Britax Car Seat: Britax Frontier G1.1 Clicktight Harness-2-Booster Car Seat, Kaleidoscope Review

Britax Car Seat: Britax Frontier G1.1 Clicktight Harness-2-Booster Car Seat, Kaleidoscope

  • Click tight installation system ensures that everyone can install the car seat securely and confidently by just buckling the seat belt
  • Safe cell impact protection is an integrated system of safety components, including an impact absorbing base, tether and harness, an impact stabilizing steel frame, and complete side impact protection plus
  • Safe cell complete side impact protection plus provides an advanced level of protection: a deep protective shell absorbs crash forces and shields your child from debris, and an energy-absorbing headrest keeps your child’s head and neck secure
  • Quick-adjust, 9-position harness and 2-position buckle allows you to easily move the harness upward and buckle outward for a comfortable, secure fit as your child grows
  • Front-adjust recline easily alters the seat angle for your child’s comfort

Britax Car Seat: Britax Frontier G1.1 Clicktight Harness-2-Booster Car Seat, Kaleidoscope Reviews

Pioneer vs. Frontier vs Pinnacle (By Profile)

Frontier Pros: Incredibly easy to install. High height and weight limits. Nicely padded.
Frontier Cons: The seat is quite heavy which can make it difficult to move between cars. It can be difficult to adjust the harness BUT this also means its difficult for kids to adjust the harness themselves (on older models kids could easily loosen the harness themselves which was a safety issue). The seat is one of the more expensive seats on the market.

Comparison of Britax Combination Seats:
Britax makes three combination seats: The Pioneer, the Frontier and The Pinnacle. All three seats are good seats. The Frontier and Pinnacle have higher height and weight limits and are easier to install than the Pioneer but also have higher price tags. The Pinnacle has added side impact cushions. In my opinion the easy install and higher height and weight limits make the Frontier well worth the extra money.

Weight Limits
-Pioneer: 25-70 pounds in harness mode, 40-110 pounds in high back booster mode
-Frontier and Pinnacle: 25-90 pounds in harness mode, 40-120 pounds in high back booster mode

Height Limits:
-Pioneer: 30-56 inches in harness mode, 45-60 inches in high back booster mode
-Frontier and Pinnacle: 30-58 inches in harness mode, 45-62 inches in high back booster mode

Harness Height and High Back Booster Belt Guide Height
It’s important to note that children may outgrow the seat before the stated height limits. In the harness mode the shoulder straps must be positioned at or above their shoulders. If your child has a long torso they may outgrow the seat before the reach the maximum height.
-Pioneer: The top harness height is 19.5 inches (on older versions the top harness height was 18.

highly recommend (By S. Alexander)

I can’t say enough good things about Britax car seats. It’s the only brand we have used for our kids. I’ve been in a car crash with my 2 year old, car totaled and he didn’t have a scratch on him, that was a britax boulevard. We upgraded him to a frontier and had an issue about a year later with a broken strap clip in the back of the seat. I contacted Britax and they immediately replaced the whole car seat. This is the seat we have now and it literally takes me 30 seconds to install. I love how they have improved the installation. It’s also very comfortable, cup holders are a plus and the side impact protection gives you peace of mind. The car seat once installed doesn’t move an inch and the customer service is excellent.

I would like to add an update to my review on this carseat. I still give this seat 5 stars. Yesterday were in a really bad car crash with my 2 kids, age 7 and 4. The 7 year old has been teased for me still making him sit in a car seat but after what happened yesterday just makes me so glad I didn’t give in to let him graduate to a booster. We were on the highway towing our camper and got in an accident where our car and camper rolled over. The 7 year old was in the Frontier and the 4 year old in the Britax Pinnacle. They both have side impact protection and both of my kids have not even a scratch on them. We were all very lucky but I give tremendous credit to Britax that nothing worse happened to my kids. I attached a picture of the accident. After 2 accidents I thank that company for continuing to develop the safest seats on the market. When it comes to safety it is worth the extra dollars for a car seat reinforced with steel to keep your precious kids safe. I will be replacing both carseats with britax models.

BRITAX FRONTIER Click-Tight (90) Click-Tight is Awesome The rest of the seat, Not So Much! (By Matt)

I have over 10 years experience with kids in car-seats! In the last 6 years or so I’ve had nearly 50 kids buckled through my Britax Regent and Frontier 85 car-seats and have been very happy with them overall especially the Regent! I have to say that overall I am honestly disappointed in the new Frontier Click-Tight 90. The “Click-Tight” system is truly one main awesome things going for this seat, that and better shoulder pads, but beyond that I do not like the seat at all and here’s why:

1) “The Headrest” Is Pure Garbage! This probably bothers me more than any other part of the seat! IT Sits Too High! IT’s extremely thin and flimsy and yet they have the nerve to put a “Side Impact Protection” label on it! It’s extremely thin plastic with a piece of foam on it! That’s IT! This is advanced technology? BS!! I could snap the entire headrest off with my hand if I wanted to without even trying and this is suppose to stop a side impact?? Really?? It rattles when driving the car with no child in the seat which is extremely annoying and just screams cheesy junk and reminds me each time of how much money I spent on this seat and how much I hate it. IN contrast the Frontier 85 headrest was a lot more solid and sturdy and the kids also found it a lot more comfortable too! Even so the Britax Regent was the most solid car-seat I ever owned! I truly feel that Britax quality has gone down significantly after they discontinued the Regent! EVERY child I’ve ever had in the Regent Car-Seat was comfortable and enjoyed using it. I can’t say the same for the Frontier series of car-seats at all!

2) The Harness Adjuster is VERY hard to pull snug or loose on the child or even when no child is in the seat!
IN contrast the Frontier 85’s harness adjuster is as smooth as butter! The Regent’s harness adjuster is smoother too. Which also brings me to another point: WHY did Britax decide to narrow the width of their car-seat straps in general? Both on the harness itself and the adjuster! Wider straps mean more of the child’s body is covered and as such crash forces more evenly dispersed. So why would you narrow it!!? The Regent had a very durable harness adjuster. The Frontier 85 and 90 seats have this narrow strap that will become frayed unless you pull it correctly!! Britax Regent= Quality Car-Seat made by engineers. Frontier Car-Seats = Car-Seats cheapened up by accountants for the masses! I would also love to see the European design shoulder strap covers put on American seats! They are big and wide and would disperse crash forces a lot more then just a single narrow strap like on the American seats.

3) The One Step harness height adjuster is a great feature! As someone who has a lot of kids go through my van it’s nice to be able to adjust it on the fly without having to uninstal the seat. HOWEVER….It’s very flimsy and cheap feeling while using it and can be a bit hard to move up and down when the seat is installed. I don’t like it!

4) The CUP Holders! Kids complain of the cup holders on this seat hurting their legs. (Not on the F-85) I’ve gotten kids with red marks on their legs already! The seat base is NOT wide enough at all for bigger kids!! Give them some more room!! The Britax Regent car-seat gave kids plenty of room! They could sit criss cross apple sauce if they wanted to. NOT with these newer seats! You really expect a kid to keep the same straight leg position for an entire long trip in a car!?? Seat base is far to small and narrow for the legs!! This seat is a lot of image over substance.

5) False Advertising! I’ve had nearly 50 kids between age: 5-11 through high weight Britax seats now including the Regent, Frontier 85, and now Frontier 90. NEVER does a child reach the weight limit before they outgrow the height limit of these seats! Up to 85 and 90lbs is false! They will always outgrow the harness height first! With perhaps one exception I had but that was it. It’s very important to me to keep a child regardless of age in a 5 point harnessed for as long as possible! There is NO way a child of 90lbs is going to fit in the Clicktight 90 5 point harness system! Britax needs to raise it’s shoulder harness heights if they expect to advertise that weight limit! At least 22-23 inches! Please Do This! I buy a high weight harnessed car-seat for a reason and I expect it to work with big kids too! Otherwise why would I spend nearly $300 on a car-seat when I could pick up a cheap booster instead! Please get with it Britax!

Other General Comments: A. I don’t’ care how heavy or bulky these car-seats are. (so long as they fit in the car of course). The Bulkier the seat the safer it is to me as a consumer and the more room my kids will have to be comfortable! Your child’s safety should come before your own personal convenience! If you want a car-seat that’s easy to travel with on a plane and such then buy a Ride Safer Travel Vest! Otherwise please quit your complaining about it being too heavy. It’s not that heavy anyway!

What I would love to see: An updated Britax Regent like car-seat with click-tight and a SOLID headrest added! Harness height at 22-23 inches with a 5 point harness 100lbs weight limit. I honestly feel that the Regent was the best big kid car-seat that Britax ever sold! It was very well made, Durable!! Simple, IT truly had TRUE side impact protection! You could take a sludge hammer to the side of it and it would hold up! By comparison the Frontier ClickTight 90 is a flimsy piece of junk that I could break with one hand. The Frontier 90 is solid at the base but that’s about it. As you work your way up it get’s more and more flimsy and cheap. Steel in this seat or not it’s very flimsy! The Graco Nautilus has steel in it too and yet it’s a very solid well made seat at a fraction of the cost too. Better than even the F-85 I would say in terms of build quality. I truly feel that Britax has become way too image over substance. Your buying a label now and that’s about it. They have some innovative ideas most certainly! But they really need to work the bugs out!

Also WHY charge people extra money for the Pinnacle 90 version?? I mean seriously! A couple foam side pieces and your rack the price up nearly $50!! How Cheap Are YOU? Just include them as standard!! Oh sorry you can’t afford our best version so were going to have to make our seat less safe for you by removing these pads that probably cost us a couple dollars to manufacture! It just shows to me that this company doesn’t really care about your child’s safety in the car anymore when they pull crap like this! How About Just Include Them As Standard Already!! Stop Jacking people around!!

I wish Car-Seat Companies in general would show their crash test data and crash test videos on their websites! As a consumer I want to see how safe my child would actually be in one of their seats during a crash so that I can compare and make an informed decision! After All is that not what we are buying these car-seats for? SAFETY! Yet these companies including Britax pretty much just hide their crash test data from the public or any main crash test videos? They expect us to just take their word for it that these seats are safe even with their extremely floppy headrests and all! It’s pathetic if you ask me! One company I’ve been very happy with (and no I don’t work for them) is SafeRides4kids Ride Safer Travel Vest. They are very transparent in their crash test data and even show their crash test videos right on their website! They have nothing to hide! Britax what do you have to hide?? I think you really need to get with it because you are quickly loosing me as a customer.