Britax Car Seat: Britax B-Safe 35 Elite Infant Car Seat – Vibe Review

Britax Car Seat: Britax B-Safe 35 Elite Infant Car Seat - Vibe

  • Safe-cell impact protection is an integrated system of safety components, including an impact absorbing base, impact stabilizing steel frame, and complete side impact protection
  • Safe-cell complete side impact protection plus gives your child an advanced layer of protection with an energy-absorbing head restraint designed to keep your baby’s head and neck extra secure
  • Safe-cell impact absorbing base reduces the potential for injury by compressing to absorb crash energy

Britax Car Seat: Britax B-Safe 35 Elite Infant Car Seat – Vibe Reviews

LIFE SAVER (By S. Howard)

My 3 month old son was asleep in this car seat when someone ran a red light and collided with my car. While I did everything I could to protect him on the road with my defensive driving, we were victims of someones blunt negligence.
My son doesn’t have a scratch on him, no marks, nothing at all. I’m convinced this seat kept him safe. The narrowness of the seat kept his head from jarring, and he was sent home from ER laughing, smiling and cooing.
We will be buying another one.

Awewome seat, really impressed. (By Watermark 617)

Awesome carseat! My husband is aviation mechanic and engineer (a stickler on safety) and insisted on the top of the line for our new little one. We have used Britax for out older children but never had a Britax new born seat. This thing is really amazing. It’s slim and not bulky. (Fits between our 2 Britax boosters, on one row of our jeep. Its A breeze to adjust. The quality is just heads and tails above the other seats on the market. The automatic sliding head rest adjustment is really cool! You dont have to take anything apart to custom fit it to your baby as they grow. Thw green color is nice and the fabric is awesome. Down side, It is really expensive. (Honestly I balked at the price, but this is the one hubby wanted, so we got it) You really get what you pay for. If you can afford it. Get it. You won’t find a better seat.

Way too small, dont buy (By S. Alexander)

Hi my name is Rowan and here is my review of this seat my family has been transporting me in for the past 3 months. I’m smiling in the picture because I’m a nice guy, but usually I cry when they stuff me into this contraption. I’m only 3 months old and I am chubby but nowhere near the 35lbs weight limit this seat claims to hold! My shoulders barely fit, neither does my head. My parents got me this seat because they use britax for my older brothers and never had issues with the convertibles or boosters but this one is a big fail. The fabric makes me sweat and there is nothing more embarrassing than having these sweat stains mistaken for a leaky diaper by my other baby friends.
So im looking forward to be graduating to a convertible seat soon, I wish my parents could have saved that money to buy me toys instead…

I will give this seat 2 stars because of the added side impact protection and it does feel sturdy enough to protect my noggin in the event of a crash (given Dads driving skills) but it needs to be improved in terms of size.

Nice looking carseat and really good quality but it’s way … (By Sergei and Natasha Ovchinnikov)

Nice looking carseat and really good quality but it’s way to deap. My daughter was born 7lbs 13oz and 21 inches every time I put her in her neck is bent so uncomfortable..I had to put some padding under the butt part to make a little more comfy. Not sure why it’s made so deep hopefully she eventually grows into it…she is now 11 lbs and still needs the extra padded support. Otherwise no complaints. Update: my daughter is now 4 months 15 lbs and 26 inches…unfortunately totally growing out of this carseat. The head part is way to tight she barely has any wiggle room to look from side to.side. my friend has a Graco click connect snug n ride and omg can’t beleive how much wider and more comfortable my baby was in hers. Ofcourse every baby is different but this carseat is wayyyy to narrow and deep. Definitely won’t be purchasing again.

Buyer beware. (By Where is my pen?)

I researched this product thoroughly before buying-compared it to Chicco, Graco, etc. I went with this as we needed it to bring our baby home from the hospital. It is a deep and narrow seat so it’s tricky to get your lil one out. My husband refuses to put her in or take her out as it is so difficult for him with his average sized hands. It doesn’t come ready to go-you need to bring the headrest all the way down, and the padding was all folded up underneath where you couldn’t see it. The first car seat technician even missed that. They ship the head rest with it all the way up-I have seen parents out and about with these up all the way, as everyone (me also) are clueless about how to start using these seats. It would be nice if the manual was a little more clearer about what parents should do with the seat so it’s ready. We met with a car seat safety technician twice to get all the bugs worked out of this seat. It didn’t fit my daughter properly but because we took it out of the packaging before she was born, we couldn’t return it. The crotch straps did not go across at her hips-no, they crossed by her thighs. Not safe for a car crash. The buckle itself sticks out so she barely had any room and she is a skinny, long baby. The buckle seems to be the same type for all car seats now that I have looked at others. The head rest is not padded like shown at other stores like babies r us. It’s weird. It’s just styrofoam and no padding-doesn’t look at all like other Britax seats I’ve seen in store or other parents. I had such high hopes for this seat. I’m looking forward to the day she grows out of this seat. I hate carrying it, as it is one of the heaviest seats out there.
Now, that she is 12 lbs we were able to move the buckle forward and take the infant seat cushion out-the straps now cross over her at the hips, which is where they should have been all along. I would not buy this seat again, and can’t wait until I can get rid of it. I’m not using it for another child of mine. I love my Britax stroller, but will not buy another Britax car seat. It really bugs me that the headrest looks so different than others of the same exact model! I really wish I hadn’t of bought into the Britax hype. It’s pure marketing. It’s difficult to get through to customer service if you need anything-I was on hold for 40 minutes last time. I really wish I’d gone with a Graco-same price point, and a very trusted brand. My sister has had three babies and doesn’t get why this seat is so difficult to use.

DO NOT WASTE your money (By Thao)

Do not buy this car seat! I wish I followed the recommendations from some of the reviewers about this car seat. We only used this car seat for 3 months (Jan – April) but:
1. The head protection foam broke! I didn’t know that it was broken until I took out the fabric to wash. I called the manufacture, they sent me another head foam.
2. My 3 months old, 15lbs baby is growing out of this car seat because the head foam is so tight and so snugged to his head that after sitting in the car seat for a while, his ears would get red. I called the manufacture and complaint that there’s no way this car seat would fit a 35lbs baby because the head padding is too tight. The representative simply said, she received a lot of similar complaints but there was nothing she can do. It’s a “feature” in this model and I’m paying extra for this extra head padding feature. I replied by saying, I understood and it was true that I bought this car seat because of the extra head padding feature, but I also paid for the 35lb feature that was advertised in the product’s name and product information. However, my baby is only 15lbs and he’s not fitting the car seat anymore. I stated that this is a manufacture false advertisement and I demanded compensation! I paid $200 for a car seat that only lasted for 3 months! The representative said it was not a false advertisement because it can fit “some” 35lbs babies. I asked for proofs but the representative couldn’t provide me any.

Again, DO NOT BUY this product! DO NOT WASTE your money! There’s no way it would fit a 35lb baby! My baby is only 3 months old and 15 lbs but you can see that his head is tightly fitted the head padding.