2015 Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller, Gotham Review

2015 Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller, Gotham

  • Fast Action Fold Jogger Click Connect Jogging Stroller accepts all Graco Click Connect infant car seats with a secure one-step attachment
  • One-second, one-hand fold has an automatic storage lock and is self-standing when folded
  • Air-filled rubber tires offer suspension
  • This infant jogging stroller features locking front swivel wheel provides an easy transition from daily strolling to jogging
  • Lightweight, portable stroller with easy, one-second fold

2015 Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller, Gotham Reviews

Sturdy, practical hiking stroller…. if you’re tall and don’t mind getting dirty to fit it in the trunk. (By Ashley.Ink)

This stroller definitely isn’t made with a bunch of cheap plastic. It’s a heavy, duty strolling-machine. There are storage areas with tie downs and compartments to help you better secure your belongings, it’s easy to fold up, and the sun shade is superior to every other stroller I’ve owned. It has a kickstand that allows it to sit in the upright position when folded so that you don’t have to hold it or lean it against the car as you’re preparing things. It’s a great feature that I never thought I needed. Also, we primarily use it for hiking unpaved trails and it more than pulls its weight in this area. The big wheels make for a smooth ride and it remains easy to push even through grass and mud. With all that said, I do have a couple very minor complaints.

1. My cell phone doesn’t fit in the designated spot so it’s rarely within reach when we are traversing rougher areas.
2. This thing is huge. I have to take the wheels off to fit it in the trunk of my Camry and while the wheels easily come off with the push of a button, it still irritates me. Why should I have to take the wheels off every time? Traveling with babies is hard enough! Also, I don’t want to touch muddy tires every time I put this thing in the trunk. I’m a mess by the time I’m done!
3. The stroller is VERY tall. I’m 5’7″ and my husband is 6’2″ so we don’t have too much a problem with this, but I’m fairly certain anyone shorter than I am will be uncomfortable pushing this stroller.

Again, I love this stroller for it’s sturdiness, practicality, outdoor capabilities, and tie downs. It’s a quality product with only a few things in need of slight improvements.

Buy this stroller! (By Toni M.)

I love this stroller! I use public transportation quite frequently and this has made getting on and off a bus super easy! It folds up super quickly, latches itself and then rolls like a suitcase. It is a tad bit heavy if you need to lift it, but I’m up for the workout, lol. Rolls and steers really well and has a bit of suspension from the pneumatic tires. It’s also very large! My husband is 6’3″ and he loves the height! I’m a foot shorter and I feel like I have the BMW of strollers! All-in-all, this stroller is the best I’ve ever had… And I have 4 kids!

Great Stroller! (By Sara W.)

We’ve only used this stroller a couple of times so far but we are loving it! It’s a very smooth ride and a great height for my very tall husband. I love the storage area underneath because I can put my big diaper bag in there and still have some extra room. I looked at several strollers before purchasing this one and the only thing I’d change is to have more of a foot rest for baby. Right now our little one is pretty small so it doesn’t matter but as she gets older that would be a nice feature to have which is the reasoning for 4 stars instead of 5.

Great stroller! (By Janet M Meyer)

We bought this stroller so we could take our grandaughter for walks at the park. It is very solid feeling and seems like a smooth ride. It is easy to fold up. As with all strollers, is it kind of larger and awkward when trying put it in the car. However, I managed without too much difficulty. It has a nice stand for when it is closed. I like that there are trays for the stroller which are included and do not have to be ordered separately. There are two cup holders on the handle. I think we made a good decision!

There are better choices (By Daniel Parsons)

– Several seat adjustment positions
– Folds compact
– Rolls easily
– It’s pretty heavy to carry
– A large cell phone will not fit into the closing compartment
Why we got rid of ours:
– There is a latch that can be pushed down to lock the wheel from turning. It *constantly* falls down on it’s own and locks the front wheel, making it much harder to steer. I’ve tried several things to keep the latch from falling into the locked position, but nothing short of a permanent fix (super glue) would get it to stay.

Great budget stroller (By D. Stevens)

Decided to get this stroller as I was tired of kicking of the basket of our other one. This is a very nice stroller. Our car seat locks in no problem. My only complaints are that the cover doesn’t stay all the way forward and while it’s not really a complaint for me it could be for others but it is heavy. Otherwise folding is very easy and it’s very easy to push.

Great, high quality stroller (By nicole Galante)

Great, high quality stroller. Beautiful colors and lines and pushes/rides like a dream. Very smooth ride for baby and I love the multiple cup holders, snack areas and compartments it has. The one handle fold up is also really nice. The only downside would be if you plan on traveling a lot with this stroller or putting it in and out of the car a lot – it is quite bulky and doesnt fit in our standard size car, only in our SUV.

Very happy! (By Cara)

Really pleased with this. I was really happy with my regular Graco Click Connect Stroller, and I was happy they had one for jogging. It’s got a lot of nice features, folds really nicely, is comfortable even for someone very tall like me, and I’m looking forward to using it for the next few years.

Graco City Mini ZIP Stroller, Teal Review

Graco City Mini ZIP Stroller, Teal

  • Lightweight Stroller: The essence of urban mobility: lightweight, compact and nimble
  • The Fold and The Seat: with the push of a button and the pull of a strap, the City Mini ZIP folds three-dimensionally; multiple recline positions with a 55 Pound weight capacity
  • Canopy and Wheels: UV 50+ sun canopy can be adjusted; 5.5″ EVA tire tread with lockable swivel front wheels and suspension
  • Handlebar and Brake: Handlebar is stationary and rounded for easy steering; sizeable foot brake and release buttons are easy to use and conveniently located next to back wheels
  • Accessories: Transform stroller into a travel system with a Car Seat Adaptor or into a Pram with the Compact Pram accessory

Graco City Mini ZIP Stroller, Teal Reviews

LOVE LOVE LOVE this stroller (and so does my 2 … (By Lance Sandino)

LOVE LOVE LOVE this stroller (and so does my 2 1/2 year old daughter) !
Originally bought this at Buy Buy Baby, but then returned it for this one because it was Blue!
Very comfy for her, rolls well on the ground, great height for pushing, and definitely protects my child from the sun!
Used this in California for a vacation where it was very hot and walked around a lot.
I was even impressed on how it rolled in the sand !
Would definitely recommend this.
If you are flying, get a stroller bag, or any duffle bag! Make sure to label it though a stroller as sometimes it could get lost! (Happened to me on the way back!)

Sad to report: poor, poor quality! (By Mrs.Oz)

This could be the perfect stroller. Light, more comfortable than any umbrella stroller I’ve tested, pretty, easy to store, and folds better and smaller than any umbrella stroller currently on the market.

But Baby Jogger….Why?! How could this awesome idea be so poorly made?! Who was in charge of durability tests and quality control of this product? Less than a year and this is my second stroller, soon to be the third! And I’m not alone. I even found videos on YouTube about the poor quality of this stroller.

First the support bar fell off in the middle of the street. Now, the 5-point harness strap broke (it’s made of very cheap plastic). So I will have to call Baby Jogger yet again and hope they send me a new strap, or replace the stroller again.

Last time they sent me a new frame and I had to insert my old seat, canopy, straps, and storage basket. It was a hassle. Plus you have to deal with shipping, etc… This stroller is not cheap, and its poor quality is very disappointing.

To be fair, customer service was good. Now let’s see if they will solve the problem the second time around.

Great stroller when space is an issue (By nikki)

I absolutely love my City Mini Zip in Teal. It is compact, easy to use and store. I have a 2 door hatchback and the stroller fits perfectly with room to spare. An added bonus is the stroller is a beautiful Teal, which is easy to see when traveling. For my needs (compact, lightweight, and travels well), this stroller is awesome!!!

love it (By Maria)

I love the teal color. Is easy to handle n Push around. Folding it was a lil tricki for me idk y 😀 but I’ve got iT Now.

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller, Pierce (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Review

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller, Pierce (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Jogging Stroller accepts all Graco Click Connect infant car seats with a secure one-step attachment
  • One-second, one-hand fold has an automatic storage lock and is self-standing when folded
  • Air-filled rubber tires offer suspension
  • This infant jogging stroller features locking front swivel wheel provides an easy transition from daily strolling to jogging

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller, Pierce (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

Front wheel defective (By Thomas Townsend)

I was so excited to try this stroller after seeing all the good reviews but it has been an absolute nightmare. The front wheel would constantly go to the locked position whenever I went over the slightest bump and I would have to stop jogging every couple minutes to fix it. I put tape under the trigger to make it stop but it was incredibly frustrating and a poor design. After a few weeks the front wheel completely broke. We called graco to get the wheel replaces and they told me it
Would be a few weeks. Long story short, it has been over 3 months of calling and trying to get the wheel sent and I still haven’t received it! I have been without a stroller this entire time and it is miserable! Extremely poor customer service and communication! I would not recommend this stroller!

All the perks of a $400+ stroller for $100!! (By Haley)

We love the new stroller. basically if you’re on a budget but want a jogging off road type stroller this is the one for you only $120+(depending on the color I went for the cheapest color and love it)
I jogged for 1/4 on asphalt (didn’t lock the swivel wheel) and it handled great also jogged 1/4 mile on dirt trail also handled very well.
I did a total of 3 miles today on asphalt, dirt, loose gravel, pine needles ect. And it was wonderful.
The assembly was very easy only have to add the wheels and the parent and child trays which are very very easy to do. Also the wheels and trays are easy to take off but not easy enough that bigger kids would be able to get them off.
Two cons. The parent tray has a cell phone holder and under that is a hiden container for keys but it doesn’t lock so on rough trails it was a little irritating To have it be slightly bouncing open and shut. Not enough for things to come out but enough to be irritating I may add some Velcro or something to help it stay shut.
And the shade canopy is very easy to pull forward an back I thought it was great at first but on rough trails the cover kinda slides back, it doesn’t lock into place I wish it did.
The basket is very large, way bigger then the BOB brand basket.
The height I really liked I’m 5’2″ish and it was perfect for me.
The child’s tray is great to put snacks and has large cup holders for any size bottle or sippy cup.
Has a 3 or 5 point harness.
It has 3 different recline positions perfect for smaller babies and large kids.
I also had the Graco click connect infant car seat which would work with this stroller.
The cover also had mesh sides which is great my son can see out without havin to lean forward.
The parent view on the cover is also mesh which is great because you don’t have the sun glare that prevents you from being able to see.
It fits in my car trunk sideways I like to take the child tray off to have more room but I don’t have to to get it too fit. I have a Camry.
Over all I’m very happy with this stroller.

this stroller is pretty unbeatable. We got a fairly expensive Baby Jogger … (By Dan I.)

For the price, this stroller is pretty unbeatable. We got a fairly expensive Baby Jogger brand “City Select” for our main stroller, which we absolutely love. But it cost 4-times as much. We’re in Florida for a few months, so I got this one to jog with (despite its name, our other stroller isn’t a jogger) and now we use it whenever we’re on walks around the neighborhood, leaving the other in our trunk for outings. It fits our 2-month-old’s Graco car seat, which is awesome – clicks right in. It’s well-made and has a great, easy folding mechanism. I also love the canopy, particularly in conjunction with the car seat, as it provides a full shade for sunny days. The console is great too, as it holds an iPhone securely plus two cup holders and a little compartment.

It definitely doesn’t run as smooth or handle as well as a very-high end stroller. But c’mon, for the price, you can’t have crazy expectations. The sort of white noise it generates while jogging is actually probably soothing for our baby, as she sleeps soundly. Glad we can leave it with our relatives down here to have a stroller whenever we’re in town.

Lots of space for a diaper bag underneath Easy to take wheels off (to fit in a trunk … (By Cao Tingting)

Lots of space for a diaper bag underneath
Easy to take wheels off (to fit in a trunk better)
Easy to fold, you literally pull a strap with one hand
Great looking – I’ve gotten many compliments from other moms, and I love the colors (I went with grey and orange).
The click connect car seat works perfectly with this stroller.

The wheel lock that changes from a fixed forward facing wheel to a swiveling wheel (walking) does not stay in place. While walking with the swiveling wheel over bumpy sidewalks this “lock” will drop down locking the wheel in the fixed forward facing position; which makes the stroller impossible to turn. I have to fix the lock with a sticker.

The sun shade doesn’t provide much cover for my baby so we have to put thin blankets on the shade to block out the sun. Of course she can’t look around and loses some wind, so that is why i’m not happy with the stroller.

Nice stroller for tall people (By Amazon Customer)

Seems like a very well built stroller. However, this is not made for vertically challenged people. I am 5′ 7″ and my wife is 5′ and this stroller is too tall for both of us. This would be perfect if it had an adjustable handle! Still, a nice stroller for the money if you are 5′ 10″ or more!!

A GREAT VALUE (By MichelleShops)

Overall – I’m very happy with this purchase. Some of the highlights:

Graco does an excellent job in packing the FastAction Fold Jogger in as flat as possible, but also thinking about the recipient who will have to ultimately put it together upon receipt. I had this out of the box and put together in about 5 minutes.

The tires came fully inflated – which was great as I had my baby in it and out for a run 10 minutes later.

The basket is ENORMOUS. Enough for a baby bag and groceries or shopping items.

The parent tray is excellent. My iPhone 5, in it’s Speck case, fits perfectly in “portrait” mode. There was left over space so I’m sure whenever I chose to upgrade, the next size phone will also fit in “portrait mode”. It did not fit in “landscape mode”. The enclosed compartment was much larger than I expected and it did not rattle when I was running. I appreciate it does not latch shut as I do not have to stop to access it while on the go.

Getting a Graco car seat in and out of this stroller is beyond easy.

Running – I went for a run in the city. We went up and down curb cuts, up and down driveways, on and off the street, on and off the grass and overall I was very happy with it’s performance. here does not seem to be any shock absorbers (that I can see), but the large rubber wheels did a good job of making it a relatively smooth ride. My baby smiled the whole ride and even dozed a bit. The baby sits very high with a car seat so you do have to be careful to hold the handle closely as the center of gravity is pretty high. However, I did not have any tipping issues.

I appreciated having the tether – though I wish it was a smidge longer.
At 5ft 5 inches – I cannot lift my hand above chest level with the tether attached. I’m sure onlookers had a good time watching me repeatedly forget it was there and attempt to adjust my sunglasses or scratch my nose.

The canopy is very large and, along with a car seat, provides full coverage. When my baby outgrows her car seat, I will use an SPF 50 sunshade I received as a shower gift. I want to ensure my baby gets full protection from the sun and the canopy itself only goes about 60% of the way.

I haven’t used the baby tray yet as my baby is too young. However, it is large and has ample space for a drink and a snack for when I use this stroller when walking or resting on a run.

Size and Weight. It’s big. It’s heavy. This stroller only fits in my 2010 Prius trunk if the kid tray is removed. And, it only fits in sideways. And, it takes up most of the trunk space. I had enough trunk space left over for groceries and items from target on the left and the right of the stroller. Also, I could pile a few things on top if necessary. I can lift it in and out of the trunk myself – however, it’s not the easiest thing in the world.

I took the "Bob Revolution SE" stroller for a test run before I made this purchase. It felt very sturdy and was much lighter. However, I found the folding of the Bob stroller as well as the wheel locking mechanisms quite cumbersome. Lastly, the cost kept me second guessing that purchase. The Graco folds very easily and all locking/unlocking mechanisms are so simple a child could use it.

Overall, the Graco FastAction Fold Jogger is a great value. It is very good quality for a very good price.

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect, Tidalwave (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Review

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect, Tidalwave (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Stroller holds child up to 50 pounds for years of comfortable strolling^Multi-position reclining seat is padded for baby’s comfort^Convertible 3 or 5-point harness grows with your child^One-second, single-step fold. Lightweight, sturdy frame^Lockable front swivel wheels with suspension provide superior maneuverability

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect, Tidalwave (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

The Grandboy loves it! (By Melanie)

We bought this to use when The Grandboy stays with us. My husband and I have used it in shopping malls, on sidewalks, on paved trails, and dirt trails, and it’s holding up very well. When the front wheel locked when the going got bumpy, we wedged a tiny piece of plastic in to keep the button up, and it keeps the wheel moving freely. The handle is high enough for my 6’3″ husband to feel comfortable when he’s pushing, and it’s reach is far enough back that his long legs don’t kick the wheels, brakes, or axle. With 4 drink holders, we never have to worry about Grandboy’s hydration and snacks, or our coffee fix. The phone holder makes keeping in touch with his parents, a breeze, and the under pouch holds a diaper bag, purses, jackets, and whatever else anyone doesn’t want to carry. Our Grandboy gets really excited when he sees this come out of the closet. He loves riding in it, and also seems to have no trouble falling asleep in it 😉

Too many frustrations (By Brin)

This stroller is a smooth ride for the little one, easy to fold up, and has plenty of storage space in the cargo basket that is easily accessible. BUT the front wheel kept locking on it’s own (very frustrating) and the canopy doesn’t stay extended all the way. Even when the canopy was extended all the way it never fully blocked the sun for baby since it is attached to the frame and can’t be rotated forward at all. As others said the phone holder is not large enough for current phones rendering that feature useless. I know jogging strollers don’t fold down small, but this one seems a bit on the ridiculous side. I usually like Graco products, but after a few outings with this stroller I decided it was more frustration than it was worth, so am returning it for a different jogging stroller.

AWSOME stroller/jogger (By Kristen Blake)

This is an amazing stroller. Great for sidewalks, bumpy paths, nature walks and even the beach. It folds up easy and stores nicely in my SUV. I have not had to remove the wheels for transport but they are easy on/off. The stroller stays clean and is durable. Great choice.

trail walker/runner (By Sara Clemons)

its a great stroller. everything I expected and more. my only complaint, it doesnt work well for park trails. its better then a lot of other stroller cause it has bike like tires. the front wheel keeps locking up due to uneven ground. it states that in the insteuctions.

Some great features (By Brooke)

Purchased this stroller about 3 months ago and have used it daily. My absolute favorite part, hands down, is the iPod dock. It is so nice to have your phone secured right in front of you, especially if you are listening to music on your run. This is overall a good stroller, however, we have had a few issues too. I walk/run on a paved path in my neighborhood, so nice and smooth for the most part. Within 3 weeks, we had a flat tire, and the front (swiveling tire) had begun to stick. After examining the mechanism, it seemed that the latch that you slide up and down to secure the wheel locking in place would not stay up high enough. I have kind of rigged it to remain in the unlocked position, otherwise I’d have to lean the stroller back to go around corners. On the good side again, has a huge basket for storage, lots of cup holders for mom and baby, and of course, that iPod holder…my major selling point :)

I really wanted to love this stroller (By Katherine Boddie)

I really wanted to love this stroller, but I just don’t. It pushes very easily and rides smoothly. However, it is super heavy to get in and out of the car, and it’s HUGE. I have a Tahoe so I’ve got lots of storage space, but I put it in my Mom’s Prius one time and it barely fit. I could deal with that if it worked perfectly, but it does not. There is a latch on the front wheel that you can lock if you don’t want the front wheel to track. For some reason on my stroller, that latch continuously locks on it’s own when I don’t want it to. It makes it nearly impossible to steer the stroller, and I constantly have to stop, flip the latch and unlock the wheel. My husband tried taping it up, but even that doesn’t work. He’s planning to remove the latch completely, but until he has time this stroller will sit in my garage, unused.

For $100 sure, for the MFSR $200+.. NO!! (By matt)

First thing with this stroller, tires needed 10 PSI more air on arrival. No Biggie!
Second, after first run I removed the DUMB kick stand because it falls as you run and either almost trips you up or drags on the ground!! What the heck. So stupid.
It’s a bit heavy and takes a crap ton of space even in my spacious Ford Escape trunk. So if you have a small car, expect to remove the wheels each time.
Other than that I got it on sale for $100 and it’s good enough for me, I run max about 12-15 miles a week with my 2 year old :)
If you’re a marathon runner, go for something with less weight, better steering and a suspension system!

Flat tire, but WORTH it (By Amazon Customer)

I am VERY glad I found this at a good price because I had to take the wheels in to have the inner tubes replaced before I could even use it. The front tire wouldn’t hold air because the metal rim rubbed the inner tube valve stem and sliced it. After I spent a little over $40.00 on new inner tubes and some coating around the metal opening this stroller has been a dream ever since. My son finds it comfortable to sit it. I find it easy to steer and maneuver in stores as well as on trails and sidewalks. The only downfall is that my trunk is a little tight so I have to take off one wheel to get it in my trunk, thankfully that is EASY to do!

Graco Relay Click Connect Jogging Stroller, Pierce 2015 Review

Graco Relay Click Connect Jogging Stroller, Pierce 2015

  • All the convenience accessories are included in this ultimate performance jogger, so there’s nothing more to buy
  • Pneumatic tires and a locking front-swivel wheel with tracking are built to handle all of your jogs while staying active with baby
  • Ogging strollers premium suspension system offers high-grade performance for a smooth ride on any terrain
  • Breathable, premium tech fabrics are upgraded for your child’s comfort and feature reflective piping for added visibility in low light
  • One-second, one-hand fold provides the ultimate in convenience for moms on the go

Graco Relay Click Connect Jogging Stroller, Pierce 2015 Reviews

excellent experience with this stroller (By Jesse Levitt)

This is the first jogging stroller I have used, so I can’t compare it to others.
The performance is great, I find that this stroller can handle whatever I throw at it and my 7 month old stays asleep.
It can easily fold up or open with one hand, which is great when you have the baby in the other arm.
The canopy provides a good amount of coverage, although I would recommend a rain/wind cover from a third party if you will be using it in any kind of weather.
Tires are pneumatic and can be inflated with a standard bicycle pump (front one is a little tricky because the space between the valve and the wheel is tight.)
Foot brake is solid, no slippage.
Front wheel tracking can be adjusted easily by hand with the screw and spring assembly located near the axle.
Front wheel can unlock for maneuverability when walking (always lock it when running!)
Cargo space under stroller is roomy and easy to access, and the pockets by the handle bar are convenient for stowing keys, phone, and other small items.
I haven’t really taken it on trails, almost all the miles i have put on this stroller are on the road. No problems at all on bumpy sidewalks/pavement.
I would recommend buying a third party leash, like the kind used for surfboards or body boards, to prevent it from rolling away in the event that you lose your grip.

Graco Trekko Classic Connect Stroller, Metropolis (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Review

Graco Trekko Classic Connect Stroller, Metropolis (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Featuring a 1 hand foldable frame, 3-wheel design, front swivel wheel, rotating canopy
  • Deluxe padded seat with 4-position recline lies flat for baby’s comfort.
  • Convertible 3 or 5-point harness grows with your child, fitting up to 50 pounds.
  • 180 degree rotating canopy with peek-a-boo window fabrics shades your child from any direction.
  • No-flat tires will take you on any journey
  • Featuring a 1-hand foldable frame, 3-wheel design, front swivel wheel, rotating canopy, and an adjustable harness, the Trekko seamlessly combines convenience and comfort.
  • No-flat tires will take you on any journey. Large storage basket and adjustable handle height make this stroller infinitely practical.

Graco Trekko Classic Connect Stroller, Metropolis (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

Tackles Terrain Like a Champ! (By Amy T.)

Overall, the Trekko is a great stroller. I like the sun canopy and the ease of going over different types of terrain. The infant seat enclosure is a nice touch and the recline is easy. There are a couple of things I wish the stroller had, and one issue with a wobbling wheel, which I demonstrate to you in this video review.

A good stroller for the price but with some drawbacks (By N. Reuter)

I bought this stroller with the car seat and have been using it with my now 15 month old son since his birth, so I figured I would chime in on some of my feedback on this stroller.

– Comfortable seat, my son really likes it
– Pretty sturdey
– A good value for the price

– VERY heavy
– Not to be used for jogging, despite the three-wheel design
– Does not fold very compact at all. Putting in the trunk of a car often requires removal of front wheel (which is pretty easy)
– Not that durable. The seat folding bar snapped off on me at about the eight month mark and still I can’t adjust the seat up or down without removing the fabric cover and manually adjusting it
– The basket sucks. If you put even something slightly heavy in it (like a sweatshirt), it will fall off the two small hooks on the side and land on the brakes, which engages them
-The sun shade could be bigger. I always feel like it’s too far back or too far forward but there is no in between position

If you are looking at this stroller you are probably thinking, like we were, that we want something reasonably priced that will grow with our child and allow us to do occasional more rough and tumble strolles on unpaved areas. We also don’t live in a city but a suburb so the walking isn’t as necessary – we usually walk a few times a day on our street, probably a mile or two a day, occasionally more if we go places like a mall or the beach or something. ANd it works for that.

We are having a 2nd child now and are switching to a City Mini double stroller. It is much nicer than this one, but also costs almost $200 more – so it’s up to your budget. This stroller gets the job done but like anything you get what you pay for.

For all this, the stroller has been OK. It has travelled with us several times (four flights) and been fine. It’s just


I had a different Graco stroller (the 4 wheeled kind) for the first year with our son, and I always hated how the wheels sounded when we were taking walks on the boardwalk that is near by, and even down our street… they just never seemed sturdy. Well, just after our son’s first birthday the front wheel finally broke off. I decided for my next stroller I wanted a 3 wheel stroller that would be for any terrain. I do not jog, so it is not used for those purposes, just wanted something I could take anywhere without worrying about the wheels. This stroller has been WONDERFUL! I am so upset that I didn’t just get one like this from the beginning.

Best features:
Easy set up; only took me a few minutes to do, the wheels just had to be put on.
Easy to fold up. It is trully as easy as they say and show in the video. It can be done with one hand.
Comfortable seat.
Huge storage bin underneath. I have never seen one that would fit so much stuff.
Easy to maneuver back and forth and around objects.
Sturdy wheels.
Adjustable handlebar.
Seat reclines in several different positions for child to sit up or lay all the way back, and it’s easy to do!

Only down falls:
No snack tray for baby or cupholders for parents. BUT, I used the brica cupholder on the handlebar for my drink and the brica snack pod on the side for baby to reach his cup and snacks, and they work great, so it’s really not an issue.
The stroller is very LARGE!!! Which is great, however it’s hard to fit in some vehicles. We have an SUV with a huge trunk, so for me it’s not a problem, but when we put it in my in-laws vehicle we had to remove the wheels in order for it to fit. But it was very easy to get them off, and then back on. DIdn’t cause much of a problem at all for us.

So you can see the positives out do the negatives in a big way… I would highly recommend this stroller to anyone!!!! It’s a great buy!

We Love It (By Noelle)

I got this stroller after doing a ton of research. It was the right price for me. I am a casual jogger and didn’t need a BOB for what the BOBs cost. My 2yo daughter loves it. We have multiple strollers and she always requests this one. The canopy is great. It shields from sun and wind and there is a eek a boo window that I love. The wheels are extremely sturdy. They go smoothly over gravel and large rocks. I live in a desert climate so the surfaces are not smooth, but this stroller feels like they are. It fits into the trunk of my Toyota Corolla. You can easily fix the wheel in front to go straight only or to swivel. It’s just a push of a button. The basket is huge.

On my second or third outing, while I was actually jogging, the front wheel began to wobble. No problem, I just detached it, turned it around, and re-attached it. No more wobbling after that. Now any time it happens, about once every five times, I take the front wheel off, turn it 180 degrees, then reattach it and that stops the wobbling for good. I’m really impressed because I read SO many complaints about jogging strollers wobbling, and I thought it was a curse of any jogging stroller under $300.

I love that I can use this again with the next baby because it accepts Graco car seats.

Problem one, this monster is quite heavy. But that is typical for joggers. I don’t have any trouble with it because it’s extremely easy to fold and unfold, but it is not practical for light use. That is why I am going to replace my now-broken umbrella stroller with a Graco Liteway. My daughter and I use our strollers an awful lot so I need the two. This is not the stroller I choose to keep in my trunk for trips to the mall, or for the walk to daycare. It is just too bulky.
I prefer to keep it in the garage and use it for long walks with the dog in our neighborhood and the occasional jog. It’s wonderful for that. I can steer it with one hand while I play with my phone.

Another problem is that if I put too much stuff in the basket, it detaches. No problem, it’s easy to fix. But I didn’t want to carry my purse. My purse was really heavy that day. It had my work laptop in it. So I will be purchasing a stroller hook for that.

Also I’m bummed that it doesn’t have a snack tray for my daughter. I bought a detachable cup holder for her, but I don’t really like it because it doesn’t stay in place. The only thing I would change about this stroller is that I would add a snack tray.

So for the price I give this 5 stars. I paid about 145 for it. Had I spent 200 or more I would have given it four stars for not having a snack tray for baby. Other than that it’s pretty great for jogging and/or long walks.

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller, Tangerine Review

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller, Tangerine

  • One second, one hand fold provides the ultimate in convenience for moms on the go.
  • Air filled, rubber tires for a smooth ride on any terrain and a locking front swivel wheel for an easy transition
  • Stroller holds child up to 50 pounds for year of comfortable strolling
  • Accepts all Graco Click Connect infant car seats so you can create your own travel system.
  • Extra large storage basket, parent tray with 2 cup holders, and pivoting child tray add convenience
  • One-second, one-hand fold provides the ultimate in convenience for moms on-the-go.
  • Air-filled, rubber tires for a smooth ride on any terrain and a locking front swivel wheel for an easy transition from strolling to jogging.
  • Stroller holds child up to 50 pounds for year of comfortable strolling. Deluxe, padded, multi-position reclining seat for baby’s comfort.
  • Extra-large storage basket, parent tray with 2 cup holders, and pivoting child tray add convenience. Jogger frame wipes down easily with soap and warm water.

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller, Tangerine Reviews

Absolutely Fabulous Running Stroller (By Katherine Chan)

Graco’s FastAction Jogging Stroller definitely gives other brands such as Phil and Teds and BOB a run for the money. There are a lot of things to like about this stroller, with a few cons – but these cons are highly subjective (you’ll see why later in the review). I experimented running with this stroller with both my kids (a little over 30 lb 3 year old and a 40 something pound 5 year old). I did not test this stroller with the FastAction carseat. Here’s a quick overview before I delve more into detail about the pros and cons of this stroller:

Set up for the stroller was fairly straight forward, and most items on the stroller were preassembled. Each item would loudly click into place, so you’ll know if a piece is in or not. The only piece I had a little difficulty inserting was the kickstand piece. This piece requires you to snap a plastic piece on a metal bar on the underside of the stroller – thankfully my husband had no problem pushing that piece in! Disassembly is also very easy – many of the components can be removed by pushing a button and pulling the component out. Some pieces are optional (arm rests for the kids, kid tray, and parent tray). The parent tray includes a spot to securely hold you cell phone in both a horizontal or vertical orientation, as well as an closeable compartment for keys, chapsticks, GUs, etc. There is an arm tether strap attached to the bottom storage basket area, in case you want added security when running down hills.

Each brake can be locked individually on the back tires. There is a huge storage basket that is made out of fabric, so you can store towels, diaper bag, diapers, water bottles, and other sundry items. The seat is adjustable to 3 positions – fully sitting up, partially reclining, and lying down.
Adjusting the seat is very easy – simply push the seat up until it clicks to get the seat in an upright position, then squeeze two bars located on the back of the seat to recline. To collapse the stroller, you just pull up on a strap located in the crease on the child’s seat. To assemble, just unlatch the large plastic clip on the side of the seat and lift the stroller’s handlebar upwards. Folding and down really took minimal effort.


The Wheels
With an air filled 12\” diameter bicycle wheel in the front, and a pair of air filled 16\” diameter bicycle wheels in the rear, the wheels allow for a smoother ride for the child. When taking my kid out for a run in the park, the ride seemed smooth with very few bumps. This stroller would be great for running on jogging trails and for going over rougher terrain. The distance from wheel to foot is also good. Because the handlebars are set further back, I had no issues with bumping the basket or wheels on the stroller while running.

Good Control
Control is a huge issue when maneuvering anywhere with a stroller – even when not running. I found that I was able to maneuver this stroller easily when running, and had an equally easy time when just rolling with this stroller through the zoo, where slightly smaller aisles are sometimes. The front wheel allows for good turns, and unlike the Phil and Ted’s Sports V.2, we didn’t have issues with a locked wheel on smooth surfaces like linoleum.

The Canopy
This canopy is awesome. The canopy is large, has a closeable flap parent view window (uses mesh to look through instead of plastic, and can be covered with more material so no light goes down), and has mesh openings on the sides so the kids can see to the sides of them without having to lean forward to look around the canopy. Our old Phil and Ted Sports stroller didn’t even cover half the amount that this canopy does. If you happen to have a carseat clicked into place, this canopy would allow for full coverage of the top of the carseat/stroller, and because of the mesh sides, your kid will be able to breath easy and have a little diffused light going in, just so you can keep an eye on him/her.

The Parent Tray
This is the first parent tray I’ve seen that actually has the parent in mind. There are two cup holders for drinks – to go coffee cups, water bottles, soda cans, and so forth will fit in there fine without fear of tippage. The cup holders are deep, and are made of rigid plastic. The smartphone/iPod holder is a nice touch. With many parents using apps like Runkeeper, iFit, etc on their phones to track mileage, it was about time that someone put a designated holder for the phone. There is a spring loaded bar that will hold the phone in place. Underneath the phone holder is a compartment for all those other items you want to bring, but don’t necessarily want in plain view for everyone. I was able to stow my keys, my phone, a small wallet, and a pack of candy I didn’t want the kids to see in there. This is probably the best thing about the parent tray – I can keep my stuff close at hand without having to resort to using the cup holders to hold everything.

Storage Basket
While made of mesh sides and nylon material for the bottom, this basket is quite durable. You can easily stow a diaper bag in there, or in my case a bunch of jackets, bags of snacks, and my purse in there. When we took this stroller to the zoo, we were able to stow our full Case Logic dSLR camera backpack in the storage basket with enough room to spare for an extra jacket for each of my two kids, as well as a couple of small snacks. This would be a good stroller to take along for long hikes.

The Kickstand and Setup/Fold down
Most strollers are like puzzles when setting up and breaking down. You have to take multiple steps and push multiple buttons in the correct sequence to get it up or down. This stroller really is the easiest to set up a break down. Unlock one latch and lift up handlebar to set up, and pull one handle and lift up to break down. The kickstand is the best thing about the whole breakdown process…when you pull the handle up, the stroller folds and the kickstand keeps it in the upright position. This means that when your stroller is folded, you don’t have to tip it over gently to lay it down on the floor, then later bend over to pick it up off the floor. My husband raved about this, simply because he was the one who usually has to load this in the car, and bending over to pick up a 30 something pound stroller isn’t fun.

Huge Buttons to Remove the Wheels/Armrests/Trays/Etc
I hate having to search under, under, behind, etc to find those tiny little metal \”buttons\” to push into the plastic in order to release the wheels and other pieces from a stroller. I hate having to use a screwdriver to push pieces in because my fingers are just too fat/delicate to mash those buttons in. Thank you Graco, for making those release buttons HUGE and easily accessible. Now I can take off those extra pieces when I need to without having to struggle. Best part – just because the buttons are huge doesn’t mean than pieces will accidently get triggered and fall off. You still need to work to remove pieces – just not insanely hard to do so.

The Fabric
It’s easily spot cleaned and durable. What’s not to like? From what I’ve seen, it doesn’t stain easily, either.

The Footrest
Normally I wouldn’t include this in a review, however, Graco really got something really right with this footrest. It’s all rigid plastic, with a small dotted texture for grip. This allows for easy cleanup. The other thing I like about it is that it’s not this huge blocky footrest like the old Graco systems. It’s just large enough for my kids to rest their feet, but not so large that it’s bumping into everything when I happen to use this stroller in smaller spaces.


Nonadjustable Height for Handlebar
At a lofty 5′ tall, this is a slightly difficult stroller for me to maneuver. Because the handlebar is part of one long bar that extends down the side of the stroller, there is no way to adjust the bar up or down. When I hold onto the handlebars, my hands are positioned at about chest level – not a terrible position, but not entirely comfortable either. When the canopy is up, I cannot see directly in front of the stroller wheel, and therefore have a tough time gauging how far I have in front of me before bumping into something. For taller people, this won’t be an issue. My husband, who is 5’7\” didn’t have a problem with the bar height.

Cellphone Holder
If you have an iPhone 5 with a case on, or any phone larger than an iPhone 5, your phone will NOT fit well in the cell holder. I tested out the phone holder with both the case on and off my phone (I have a Belkin Clear Case on my phone Belkin View Case / Cover For New Apple iPhone 5 (Black)) and my phone would not fit in either the vertical or horizontal orientation. When I remove the case, the phone fit fine in the horizontal orientation, but was a very VERY tight fit for the vertical orientation – the iPhone 5 is just too tall. My friend just laughed when he saw the opening and didn’t even try to put his Samsung Galaxy in there. iPhone 4s, iPods, and other smaller phones will fit in there, just fine.

Weight & Size
I found this stroller to be too heavy to want to lug in and out of the car. It practically takes up the entire trunk of my Prius (that said, Prius trunks are not very big), and to get maximum fold down, you have to take off the kid tray. However, my husband and I agree that if you are going on a day trip with the kids/going on holiday with the kids, this stroller is totally worth is – Disneyland or the zoo is 100% more enjoyable when you don’t have to haul all the kid’s bags on your back, and the kids can relax a little in the stroller. But again, at 5′, this thing is a bear for me to get in and out of the car. Most people probably won’t have a problem with this, but I certain did.

All in all, I really like this stroller. The biggest cons I have with the stroller really are because I’m short – for most people who average out at 5’4 for women and 5’10 for men (according to Google), this stroller is parent perfect. It has a lot of great features for both the child and parent. Highly recommended.

Great stroller, one minor flaw (By Liz Jaff)

I bought this stroller in preparation for the birth of my first child. Overall it has been an awesome stroller and has helped me work off the baby weight because going on walks is so fun and easy. It’s so easy to push and maneuver that you forget how big and bulky it is. I’ve only had one little issue (that I was able to fix), but I docked a star because of it.
So easy to turn and push because the front wheel swivels
Lots of space for a diaper bag (a huge diaper bag in my case) underneath
East to take wheels off (to fill them up with air, or to fit in a trunk better)
So easy to fold, you literally pull a strap with one hand
The click connect car seat works perfectly with this stroller. *More about this below

It’s pretty heavy, and large (for a 5’4″ lady). It took a little while for me to learn how to lift it into the trunk of my car effectively.
Unless you have an SUV or larger type trunk, you’d probably have to remove the tires each time to fit it in
There is a pin on the front wheel so you can lock it so it doesn’t swivel, the pin on mine wouldn’t stay up and would randomly fall into the lock position during a walk. This was my biggest frustration because if the front wheel doesn’t swivel the stroller becomes a pain to turn. I tried taping the pin up, etc etc, nothing worked until I finally pulled out a screwdriver and removed the pin all together. I have pictures to show this, I just unscrewed the four screws at the bottom of the plastic foot rest, took that piece off, and the lever with the pin came right off. It turned out a lot easier than I expected, I wish I hadn’t messed with the tape and other “quick” fixes that didn’t work. The pin problem is the reason I gave this review 4 stars instead of 5.


I purchased this stroller a week ago after spending quite a long period of time researching a budget-friendly stroller that I could run well with. I have an In-Step Safari jogging stroller which I’d received -used- from a friend about two years ago. Let me just say that I loved the In-Step stroller and it held up so very well for all the miles and terrain I ran through with it; however, the tires recently wore completely out!! SO much so that the inner tube was protruding through the outer tire! Seeing how it lasted me so long though, it was only a matter of time before the tires gave out. Well, after looking online for replaceable tires for that jogger and realizing it’d be more cost-effective just to purchase a completely new stroller (the one I had was probably 5 or so years old), I began looking online and comparing to see what would be my best option. I first noticed that the new In-Step Ssafari strollers had plastic – not spoke like the older version – wheels, and I continually read how that was a hinderance to jogging strollers. So, I ran across this Graco, and seeing as how they have never made a jogger before, I guess I should’ve taken that as a warning sign not to get it. HOWEVER, so many people rated this stroller well compared to many other joggers in it’s price range and many said that they chose it over a BOB… Well I don’t know who would ever choose this stroller to run in PERIOD. I guess that if you JOGGED a few miles here and there it would be a good option, but to RUN with your child in this stroller frequently is NOT fun! I am honetly telling you would be disappointed!
First of all, this stroller is very heavy! I read many reviews complaining about it’s weight, but I didn’t notice how it would truly effect running with it!
Because it is so heavy, I had a tough time keeping it steered well even with the wheel locked straight (which obviously you have to do in order to run with it). The problem with this was that my wrists and arms actually were irriated from having to use the strength to steer the darn thing!
Also, when I would take sharp turns with my In-Step stroller it would turn effortlessly. This Graco was horrible!!! Not only would it take a longer turn to actually TURN, lol, but the wheels opposit the side that I turned would literally lift off the ground. I worry that the dang thing could’ve toppled over with my daughter in it!!!
ALSO – the UNIVERSAL phone holders are NOT universal! My smartphone did not fit! And that wouldn’t have even bothered me, but I had nowhere else to store anything up top if I didn’t keep the cupholder on the jogger while running. Another problem with the cupholder was the storage bin; if you are using the stroller just to walk around or go somewehre like the store it would be handy, but if you are running down the street and you hit any kind of bump it clanks so loud because it doesn’t have a hook to stay closed. So annoying.
The front wheel also makes a loud clank when you hit bumps (not even big bumps). I think a lot of this has to do with the lack of a shock system on this stroller, which my In Step had.
Finally, the last negative thing I have to say, the morning that I went to return it, I found that one of the wheels had lost all of it’s air!! I hadn’t even had the thing but a WEEK! Guess it was a sign that I needed to get rid of it! lol.
I really was excited because I read so many great reviews on this – and it IS a well-made stroller – but it is NOT good for someone who is trying to run well with their kids. For walking and shopping tripes, it is indeed nice because it has good storage and comfort. I kept it for a week to try to see if it was just me trying to get used to the differences, but I ended up just getting more angry the more I ran with it.
About the only thing I absolutely loved about it was the comfortabilty for my daughter while we ran. She loved all the cushion and the full coverage of the canopy.
Other than that, I wish I would have paid a little more money for the Schwinn Turismo in the beginning – because it is basically the In-Step Safari I have but with better features. Those strollers are a reasonable price and they are phenomenal for durability, smooth rides, etc. I wanted something new for a little less and.. I ended up retuning it! You live and you learn I guess.
Anyway, I never make it a point to spend time writing reviews, but I think it is important that people who are looking for a truly GOOD jogging stroller to RUN in be able to find one that they will actually be satisfied with while they are running. There is nothing more annoying than going out on a run with a stroller that doesn’t make your run enjoyable but rather stressful… I hope this review helps someone. I don’t mean to be all negative, I just was so completely upset that this stroller was such a disappointment. In my eyes, if Graco wants to appeal to runners, they have many adjustments to make.

Graco Relay Click Connect Performance Jogger, Lynx Review

Graco Relay Click Connect Performance Jogger, Lynx

  • All the convenience accessories are included in this ultimate performance jogger, so there’s nothing more to buy
  • Pneumatic tires and a locking front-swivel wheel with tracking are built to handle all of your jogs while staying active with baby
  • Jogging strollers premium suspension system offers high-grade performance for a smooth ride on any terrain
  • Breathable, premium tech fabrics are upgraded for your child’s comfort and feature reflective piping for added visibility in low light
  • One-second, one-hand fold provides the ultimate in convenience for moms on the go

Graco Relay Click Connect Performance Jogger, Lynx Reviews

Move over BOB. (By Geno)

Im a dad and I picked this up. Its too bad that Graco picked to only sell these at a specific retailer at first, because its such a great jogger.
If they sold this at other retailers, it would definitely take a lot of BOB clientele. BUT NOW BEING ON AMAZON, it will finally get some attention!

I encourage others to purchase this if they were looking for a true jogger, but dont want to pay premium BOB prices.

Well, this actually ALSO has a premium price, but you get a lot more. Esp for new parents who will need to get an infant car seat. Amazon has a great price for the BLUE color.

The GRACO click connect 35 infant car seat just clicks right in. That is what I have. I got the all black colorway. What people should know is this stroller also has a high COOL FACTOR! It looks darn sporty and cool. The other “CLICK CONNECT” series will click into this.

No need for adapters to click Graco click connect infant seats. Has a parent tray (or pockets) and has a child bar/cup holder. I would have to spend an extra $100-150 with BOB in accessories to do that.

BOB had its time, but now they are getting exposed on being overpriced. Yea its great product, but to pay all that extra.

What is nice about BOB and Chicco Activ3/Tre joggers are the 2 setting shocks. One stiff and one soft setting. The stiff setting, at least in the Chicco is pretty much like having no shocks, it did have some bounce but very little and required a lot of force. The all terrain setting is on par with and all comparable among the 3. Good travel and bounce when needed. The dual setting is nice, but not necessarily required, but almost asked to be included since those aforementioned cost significantly more.

This Should Be Your New Jogger! (By Elizabeth Ann Bergesen)

I love this stroller! I was previously using the Graco Fast Action Jogger Click Connect Stroller as my jogging stroller, and the new Graco Relay Jogging Stroller is ten times better!

This new stroller has a lower, stream lined design to it, it is lighter and smaller when folded compared to the Fast Action Jogger. It doesn’t have a kick stand and auto lock latch that the Fast Action does, and I wish they would have kept those two features.

But, I really don’t even feel I should be comparing it to the Fast Action Jogger as the Relay looks and performs more like a Bob Revolution.

Because of the new design, the bottom basket has been reduced in size (compared to the Fast Action) and is more the size of a Bob. There is no plastic cup holder/tray (like the Fast Action has) and instead you have a large mesh basket on the back of the seat, along with a zippered storage pouch that straps on the handle bar. If you use a large water bottle then just purchase a hook to add onto your handle bar and you will be fine.

The canopy is a nice improvement as it is lined with UV 50 fabric. This canopy is a nice size, extends low which means great coverage, and stays put!

Let’s just mention the upgraded wheels and amazing suspension! Wow – this is what I’ve been waiting for! While it doesn’t have two levels of adjustable suspension for the back tires (like the Bob has) I really don’t think you need it. This stroller rolls over things like butter – nice and smooth!

I have to mention the padding and seat incline. There is a lot of padding on the seat and seat back, and there is a slight incline to the seat making it almost like a bucket seat.
This is great as I always felt that the only thing holding my one year old into the Fast Action was the crotch strap due to the lack of incline in the seat. That is not a problem with the Relay as he now sits back into the seat with the right amount of incline.

There are so many things that are done right with this stroller, and I can see folks (who don’t want to pay Bob prices) really enjoying this one. Heck, I can even see Bob folks converting to this one!

Awesome jogging stroller (By John Hale)

This stroller is awesome. It has clean lines, awesome construction, and comes with all of the add-ons that you have to purchase separately with other jogging strollers. One hand breakdown works just like other Graco strollers and the rear wheel disconnect system is awesome. We initially looked at the Bob, but our tall toddler just didn’t fit so we expanded our search and found the jaguar and couldn’t be happier. The ergonomics are top notch. One minor design flaw popped up though; the front wheel is difficult to inflate because of the size of the rim. You really can’t get standard bike pump nozzles into the space the air up the tire. I eventually used an air compressor with a gas station style air nozzle and that worked perfectly.

Excellent jogger on a budget! (By Big Dawg)

We are Bob stroller fans, we have been using our Bob for several years now and it is still running strong. This Graco Click Connect Jogger is very promising, it is built well, feels very solid, has all the comfort features of the Bob with its suspension and large pneumatic tires. The best thing with the Graco is it comes complete with everything you need to go!

Here’s are the items to highlight.
– Solid build quality
– Large pneumatic
– Good suspension
– Easy to maneuver
– Comes complete with cup holder tray and parent bag.
– Easy click on rear wheels.
– Simple and easy fold and unfold.
– Seat is slightly slimmer than on the Bob
– Smaller than Bob when folded

– Non adjustable handle bar height.
– No quick release for the front wheel.

– 40.25″ handlebar height
– 53″ long
– 25.5″ wide

– 37″ long
– 18.5″ tall

This is a great Jogging stroller, would I trade in my Bob for it, probably not, but if I didn’t have a jogger yet, this would be on the top of my list! Great job Graco!