Britax B-Agile Double Stroller, Sandstone Review

Britax B-Agile Double Stroller, Sandstone

  • Suitable from birth up to 50 lbs per seat
  • Quick-Fold design
  • CLICK & GO Infant Car Seat adapter system works with BRITAX infant car seats
  • Light weight aluminum frame (Less than 30.5″ wide)
  • Height adjustable handle

Britax B-Agile Double Stroller, Sandstone Reviews

Wanted a double stroller for our toddler to take naps in- this one is the best we could find. (By Questionmyworld)

Why we chose this product:
We are out of the house a lot and our children often nap while on the go. Our toddler needs a comfortable place to rest.
We purchased this stroller from another vendor because it wasn’t available on Amazon this summer and we needed it right away. Britax was helpful in helping us find one. They were impossible to find and out of stock everywhere. When pregnant with our second child, we purchased a joovy caboose sit-and-stand style stroller to accomodate our infant and older toddler. I love Joovy customer service and products and upon our first use of the joovy stroller we found we needed something else. His long legs were dragging on the floor in the front seat when he fell asleep and I was left carrying the car seat in my arms while pushing. Our toddler needs a stroller for resting and taking naps- otherwise he will walk along with us.
After researching strollers, I had a few non-negotiables. We needed something with:
infinite recline for our infant
a large enough seat for a large toddler to sit/sleep comfortably in
Something that isn’t too bulky in our car
Everything else was a bonus. We chose the Britax (it was between Britax and city mini) because we have a britax infant seat. (There are no adapters for other seats included- you will have to purchase that separately)

Notes about use:
The stroller was easy to assemble. We have a britax chaperone car seat and noticed immediately that the carseat doesn’t have receivers attached to it. I called Britax and they sent some right away – it took three weeks to receive and two phone calls.
The stroller rides smooth and we set the seats up with seat covers. Our toddler seemed comfortable and enjoyed sitting in the seat.
The buckle doesn’t fit around his waist and chest comfortably so we leave it unbuckled if he is awake. When he is sleeping, we use the bottom buckle without the harness straps. This is annoying, but we wanted a stroller that was comfortable for him to sleep in and will compromise on everything else. I haven’t found ANY double strollers that are comfortable for both infant and a larger toddler. The back flaps raise to reveal screen mesh that allow air flow on warm days. Toddler’s head touches the top mesh when we recline him and I wonder if it will eventually rip. The bottom compartment is quite large and is accessible from the back or front flaps.
There are no organizers included- would have been nice but we discovered our diaper bag has stroller clips and this works for us. The stroller doesn’t flip when I take out the children with a moderate weight to our diaper bag. The sun canopies are very large. I’ve also purchased a J-childress cup holder and it works ok. I decided against the Britax cupholder after reading reviews.
The sandstone fabric looks nice and hides stains well (it is still pretty new)

We have only a few minor things that bother us aside from the fact our toddler is way too large for this stroller:
When I pull the stroller shut, the handle bar flips down and scratches the ground. It has already left marks on the handle
When our son had an accident, we were able to throw the seat cover in the laundry but the middle buckle piece had to be cleaned by hand. I used soap and water and then a lysol wipe on it.

Love this for my twins (By Sarah Escalera)

I bought this after much review and it works AMAZING for my twin boys who are 3 months old. I was looking at other strollers much more expensive and I’m so glad I got this one!! Very light and easy to put together. Fits compact in my car. Tons of storage options and comfy for them. They can easy nap in it or sit up. I bought the rain cover for it too and it fits awesome. 100% would recommend.

Not for tall kids (By EMB)

This is a nice stroller, but I had to return it before really using it. My 2 year old 36″ son looked to be one inch from being too big for it. This is a lot of money for something my son will outgrow in a month.

This stroller has been perfect for my 6 month old and 2 (By Amazon Customer)

This stroller has been perfect for my 6 month old and 2.5 year old. I love that they can see each other. This stroller is also light weight and has met all of my expectations. I highly recommend.

I love this stroller (By LanasMama12)

I love this stroller. I went through a lot of strollers before this one! Everything was too heavy/bulky! I love that this one is so light weight, I can turn it with one hand! It fits great in my suv, allowing me to stand it up when folded flat and still be able to use my trunk! :-)