Britax Car Seat: Britax USA Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat, Tahoe Review

Britax Car Seat: Britax USA Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat, Tahoe

  • ClickTight Installation System is the safest and simplest technology on the market; Open the front of the car seat, buckle the seat belt across and click the seat shut; That’s all you need to do for rock-solid installation
  • SafeCell Impact Protection is a safety system including a steel frame, energy-absorbing base, V-shaped tether to minimize seat rotation and staged-release stitches that slow and reduce forward movement during a crash
  • 3 layers of side impact protection, formed by a deep foam-lined shell, quick-adjust head protection and side cushions, absorb energy and shield your child from the most dangerous type of collision
  • Click & Safe Snug Harness Indicator gives an audible “click” to aid you in the proper tightening of your child’s harness
  • Quick-adjust 14-position harness and 2-position buckle allows you to easily move the harness upward and buckle outward for a comfortable secure fit as your child grows

Britax Car Seat: Britax USA Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat, Tahoe Reviews

Best car seat ever! (By Mary Grossman)

Fantastic car seat. My one year old and I were in a front impact 70 mph crash where we totalled my Tahoe…both of us walked away, thankfully! The firemen and paramedics couldn’t believe how well the seat was installed, it didn’t move at all during the accident. This car seat had literally been in the car for twenty minutes before the accident, it had just been delivered. Thank you Britax! The company gave us a free replacement ( we bought at Buy buy baby, at the time wasn’t offered on Amazon)

Saved my sons life! (By Amazon Customer)

We have the advocate Clicktight and I can’t say enough great things about it! My son is almost 3, 40lbs and 40″ and is forward facing in this seat. We recently were in a horrible accident at a high rate of speed and this seat performed the way it was suppose to! This seat saved my child’s life.

The only down fall to this seat is that in the event of a crash, you must cut the seat belt to your car in order to remove this seat with the child still in it. I’ve always carried a seat belt cutter for this exact reason, but it did confuse the fire department and it took lots of yelling from me and direction before they figured out how to remove him as they were trying to pull the seat belt through like you would a normal car seat. I will be providing them with my seat for training purposes.

Built like a tank! (By Big Dawg)

Also weighs like a tank! This car seat is all about the safety and comfort, no doubt about it, it’s well padded and the materials used are top notch with very soft padding and texture for the toddler with high tech protection on the inside.

For me, the install is super easy, just push and turn the round button in the front of the seat then lift the seat, wrap the seatbelt around and plug into the seatbelt attachment, all done! For those who have been using the anchor attachments as we have been with our standard Boulevard it night and day! My wife won’t even try installing the anchor type because she has seen me struggle attaching those seats properly.

The only issue with this seat is it’s very heavy, but once it’s installed you shouldn’t have to worry about it unless you are traveling or transferring to another car.

Attaching photos of the Britax Advocate vs Boulevard, the side impact padding padding is massive on the Advocate.

Thanks Britax! (By Amazon Customer)

So far I really love this seat. It feels like a steel tank and when I look at my daughter in this I feel like she is safe. I love the extra side impact protection especially since I had to move her to an outboard seat. The click safe feature is perfect for peace of mind when my husband or other family members buckle her in. I know her straps will be tight enough every time with the audible indicator. Installation was SO easy. She was previously rearfacing in a Chicco Nextfit which is also a very easy install with LATCH but the click tight installation was still faster and easier and even tighter. This car seat does not budge one way or the other. I love the lower sides as well because she can climb in and out on her own. The straps seem very well made and I haven’t had a problem with loosening or tightening them. There are many complaints about the short crotch buckle and I can see how it could pose a problem for bigger kids and I do wish it was longer but for now it fits our averaged sized 2.5 year old well. I’ve also already had to remove the cover for washing (puking incident) and it was easily taken on and off and came completely clean. 5 stars for safety and convenience!

I love this car seat for so many reasons (By Melissa Willardson)

I will begin by saying that I am really adamant about having a car seat installed correctly and having the child strapped in correctly. I love this car seat for so many reasons, one of them being how super easy it is to install, once you figure out how to install it correctly that is. I was super frustrated with the car seat initially because when I attempted to install it the first few times it was loose or if it seemed to be within the 1″ allowance all I had to do was wiggle it hard enough or push the car seat upwards and it would become loose. We decided to go shopping for a different car seat and after trying a bunch of different ones I decided that we would go with the Chicco Next Fit, which is such an awesome car seat with one major exemption: the chest buckle is super easy to undo and our 14 month old could get it undone which makes the straps 100% useless in the event of a car accident. So back to square one we kept looking and after attempting to install several seats and struggling with installing them we decided to try the advocate one more time.

We went home and I looked up the car seat lady (LOVE HER) to see her video on installing the car seat and was able to install it perfectly! It doesn’t budge AT ALL! I did find a few tricks: the video and instructions state not to tighten the seatbelt as it will not allow you to close the seat down which I agree that it shouldn’t be super tight but it definitely needs to be tighter than indicated. I find that if you take the slack out and hold the seatbelt portion closest to you with the buckle being at the other side of the car seat while pushing down on the seat and then letting go to use both hands to push down you get the perfect tightness.
As for getting the car seat out you cannot attempt to do so by using the round button but rather need to undo the seat belt buckle then pop open the seat. Also make sure that the car seat is in the proper recline position before installing it. Important note: MAKE SURE to read the manual and not just watch an installation video!

The car seat is heavy but I switch it three times a week to a different car and it isn’t an issue. I love that it has a handle at the top to carry it. Very convenient. We also tried the car seat front facing and it was easy and sturdy (rear facing is safer until 2 yrs old). The car seat is super padded and very comfy. It is really deep though and hard for baby to see out of, but she doesn’t seem to mind as she has a mirror.

I also love the runner pads on the straps. The straps seem comfy, don’t dig into her and are not going anywhere.

The only con is that it is a little hard to get baby in and out of the car seat in rear facing because of how deep it is but I don’t mind as this is a safety feature and is not a problem forward facing and therefor I give it five stars. It is an excellent car seat and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a really safe and easy car seat to install. I plan on purchasing a second one for our next child.

I have had the car seat for a month now and we have an Acura TL which is a mid size car and it fits comfortable when behind the front seats and perfect when in the middle which is 40% safer that on the sides. Both my husband and I are tall and are able to move our seats all the way back and still have the necessary space between the car seat and our seats (you aren’t supposed to have the front seats touching the back of the car seat).

Also, I should mention that I did a ton of research on car seats before deciding to purchase this one and this one really seemed like the best alongside the Chicco Nextfit.