids. I have had a small cooler, two small bags of different snacks, and a small diaper bag in the bottom. I haven’t had much need in using the netting behind the seats, but they would hold items that weren’t too heavy. I have even used this stroller with three kids on it. Two in the seats and then one where the feet go. My son actually sits on the front part of the stroller all of the time. My husband has taken the kids running with him a couple of times and he is not a fan of putting the lock on the front wheel. He states that it is too hard to turn it. This is how every running stroller is though, so I wouldn’t hold it against this one. Overall, I am saying, stop your research and buy this one.

THIS IS IT! Glides like butter, easy to move, push, good for tall & short people! (By wishiwasatiki)

LOVE THIS STROLLER!!! Was nervous about getting a $$$ double stroller on-line without trying, and no local stores had it to try out, but thrilled with the purchase! Relied on reviews and a best friend who rave about it!
What I LOVE: Super easy to move, glides and turns beautifully on walk mode (also has a jog mode), kids are comfy, plenty of leg room without tall toddler’s feet tangling in a wheel! The harness/strap is solid, there are great sippy cup mesh pockets right by the kids, great console for parent stuff- 2 water bottles and a wallet/phone good size section- can hold snacks for all, and easy for grandparents to use too!!! The wrist strap is a great safety device, and I love the easy to set & secure brakes, and independent canopies, peek a boo parent windows, the kids can lean forward and chat or steal each other’s snacks- get the tray, totally worth it… fits well in the back of an SUV. Yes, a little heavy but it’s a double stroller! It’s a super smooth ride- even on bumpy terrain- we walk where tall trees uproot sidewalks, so the great shocks are fantastic!!!

HEIGHT: I’m 5’9, hubby is 6’1- so many strollers are too short, this is great for all heights!

What I’d improve- more head room for tall kids (40″ 3 year old’s head brushes top) but no complaints, or the ability to remove the top canopy for a tall kid. It IS wide but it’s a DOUBLE wide stroller, so that’s like complaining about water being wet… It CAN get in and out of standard doors, it’s just a tight squeeze. I wish it was a little easier to do the 2nd step folding up but it just takes a little work, not enough to bump down to 4 stars.