Britax Car Seat: Britax Advocate ClickTight Anti-Rebound Bar Convertible Car Seat, Circa Review

Britax Car Seat: Britax Advocate ClickTight Anti-Rebound Bar Convertible Car Seat, Circa

  • ClickTight Installation System is the safest and simplest installation technology on the market.
  • 3 layers of side impact protection, formed by a deep energy-absorbing shell, quick-adjust head protection and exterior side cushions, absorb energy and shield your child from the most severe type of collision while protecting any adjacent passengers.
  • SafeCell Impact Protection is a safety system including a steel frame, energy-absorbing base and patented V-shaped tether.
  • Anti-Rebound Bar minimizes forces associated with crashes by stabilizing the car seat when installed rear-facing.
  • Click & Safe Snug Harness Indicator gives an audible “click” to aid you in the proper tightening of your child’s harness.

Britax Car Seat: Britax Advocate ClickTight Anti-Rebound Bar Convertible Car Seat, Circa Reviews

safe and easy to install but very wide (By Liz)

This is our 12th britax seat, 1st click tight, and only advocate model seat. With seven kids I’m very familiar with car seats and britax has been our go to for years. I’ve been disappointed by other brands and always go back to britax. They’re solid seats that work flawlessly until they expire. I’ve never had problems with belts twisting or covers coming apart. They’ve made leaps and bounds in the area of ease of use in the 12 years since we purchased our first one. Each new seat we’ve gotten has been easier to install, easier to adjust, and has a cover that is easier to remove for cleaning. This seat is no exception.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the click tight install feature but I’m pleasantly surprised by it. As much as I like the ease of latch points our 12 passenger van only has three seats with that feature so most of our seats require a belt installation. This is generally more time consuming and involved than a latch install but not so with this seat. There is a disk on the front near the harness adjustment that is pushed then turned. This allows the main seating area to open upwards and for the belt to the quickly put into place. I was worried this added feature would make the seat uncomfortable but there doesn’t seem to be any noticeable difference feel between this seat and our non click tight seats. It’s even more padded and cozy than our older britax marathon seat.

I’m thrilled that this model includes the anti rebound bar. The lack of its inclusion is my only complaint with our other newer britax models. To get the anti rebound bar for those seats I had to order the part directly from britax at what I considered to be a rather high price for such a simple piece then pay shipping charges in addition.
My installs with the bar are much more secure than without and I like piece of mind that comes with knowing my little ones are in the safest seats possible. I also believe that the bar will encourage parents to keep their children rear facing as long as possible by making the installation of the seat in the rear facing position easier.

A few little things I like about this seat are the handle built in on top of the frame, the newborn cushion to bring small infants up to where they will fit the belts, and the rounded shell that doesn’t leave imprints in the seats of my car. There’s also a new to me feature. The back of the shell has a trap door to keep the anchor tether straps neat when the seat is installed rear facing. This is a huge upgrade from previous design where the belts had to be wound up and placed into an open topped fabric bag that was attached to the top of the cover. The belts have always constantly fallen out of these little pouches so the integrated door is a great improvement.

I would like to make a note that while I like the added side impact protection it does add significant width in the shoulder area. The seat could not be used for three across situations and if two are used with an empty seat between them it’s unlikely another seat or passenger would be able to fit there comfortably. One of the pictures I’ve attached is a side by side comparison of this seat and the boulevard click tight with the anti rebound bar.

Overall I’m thrilled with this seat. I’ve used britax convertible seats right from birth and have used them for my average sized six year old as well. They’re a well made and versatile seat that should carry most children from infancy until they are ready for a booster or harness to booster style seat. The only drawback to this seat is the weight, it is heavier than non click tight britax seats and is significantly heavier than more basic big box store convertible seats. Some of the weight issue is balanced out by the built in handle which, despite the higher weight, makes the seat easier to carry than our other seats. This is a good seat for those who want a very safe seat that will last their child for years and will give them the convenience of quick and easy installs regardless of the availability and accessibility of latch points.


We’ve been using this seat for about a month and a half now and I’d like to update the review. I’ve removed and replaced pieces of the cover several times and while it’s not difficult to do the entire thing is eight separate pieces, three for the strap covers and rear facing positioning cushion and five for the main parts of the cover. It feels like reassembling a puzzle to get it all back together. That said, I’ve found this to be a big plus. If we have a small mess that involves only part of the seat it’s easy to pop off just that portion of the cover to wash, no need to remove the entire thing.

The other item of note is the strap length. We also own a clicktight boulevard as well as a non clicktight boulevard which are both very similar in size and design to this seat. I like britax seats for their easy adjustability which allows my six, four, three, and one year olds to swap seats without the need to uninstall and reinstall (except flipping the one year olds seat rear facing). My very small for her age four year old fits fine in all the seats (clicktight advocate, clicktight boulevard, non clicktight boulevard, and non clicktight pavilion). My average size six year old, however, is fine sitting in the regular boulevard and pavilion but cannot fit in either clicktight model. She also fits well in the marathon we keep in another vehicle but the clicktight seats simply do not have enough length in the straps despite the fact that she is within both the height and weight limits. It hasn’t been a problem for our family since we can juggle seats but it may be an issue for those looking to use a clicktight model for a tall child or who prefer to keep their children in a harnessed seat as long as possible.

Best Car Seat EVER (By Brandon curry)

As a mom of 6 we have gone through many car seats. The Britax Advocate CLick Tight Anti-Rebound car seat is by far the safest and most secure car seat we’ve ever used. It was simply to install and locked in to the seat tighter than any other car seat we’ve had. Once you adjust the straps to the proper place for the child’s shoulders, the seat basically self adjust to the proper tightness when you put the child in. You can see all the safety features listed in the description but once you get it in your car and actually see how supportive and safe it is, you will be blown away. I’m completely at ease knowing my son is incredibly safe in this new seat. I highly recommend this seat to new parents and even recommend replacing your current seat with this one.

Best Britax Carseat yet!!!! (By JessR)

When moving our children out of their infant car seats we’ve always put them in Britax seats. Their safety and design has been unparalleled for years. I had seen a lot of infant seats with rebound bars but not a convertible rear facing seat! Now we have one!!!!! The technology behind this seat is mind blowing – from installation (the new click tight system) to protection they thought of it all with this car seat.

In 2014 Instead of using latch (because of weight limitations) we had to go back to the seat belt for our car seats. After double installing my daughter’s car seat (latch and a seat belt) I was told by a professional that was not a secure way to install the seat. Enter in the new ClickTight system….. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ClickTight system! Everytime I installed a carseat myself I stressed over having the seat belt being tight enough. I always hated that no matte what my car seat could move side to side. When you install with the ClickTight system your car seat is going no where. You get a better, safer, more secure install. Now I can finally have the peace of mind that when I send my baby off with grandma, auntie, or sitter I know that my baby is 100% safe in the car with them. I always hate relying on someone else installing my child’s car seat – with ClickTight I no longer have to worry. Thank you Britax.

The rebound bar is easy to install and doesn’t get in the way of installing the carseat or your children feet when they are riding. After reading all the benefits of rebound bar the infant seat I am so thankful to have it on a convertible seat now.

I also love that they put the anchor strap into a storage compartment attached to the seat. In previous models it was in a cloth bag and would easily fall out.
Now they built in a compartment on the back side of the carseat to store it when it isn’t needed.

Even more convenient is a cup holder and snack bag for your kids! These accessories are so nice and wonderful for my daughter. She’s old enough to grab her water and put it back. It saves me when driving from having a screaming child asking for water and having to reach into the back seat.

From safety, to design, to technology Britax has really done a fabulous job with this carseat. I’ve had the marathon, pavilion, and boulevard in the past. I could barely tell a difference between those seats but this one stands alone. It has every feature in a car seat you’d want and more. I feel fortunate to have received this carseat in trade for my fair and honest review.

I absolutely love putting my daughter into this seat because I know she is comfortable and safe!

I’d like to buy all parents this seat. (By Amanda R Reyna)

Already fans of Britax, we were super excited to get our mitts on this seat! Why? It keeps us from having to bubble wrap and helmet our kid. The safety features on this seat are amazing, and really should be talked about with every parent in the market for one. Perfect from birth to small kid, this replaces the need for the bucket and a booster. Because honestly, we probably used the baby bucket with the stroller a handful of times with each kid. And while yes, sleeping kids are the BEST after a long day, I don’t mind staying in the car with my sleeping toddler in this seat – I can binge watch so much at the same time -, because that was really the only benefit the bucket had that this doesn’t. We’ll survive. Add this to everyone’s baby registry, folks, it’s a game changer.

Also, super easy to install in the event you have to switch cars to your partner’s or a grandparent – because you know if it ISN’T easy, you’ll hear about it for life.

My one dislike is the lack of built in cup holders. I’ll deal, but I’m just saying – do you know how many times a person has to reach back and grab a dropped cup/snack/toy? Even with the detachable cup holder, they’ll figure it out and toss it aside. My dislike isn’t enough to remove a star from my rating, because this is about SAFETY and not this Mom’s convenience in keeping kids entertained with food.