Britax B-Agile Double Stroller, Black Review

Britax B-Agile Double Stroller, Black

  • Quick-Fold design
  • Light weight aluminum frame
  • No re-thread, adjustable, 5-point harness and head pad with reflective binding
  • Height adjustable handle
  • Infinite seat recline positions

Britax B-Agile Double Stroller, Black Reviews

Been through every stroller, love this the most! (By Holly Friedlund)

I LOVE this stroller!!! I had to return the baby jogger that mimics the design and bought this one to replace it. Not only does it fold so much better, it lives up to its name.. AGILE.. It moves along surfaces so much easier and lighter than the baby jogger. With the one hand push design, I can push and walk my dog or just have one free hand for my fitness tracker to pick up my steps. The fold is beyond superior to that of the baby jogger city mini, and it took so much effort for me to fold that one, but the Britax just takes a light pull after pressing the release to fold. The baby jogger doesn’t have a release button. The new design of the b-Agile is slimmer and fits better into smaller areas and even through the grocery store checkout! The price is also about $100+ cheaper than the city mini and is superior in every way, down to the design of the undercarriage basket.. Which in the city mini is impossible to get to with the jogger, it’s useless in fact!!! On the Britax you can go through the zippers in the front to get to the baskets as well . In my book, the only con tha to have for this stroller is that I didn’t purchase it sooner.
This stroller is Amazing and since my twins were born I have owned a city mini double baby jogger, combi twin sport, which was good for when they were smaller, a contours solutions, a joovy, a zobo x2, a double baby trend jogger, a double snapngo.. Great for infants, and a couple others. Usually I buy used but I tested this one before I bought it and I love it more than any of the others! FYI if you are purchasing this for twins, it does not allow for two car seats, so it’s best just to wait on buying a good stroller and purchasing a snapngo.
Hope this helps!

Great all-purpose double stroller (from a Bob Revolution single user) (By aih)

After HOURS of research on double strollers, we settled on the B-Agile Double. We have a Bob Revolution single & have loved it; however, I couldn’t justify spending $500+ on a stroller when my older child is resistant to riding in the stroller sometimes. So, here are some of the criteria that factored into my decision: My children are 23 months apart, but my 2 year old is 95th% in both height and weight so seat size was a big concern for me. Other important factors for me were maneuverability, ease of fold (we don’t have a garage), canopy, storage, seat recline, and handlebar height.

1. Seat size– Right now, my 2 year old (34lbs, 37″ tall) is very comfortable in the stroller. His head is ~5″ from the canopy & his feet sit nicely in the footrest.

2. Ease of fold- Awesome. Easier than the Bob.

3. Canopy- Very large and stays put better than the Bob as well.

4. Storage- Ample storage, like the front zippered access (we all have left something in the stroller and had to wiggle stuff out with it folded!)

5. Handlebar height- Adjustable & very convenient. My husband is 6’4″ & loves this feature. I am 5’4″ & am comfortable as well.

6. Maneuverability- I was a little worried about this after using a Bob. We live at the top of a hilly neighborhood that does not have sidewalks. So, most of my walking is on the street. However, I have to take the stroller through yards, up/down curbs, through the park & have no complaints. Sure, it is heavier & harder to push up a hill than the Bob, but I also have an additional 15 lbs of baby meat to propel.

7. Seat Recline- Very pleased here! The seats almost fully recline & have accommodated a newborn & a napping 2 year-old beautifully.
I think the seat sits more upright than the Bob, which pleases our older child. Easy to use as well.

There are a few things I think Britax could improve on:
1. There are no inner side pockets for kids drinks, etc. I am not a fan of trays because it just adds another thing to deal with, but enjoyed the small inner pockets on the Bob.

2. The stroller ONLY accepts Britax infant car seats. We already had a Chicco key Fit 30, so this almost became a deal breaker for us. However, after reading that the seat reclines almost flat, I decided we could make it work. We took our daughter on her first stroll in the B-Agile at 3 weeks old. We simply put the "newborn" insert from her infant carrier under her to give her snuggly, stable seat. We stayed on flat, paved surfaces & haven’t had a problem. I wouldn’t let this deter you from buying this stroller.

3. The "clip" for the harness has a cheap feel and can be tricky to fasten. Again, not a deal breaker, but I think they skimped here.

Bottom line: If you have used an all-terrain, premium jogging stroller for your first baby, don’t be afraid of the B-Agile. For most of your strolling needs (no, not jogging but who really wants to jog with 48 lbs of baby??) this stroller will perform beautifully!

I love this stroller. LOVE it. (By Jennifer Presley)

Oh my goodness. Where do I begin?? This stroller deserves more than 5 out of 5 stars. We have a two-year-old and an infant and have had this stroller for 2 1/2 months. When it came, I loved it so much I pushed it at least once a day for over 2 weeks straight. It really is the answer to mobility with two littles.

We have pushed it around the block, on nature trails, boardwalks, cobblestone, brick, up and down curbs, across mulch and grass and toted on a 2,400 mile round trip to Maine and Boston. We have owned 8-9 strollers (2 frame–Graco and Chicco, 1 BRU umbrella, 1 In-Step bike trailer/jogger, 1 single Schwinn jogger, a City Mini double side-by-side, and a Contours Options Elite tandem. Whew!). Originally, while pregnant with our 2nd, I researched strollers and thought I’d want a tandem in the $150-300 range. Splurged for the Contours Options Elite and absolutely hated nearly every feature. My toddler was literally 4 1/2 feet from my face–I had to yell to talk to her and had to walk up to her to hear and help her. It pushed like a beast. Went to Buy Buy Baby again to try out doubles and settled on the wallet-emptying City Mini double. The B-Agile Double was MISSING from the store so I had no idea it existed (later called Britax and it was on back order). As I awaited the City Mini’s arrival, and tried to figure out how on earth we’d attach a car seat without spending an hour installing their $100 car seat adapter, I learned people liked the B-Agile better. And I agree!!!

-Pushes and turns like a feather. I get a high off of pushing this thing. I just love it. Turns on a dime and glides over just about anything–boardwalk, grass, etc. Leads too…

-Great suspension and bump-deadening technology!
The forces of bumps either get absorbed into the shock absorbers on all 4 wheels or, as I have observed for the seat back, the vertical movement actually transfers into lateral movement. The back gently sways in the wind, especially for my reclining infant. Night and day difference over the Contours Options Elite where I thought my baby would suffer shaken baby syndrome.

-Great harness system. Had to get used to the loud "click" of fastening this harness, but I just love one-button harnesses. It’s the 21st century. Time to make them universal. I never had trouble with the shoulder straps detaching like other reviewers. They must have fixed this, as I have to squeeze the tongs slide the shoulder strap connection off. It is a great option to be able to remove them to use just 3-points for older kids. The shoulder pads stay put during stroller use (a lot of strollers’ pads don’t!). I thought the slot in the back of the seat for the no-rethread adjuster would bug my toddler, but she doesn’t seem to detect it. This is under the fabric. It’s a neat system. The headrest moves with it. The crotch strap has a nice fabric piece that keeps the buckle from rubbing against the child which is probably convenient for shorts weather.

-The canopy is amazing!! It covers the child whether she is laying flat or completely upright because the canopy is independent of the recline position. Laying flat, it’s like the baby is in her own little tunnel. Sun blockage is great except maybe 1.5 hours before sunset (or after sunrise) depending on recline and child height. In those cases, for the baby, I take a blanket or the top of her muff and tuck it into the canopy’s two metal arches, leaving the canopy half-extended. Works with even the thinnest of blankets and high winds. The peak-a-boo window is a must-have and it does have a cover for rain that can be operated with one hand. The canopy can be in 6 positions: open, 1/4, 1/2 way with window exposed, 1/2 way with window hidden, 3/4 and fully open. The canopies are removable, so when our daughter outgrows the height, we will just unvelcro and snap it and put a sun hat on her instead. I suspect that will happen when she nears 4 years old. Each canopy even has a little fabric loop at the center front to hang a dangly toy or to use to extend/retract the shade without touching the pretty canopy (nice if you have sunscreen on you). I have two design flaws to point out: 1) The fact that it is a screen means during rain your child gets wet or you can’t see them. But I’d rather have mesh than a shiny, reflective plastic. 2) The flap hinges downhill, so rain can sneak under the flap and dribble down through the window when the flap is closed (the rain cover sold separately doesn’t have any peak-a-boo in it which stinks too).

-Roomy, low-profile basket: much easier access than the Baby Jogger City Mini Double. Looks slim but we are always amazed at how much it holds. Held all of our gear for our full-day excursions around downtown Boston in the fall (coats, diaper bag, potty seat, blankets, rain cover, and more). Now as for the zipper, I’d only use it in a pinch. It is really stiff and takes way longer to open and close than to just reach the item from the side. Still nice to know in the back of my mind that I can reach everything without emptying the basket for it.

-The fold. Don’t forget the fold!! It fits into my tiny hatchback! (Pontiac G3–like a Honda Fit). It folds like a dream. Press an easy button, pull on the straps and boom it is folded. I love it so much I forget that it weighs around 30 pounds! They’ve put metal around the frame near the children’s feet, so there is no fabric to scuff up. The handles can rotate down a little for extra compact-ness. I thought the plastic on the center of the handle would scratch more than it has from hitting the ground sometimes, but it doesn’t look too bad yet.
-the brakes! One easy, secure, flip-flop friendly click and you are good to go. The one flaw is that it is on the same side as the infant (the only side that the car seat adapts to), so we have the back all the way down and that gets in the way of our knee when we try to press the brake pedal. The engineers should have put it on the adult’s left… or put the car seat on the adult’s left. The pedal gets dirty from your feet and some of the sand/dirt disappears into the mechanism so do heed the instructions to clean it every now and then.

-The fabric: Durable, not sweat-inducing, water resistant, wind proof, not scratchy. Just feels like good quality fabric. I hated the idea of black but this stroller looks sleek in black and I don’t have to worry about stains so much (except for spit up and sunscreen).

-Handle. The foam is steady and a nice feel. The fact that it doesn’t have a pole attached to it in the middle is great for pushing one-handed and we love that it adjusts in height–from my toddler being able to push it to my forearms being able to rest on it while reading something (two features Baby Jogger charges a fortune for in upgrades). Again, we like to fold it down a little (not all the way) for folding even though it isn’t necessary. Not sure why the center one-hand section is so wide, and if they were to re-engineer the handle, they should make it easier for the hands to grip by making it flatter rather than taller (rotating the oval on the cross-section 90 degrees). If that makes any sense.

-Wheels. So far they have held up on all terrains except where cobblestones are missing (giant old-fashioned pot holes). It’s nice to have never-flat tires and although these wheels are mostly plastic and foam, they seem plenty sturdy enough. Haven’t found a reason to lock the swivel of the front tires, but it is nice to have that option available.

-Width: It really is only 4" wider than tandem strollers. And since it is much shorter front-to-back, it’s easier to get in and out of stores and restaurants. Because it turns on a dime, we have had no problem with doors even in the heart of major cities. I wouldn’t let the 1/2" difference of the Baby Jogger sway you against this one. 1/2" wider is nothing.

-The zipper pocket/rear wind break. Handy bonus space at the back of the seat. It is deep so little things like a phone can be difficult to retrieve. They can be rolled up and stored. I use only the pocket on the infant side since she is mostly reclined. Bought the Britax Parent console for the toddler side

-Car seat adapter. So easy to attach. We have a Chicco Keyfit 30 that clicks in beautifully. We did find that we have to detach the canopy at the pivot points to install the frame. Takes an extra few seconds in assembly and disassebly. I take the adapter off for folding but you wouldn’t have to if you have a larger car. I worry about it getting damaged or worn if it had the weight of the stroller on it, but it may be fine leaving it on. One aspect I like about the adapter frame is it keeps the car seat reclined about 10 degrees more than the leveling line on the car seat (the one that has to be level when the seat is installed in the car). This is much more comfortable for a newborn—no head flopping over. (The Contours was the opposite–made our newborn sit VERY upright.) The adapter comes with a safety strap but you could maybe do without it in safer environments. The Chicco fits very securely onto it with an audible "click."

-Seat recline. Reclines to nearly flat. We trusted our newborn in it, but we used an after market "car seat insert" (in quotes because nothing after market should be placed in a car seat) for head support. The recline feature is a step above the Schwinn Turismo because it stays locked in place. The two complaints I have are 1) when I pull to recline, it reclines very suddenly which will wake just about any sleeping baby. I have to remember to use my other hand to lower the seat back gently. The second is the recline straps dangle and look messy on an otherwise streamlined, sleek stroller. I tried tucking them into the harness adjuster zippered area but that didn’t work too well. If I cared more, I could use a twist-tie. Some people complain about this type of stroller not sitting up enough. My daughter, if she cares to sit up more simply does and the seat back comes with her (due to the 5-point harness). We haven’t had a moment yet where the level of upright-ness has been an issue.

Overall this is hands-down my favorite child-rearing product. It is worth every penny even on the tightest of budgets!