Britax 2013 B-Agile Double Stroller, Red (Prior Model) Review

Britax 2013 B-Agile Double Stroller, Red (Prior Model)

  • Suitable from birth up to 50 pounds per seat
  • Quick-Fold design
  • Click & Go Infant Car Seat adapter system works with Britax infant car seats
  • Light weight aluminum frame (Less than 30.5″ wide)
  • Height adjustable handle

Britax 2013 B-Agile Double Stroller, Red (Prior Model) Reviews

Best side by side for the size (By Lynn Mills)

I have has several double strollers. At least 4 side by sides. This one is by far the best one. It has it pros and cons but i would recommend this to any parents with 2 or more kiddos!
– One handed steering works great with my toddler and infant (when my 6 year old gets in- tho she’s too heavy for it)-it doesn’t maneuver as well with one hand)
-Easier to get stuff out of front of basket than back
– folds great- large but easily
– fits through all doors I have encountered
– harness clips together easily
– harness adjusts easily
– cheaper than city mini
– pushes better than city mini
– has one handed push and city mini does not
– car seat adapter doesn’t work well but if you buy the cup holder/tray you can rig the car seat on it facing forward.
– tray is way to far away from seat for my toddler to reach it with 4 point harness on
– the clip that holds it closed often sticks when trying to open it quickly.

Best double stroller I’ve ever used. (By Kimberly)

I bought this stroller when pregnant with my fourth. With all of my children being extremely young (oldest wasn’t even 5 when fourth was born) I knew I’d need a good double stroller. I’ve used a few different kinds, but decided to go ahead and get a nice one since we could afford it. My husband didn’t agree with spending so much, but ended up letting me get it because he knew how much I hated my other stroller.

It was amazing from first use. It takes up some room, but that’s to be expected. When my husband got to use it the first time he said it was completely worth the money.

It fits through single doorways with ease. There’s never an issue with getting through things, or through clothing racks even. I’m by myself with my kids most of the time, and I can open doors and maneuver it in without a problem. I recommend it to everyone.

It’s also extremely easy to fold up. It’s a bit heavy, but to just lift into the car it isn’t bad. I like the access to the basket from the below the seats in the front.

A great family stroller. (By Mom Mart)

Hands down my favorite feature on the B-Agile Double stroller is the quick fold with automatic lock. I love how easy it is to collapse this stroller to put away. You do need both hands to pull up on both of the quick fold straps, but it is really easy to do and it closes quickly and easily {which is great when you have children waiting and places to go}. Also- the automatic chassis lock means that the stroller is NOT opening up on me when I am moving it around or lifting it into my trunk.

This stroller has a standing fold, which is great for traveling and for storing. This means I do not have to have a hook to hang my stroller on when it is not in use and it is not constantly falling over on me.

I was surprised by how light this stroller was. It has a lightweight aluminum frame and weighs a mere 28 pounds. I can easily lift this stroller in and out of my stow-and-go trunk storage without assistance.

The B-Agile Double can easily fit through standard doorways. Since it is less than 30.5 inches wide I can take it through my front door and through most store aisles. I can and have used this stroller on quick trips to the grocery store and various retail stores without issue.

Another BIG feature for me is the storage. I love storage and I really like it when a company thinks about the consumer and utilizes the space available in a thoughtful way. Britax has done just that with their large under seat storage that can be accessed from both the back and the front {via the front foot rest zippered access}. There are also two additional large zippered storage pockets behind the seats.
This means that if the seats are reclined and the children are napping you can still get into the storage basket below through the foot rest opening in the front without disturbing the little ones. My diaper bag, a picnic basket, water bottles, and sub sandwich all easily fit in the under seat basket.

I was really pleased with how large the canopy on the B-Agile Double stroller was. There are two separate canopies so that one child can bask in the sun and the other can relax in the shade if they so choose. The canopies are both large and have a mesh peak-a-boo window which is awesome for air ventilation. Also if the seats are fully reclined you can lift up the flap on the back of the seat to create further ventilation. This is thanks to the sewn in mesh windows located at the top of the seats.

We love this stroller and since each side can accommodate up to 50 lbs all of my children can use it at this point in time. You should note that it does not come with a cup holder or parent tray, but those accessories are available to purchase separately.

I was provided a sample for the purposes of a blog review {Mom Mart}, regardless all opinions are my own.

no regrets! (By tara)

Researched forever and decided on this stroller.Great purchase…sold my tandem to purchase this one and its like night and day. No more struggling…no regrets!

a well-built double stroller! (By Sandy Mommy)

a well-built double stroller!

We purchased this stroller for my 2 kids ( 3 yrs old & 3 month old).
We also tried other type of double strollers including the one that you can connect to a bicycle.
Out of the 3-4 different ones we tried, this Britax is the most comfortable and easy to get on & off for my 3 yrs old daughter.
The stroller frame is built strong, and we hang quite a lot of things on the handle including our diaper bag. The under-seat basket is very spacious too! Here are the pros & cons.

– easy to fold & open
– light weight. easy for mom to store it in the back of a van or trunk.
– fashionable design
– very smooth when moving. mom can steer it with one hand!!
– behind the feet easy access to the under-seat basket is a great design.

– stroller cannot stay standing when in folded position. as a matter of fact, it will lay flat on the ground.
– would be super if a cup holder is designed onto the hand-bar area.(no cup holder at all)
– foot rest can get very dirty. And due to the material, it could be hard to clean after awhile.

Short comparison between the single and double (By Amazon Customer)

I am very happy with my choice! When I was shopping for a double I wanted something lightweight, and familiar feeling. I already have the Britax B-Agile, and wanted to know the major differences between these two.

-Zipper Foot area
-Adjustable Handle Bar
-Fits through doors ( though not the ones IN the house) it does fit through the front door though.
-Turns wonderfully and easily.

Not sure how I feel yet ( Possible Cons)
-Childs tray is sooo much smaller then the single B-Agile, and the drink circle is in the center, so there isn’t ANY room for snacks on the tray. Britax should have put the drink holes off to one side.
-Smaller seat area – my 2 year old already fits pretty snug.
-You have to pull both seat closing things which is kind of difficult. ( Closes the same as the single but both seats have a handle)
– The handlebar has to be in a certain position (like a kickstand) for it to stand up otherwise it falls over easily.