Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Ultralight Rain Cover Review

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Ultralight Rain Cover

  • Exclusive made for the Caboose Ultralight and Caboose Too Ultralight strollers
  • Protects against rain and wind
  • Ventilated for breathability
  • Front opening allows items to be passed to child without removing or lifting cover
  • Easy to install

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Ultralight Rain Cover Reviews

works but could be designed better (By Amazon Customer)

The raincover is made of strong, durable material and covers both kids well. However, it’s a pain to get the front seated child in and out quickly as you have to lift the entire rain cover off to do so which, if it’s covered in rainwater, will result in water dripping off the cover and onto either the stroller or yourself if you’re not careful.
I understand why there is the front opening (to pass things to the front child) but my baby loves to grab hold of it and try and chew it. If it was a zip opening it would be better, maybe. As well as a way to keep the rqaincover on when removing the front child (like a velcro door or something like the rear child has.

poor design: too short (By Demi007)

i am very disapointed with this. I bought the one designed by the stroller company instead of a generic to make sure it would fit the peculiar design of the Joovy (longer). Las! It is too short in the front so my little one has her feet wet. Even with rainboots, the cover hits right above her boots so rain pours directly inside them…….
I tried several thing to make it work bc I thought I was not using it properly… Did not change anything
Kid in the back is somewhat covered, but same, not the legs.

Fit perfectly on only Joovy Caboose Ultralight (By Ling)

Since this stroller is particularly short, I highly doubt this cover will fit on other strollers. The cover is heavy duty and the flap in the front is useful to reach into the front seat or provide entertainment for my baby. It would be nice to have zippers to get the kids out of the stroller without taking the entire thing off though. Stayed on pretty securely to the stroller even though there weren’t a lot of snaps or fasteners. Relatively easy to get onto the stroller, although a little hard to fold up since the material is heavy duty.

It fits pretty well. My pet peeves (By MMK)

It fits pretty well.

My pet peeves:

1. There’s no zipper in the front so taking baby in and out is a pain in the butt because you have to remove the entire cover or bunch it up and let it rest on the top.

2. Bigger kids sitting in the back WITHOUT the added seat (so, just facing person pushing stroller) doesn’t get the best wind coverage and it touches her face so she can’t move much.

Overall functional. I like my old one better but, unfortunately, doesn’t fit this model stroller.

It makes going out much better in the winter and in not so perfect weather (By Zhi)

This cover does its job perfectly. It blocks out wind and rain yet provides a breathable environment under it for my baby girl. It makes going out much better in the winter and in not so perfect weather. Great purchase and my wife is glad I jumped on this.

Works as advertised but seams coming apart after a weekend of use (By daddyDIY)

We took the family to Walt Disney World and thought, just in case, let’s grab this cover. Glad we did. We needed it. It kept the stroller (joovy caboose which it fit perfectly) and the children safe and dry for 2 days of fairly heavy use. Upon unpacking back home, however, I found one of the edges had torn from the plastic already. A little disappointing in this respect. For light, infrequent use I’d recommend it, but I hesitate to say this will last for years of repeated use.

Awesome! (By Timothy)

We trooped for HOURS through Disneyworld in pouring rain the first week of May 2014 which was above normal rainfall for Orlando. It rained all day and yet both our 4 year old and 9 month old stayed perfectly dry, except for 9 month old tips of toes which stuck out a little bit, but not big deal. This works as advertised and fits perfectly over the Joovy Caboose Ultralight. I recommend everyone getting this…you never know when you need it! Don’t buy a universal…trust me!

It does what it needs to do. (By CK)

It worked great when we were in very cold windy conditions out of town. We could not have been outside without it.

It could definitely be better though. There should be a way to not lift the whole front up to get your kid out. I’ve seen ones on other strollers that just look like they are better quality and would be more, tolerable, to the passengers. Maybe they will make something better in the future.

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose VaryLight Graco Classic Connect Car Seat Adapter, Grey Review

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose VaryLight Graco Classic Connect Car Seat Adapter, Grey

  • Turn your Joovy caboose vary light stroller into a travel system
  • Uses the car seat’s existing latching mechanism to simply click into place
  • Caboose vary light strollers can fit two car seats
  • Compatible with Graco classic connect car seats

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose VaryLight Graco Classic Connect Car Seat Adapter, Grey Reviews

Great fit, but there is a slight problem…. (By April’s Fine Buys)

Works perfectly with my Graco car seat, but the only thing is that my son can not use the seat while the car seat is on the stroller. He can only stand. I bought the stroller thinking that he can sit while the car seat was on.

Works great! (By Annette)

Perfect addition to our stroller. Makes it exactly what we need right now. Very easy to install, just clicks in.

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller, Appletree Review

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller, Appletree

  • Patented stand on tandem design
  • Most compact, maneuverable tandem available
  • Includes a universal infant car seat attachment
  • Large storage basket, child tray with 2 cup holders
  • Easy trigger fold design

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller, Appletree Reviews

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! (By S. Hudspeth)

I did some research online about sit and stand strollers and was trying to decide between the Baby Trend LX Sit and Stand or the Joovy. I bought the Baby Trend because there were no local stores that carried the Joovy for me to look at it. So, I bought the Baby Trend, took it home, strolled around my house and found it was to big, I was hitting wall corners and could not see what was infront of me. I would have to lift the stroller to go around tight corners. So, I went on the hunt to fond this Joovy stroller to test out. I finally found a retailer, drove 40 miles to test it out and it was worth it. I could manouver it well, I had my son sitting and my infant car seat attached and strolled around the store perfectly. It was easy to fold and pick up also. Attachments went on and came off easily. I was so pleased, wondering what the bad reviews were about, those people are crazy!! Here are some things I found were not hard or inconvienat at all that others did:

1. The storage basket accessability: Yes, when your child is standing or sitting in the back area it is impossible to get to the basket from there, BUT WHY WOULD YOU ANYWAY???? The sides pull out so far that there is no need to access the basket any other way.

2.The wheels do not turn well: OK, this has to be due to no readng the owners manual! There is a lock on the front wheels that keeps them from swiveling if in lock posistion. Once unlocked the wheels swivel to make sharp turns at ease. The only way I knew this is because I read the manual!

3. The rear seat has little room when front seat in reclined: This is a fact, BUT the back seat slides back and forth, so if the seat is reclined you just pull the back seat foward more! AGAIN, READ THE MANUAL!


Great stroller!!! (By Rebecca)

I usually don’t write reviews but after reading positive & negative reviews, I felt I would share my experience. This stroller is fantastic!! If you follow the directions there should be no assembly issues. I had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands 4 months ago so my strength is limited, I put this together by myself in about 15minutes. My 6month old was in front & my 96th percentile for height 3 1/2 yearold was in back. She fits nicely on the seat & likes the freedom of jumping on & off. Walked on gravel, bumpy sidewalks & grass, had no steering problems. Lighter than my single chicco travel system stroller, and has storage for phone, keys etc on back of front seat. Only pitfall is no cup holder, but my umbrella stroller cup holder is detachable & fits. For the price the quality is fantastic!! I highly recomend to anyone whose kids have a 3+ age gap!!

Joovy Caboose VS Graco RoomFor2 (By Chihuahua)

I purchased both strollers to try out as my secondary stroller. However, I tried to be objective in my review as far as a someone only wanting one stoller is concerned. If you plan on using your stoller for extended times, outdoors, or have a special vacation in mind I would not recommend either of these strollers as your main stoller. Both are practical but neither are comfortable for either the babies or parent. Regardless here is my review.

Both: -are about the same weight and take up about the same space when folded up
-both have a tray table
-wheels are about the same size both made out of that hard foamy plastic material. Not rubber.
-Both front seats fit my 35lbs 3 year old toddler fine with the exception of the foot rest. So they both have room for

Joovy Pros: -Short wheel base. It is about 3 inches shorter then the Graco and doesn’t feel like a train when I push it. (size matters)
-Easy to fold but takes two hands.
-I liked the layout of the tray table compared to the Graco. It was flat between the two cup holders instead of a small
square “cup”
-Felt more sturdy then the Graco. And this was just the way it felt in your hands and not the structural integrity.
-I liked the buckle for baby better then the Graco however both were not super easy.

Joovy Cons: -Short wheel base. It is a bit harder to maneuver then the Graco.
-Canopy is a few inches narrower. But I think both were pretty useless as far as coverage goes.
-Tray table does not swivel like the Graco. It is either on or off (and not very easy to get off) Making it more of an effort to
buckle in baby which is not pleasant in MN sub arctic weather.
-Does not have parent cup holders.

Space for two kids in a very compact stroller! (By Kim)

I have a three-year-old and a four-month-old. I did a lot of research into double strollers, DREADING the thought of lugging around a behemoth. I expected to wind up purchasing a double jogger (along the lines of B.O.B.) but I checked this one out and I adore it.

This stroller is hardly bigger than a single, yet I can get both kids on it when I have to. I do not need any sort of attachment for my son’s car seat (Chicco Keyfit), it just plops right into place. My baby is very fussy so the fact that he can see me is a HUGE plus. My daughter loves being able to hop on and off her special seat in the back, it really gives her a sense of independence.

I am more than willing to sacrifice storage space for the compact size, but I will caution that there isn’t really much storage space at all. There’s a small pouch under the step that will fit maybe one regular sized shopping bag at the mall. If you can make the assumption that your older child will mostly be walking then the diaper bag or whatever can be perched on the step. Otherwise plan on carrying it.

Setup and breakdown of the stroller is a breeze, too.

This was exactly what I was looking for, thanks Joovy!

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight Tandem Stroller, Purpleness (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Review

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight Tandem Stroller, Purpleness (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Weighs just over 21 pounds and with the second full size seat installed it is just over 23 pounds
  • Two full size reclining seats, front seat has a 3 position recline and rear seat has a 130 degree recline
  • Includes parent organizer, child tray, universal car seat adapter and removable rear seat
  • All wheel suspension, linked parking brakes, over sized canopy and large storage basket with side pockets
  • Ultra maneuverable and compact, easy trigger fold design, accommodates two children up to 90 pounds

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight Tandem Stroller, Purpleness (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

Very misleading (Read this before you buy!) (By Linzua)

I did a ton of research before choosing this stroller and so I’m very disappointed that it’s just not what I expected it to be based on the reviews I read and photos I saw. As another customer said, this product is really misleading. According to the Joovy representative I spoke to (who was actually very nice), there was recently a regulation change that required Joovy to lower the recline of the front seat — so basically, when it’s in it’s most upright position, it is not even close to being upright (if I can figure out how to add a photo, I’ll take a picture of mine). This is not the case with older models, so if you look up images of the stroller in use, you’ll see a bunch of pictures of happy kids riding comfortably in the back seat. But FYI, that is NOT the stroller you are about to buy! Nope, that’s the old version. Nowhere did I see information about this change so when I purchased the stroller, I assumed it would/could look like the one in the photos I’d seen.

What happened was this: I got the stroller just before my baby was born in May, so once we started using it immediately after her birth, we used the carseat attachment and have been using it that way just fine for three months. This whole time, my older son was sitting awkwardly and uncomfortably in the back seat (because of how low the front seat was reclined in order to accommodate the carseat), but we knew it was only temporary until we could put the baby in the front without the carseat adapter. Well, we tried to do that over this past weekend and that’s when we realized that the recline we had it set to was actually the HIGHEST possible position! With this set up, a child CANNOT SIT COMFORTABLY in the back on the bench seat because the seat leans so far back.
It’s not as bad with the Too seat attached so that the child in the back is facing forward, but it’s still awkward since the front seat is reclined right into the back child’s face.

So basically, this adaptation they made completely defeats the purpose of the stroller! It makes it almost unusable. And yet, THEY DID NOT DISCLOSE IT CLEARLY ANYWHERE. Even the manual that came with the stroller shows the old model!

If you’re still interested in buying this stroller, make sure you know what you’re buying. Also, realize that any review written before the beginning of 2014 is for the OLD VERSION.

It’s too bad because otherwise, it’s a great stroller. I would honestly love it if it wasn’t for this huge issue, but sadly, this issue makes it uncomfortable for both of our children.

EDITED TO ADD: Amazon was awesome and allowed me to return the stroller for a full refund even though the return window had closed and we had been using it for 3-4 months. We got the City Select with the extra seat and are much happier — two comfy kiddos.

What a great stroller! (By BostonMom)

I bought this at another retailer with a 20% off coupon, but I would most certainly pay full price! The difference between the Ultralight Too and regular Ultralight is that this one comes with the Too seat at a savings of about $30 if purchased separately at retail price.

I have a newborn and 2.5 year old. The 2.5 year old is getting much more independent so I didn’t want to invest in a full double, but he’s not quite big enough to never need a full seat. This stroller is PERFECT for us! The Too seat is super light and easy to install/uninstall, so it’s not a big deal if my son changes his mind about how he wants to ride.

Setup was a breeze, with step-by-step, clear directions. I did it myself within 15 minutes.

It comes standard with a universal carseat adapter and my Chicco KeyFit 30 fits perfectly when the front seat is reclined to the second position. There’s not a ton of room in the backseat with the carseat installed, but my 27-pounder fits very comfortably and loves that he can keep an eye on his baby brother AND see out the front with this configuration. If your child is quite a bit bigger, this seat may not be ideal. The basket is also entirely off-limits with the Too seat attached, but the Mommy Hook helps with that problem.

The “parent console” is limited, but of minimal concern to me. Maneuvering is a dream, and it’s super compact and easy to open/close (though definitely not one-handed). I’ll definitely use it as a single as well as a double, and the value for the price is unparalleled. This is my first experience with a Joovy product, and they’ve definitely earned my future business with this stroller.

Compact stroller for Parents on the Go (By Amazon Customer)

When I took the stroller out of the box for assembly I was happy to find that minimal work needed to be done before it was ready to go. The wheels were put on as well as the hood and parent organizer. This literally took minutes.

The Caboose Too Ultralight is a fantastic compact double stroller weighing in at about 21 pounds in the stand-on mode and approximately 23 pounds in the too mode.

The full size rear seat is super easy to install onto the existing rear bench and stroller frame. Just place on top of bench, pull the safety belt through the bottom, a few snaps and velcro attachments and voila – ready! The Caboose Too seat reclines and has a 5 point harness. It can be used from 6 months of age to a max weight of 45 pounds.

As you can see, the stroller is compact in profile and not bulky as others. Both kids are comfortable for a short ride to the neighborhood park and all day at an amusement park.

A unique feature of the Caboose Too Ultralight, in addition to the huge underneath basket, are the side pockets on both sides of the basket. I easily placed a baby carrier, jacket/sweater, hats, etc. for our day. There is a velcro closure in case you want to place smaller items for storage.

My favorite parent organizer ever – made of a stretchy neoprene material – has two cupholders with storage space on one side and a zippered pocket on the reverse side. You just slip it over the handlebar and it’s ready to use. This thing is durable and can even accommodate the souvenir cup.

The five point harness on the front seat was easy to adjust for Mason and he was secure and ready to roll. There are 3 height adjustments for the strap so many more years of strolling for our family.
While the feet of the child in the rear seat go into the storage basket, the front child gets an adjustable footrest. It can go all the way up for infants like Mason or down for longer legs like Kenzie’s.

This double stroller also comes with a universal car seat adapter. Just snap off the snack tray and place the adapter right on. Make sure to recline the front seat before placing the car seat onto the bar. There are visual instructions right on the adapter in case you forget how to use. The straps for extra security are located right inside the side pockets next to the front seat – clever right?

The shade is huge and the range spans the entire stroller. You can adjust it meet the sun as you stroll. The fold is also an important feature of a stroller because when you have two or more tots to look after, you don’t want to fumble around. I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of close – just pull up on the two red tabs on each side of the stroller and push forward to close.

Easily portable, smooth suspension, easy to nap and snack, two happy kiddos = satisfied parent. This is the perfect stroller for any type of outing and travel.

Joovy Stroller: JOOVY Qool Insect Net, Black Review

Joovy Stroller: JOOVY Qool Insect Net, Black

  • Keeps insects away while providing shade
  • Breathable mesh material
  • Conveniently tucks away under the seat while not in use
  • For use with the qool and too qool (front seat only)

Joovy Stroller: JOOVY Qool Insect Net, Black Reviews

Five Stars (By alexander)

Great!!! Very convenient and practicle

Joovy Stroller: JOOVY Scooter X2 Double Stroller, Black Review

Joovy Stroller: JOOVY Scooter X2 Double Stroller, Black

  • 30″ width-fits through standard doors, accommodates two 45 pounds children (90 pounds total)
  • Recline each seat and adjust each footrest independently of each other
  • One-hand fold, huge basket and canopy, removable bumper bar
  • Large wheels have sealed bearings making it easy to maneuver, linked parking brakes
  • Includes two cup holders for parents and two zippered pockets for phones, wallets, snacks, etc

Joovy Stroller: JOOVY Scooter X2 Double Stroller, Black Reviews

Questions that were answered. (By XannaBaby)

It took me forever to decide between this or the baby jogger GT double. I couldn’t find this in stores but I fell in love with the GT when I test drove it. But it was soooo expensive after taxes it comes out to over 600 dollars. If I really wanted it I could buy it but the Joovy had such good reviews and a huge under basket. UGH! I was undecided!! I said forget it I’m buying this one and buying my oldest daughter a loft bed with the money I saved lol made perfect sense. I love this stroller!!! The moment I walked out the door I was given complents on it. It has great padding and the blue is so beautiful! I had questions that were finally answered after I got it. Here’s my answers
Yes! It can fit through the check out isle at the grocery store. With tons of room to spare.
Yes! It can fit through ANY door way
Yes! It can fit into the trunk of a Kia Soul!
Yes! My kids love it!
Yes! The sun shade is sufficient.
Yes! The belly bar thing is useful!
Although I love it there are some things that would make this the best double stroller in the universe! If the sun shade visor was two separt ones, if the stroller would stand on its own when you fold it. Seriously if joovy comes out with those two things on a newer model I’m going to buy it like a new iPhone, pre ordered and super excited lol

Excellent for price! (By Mama Nikki)

Compared to other more expensive double strollers, this stroller is excellent for its price. I couldn’t bring myself to spend the money on a BOB or the like, so after much research, we found this product. We currently own a JOOVY play-yard and love it, so we knew the quality would be great. I LOOOOOOVE this stroller, and more importantly, so do my three children ranging from 6 months to almost 5 years old! It was super easy to assemble on my own as my babies napped, and is very easy to fold/unfold. It is a double stroller, so there is some weight to it when lifting into an SUV, but it’s totally doable; the front wheels can also easily come off to make the stroller more compact for storage in a car. The stroller has a TON of underneath storage [2 compartments!!!!]; a HUUUUUGE sun shade/visor [a must for me] — although I do wish it was ratcheted and could adjust depending on the light’s direction; both seats fully recline so children can be changed or take a much needed nap in it complete with lots of privacy and darkness [a must for me]; it’s very easy, and FUN, to push, turn, and navigate; and the optional bar is great for my older kids to put their legs up on when their seat is fully reclined to relax and stretch out their legs, too. My almost 5 and 3 year old babies are really tall and when riding in it, their long legs are still far enough away from the front wheels for comfort and safety [other stroller wheels we’ve had would always come into contact with their feet leading to them pressing on the wheel, or getting burned from its heat]. My only *wish* for this stroller is that it had a sturdy plastic cup holder for hot drinks/thermoses [it only has a fish-net nylon one]. Each seat additionally has its own enclosed space and two separate nylon nets for their drinks or trinkets. I’m incredibly happy with this double stroller and can’t wait to take it on more outings!

Well-made and easy to maneuver (By Kari S.)

I love this stroller. We initially got a slightly less expensive double stroller with the seats positioned one in front of the other, and I found that stroller extremely difficult to maneuver. Part of the problem is that my 2 year old is 40 inches tall and almost 40 pounds. The Joovy stroller accommodates him and my 10-week-old (I added a car seat neck support) perfectly, and is very easy to maneuver. Love the bright, visible color because sidewalks are close to the road where we live. The baskets below are super roomy, which is an added perk. This is a great product for the price.

excellent stroller (By Samantha Mullen)

Awesome stroller for my 6 month old and 4 yr old amazing huge storage and fits in a average sized cars trunk!! Just a bit on the heavy side

Basic, but gets the job done (By Rosalie McFall)

* Fits through most doorways
* Easy to steer
* GIANT basket underneath
* Canopy is one of the largest out there, shade for days
* Plenty of space/pockets for both kiddos
* Zipper pockets behind each child seat are great for stashing phone/camera/wallet for outings
* Belly bar is easily removed for access/storage
* Seats are easy to position with one hand
* One step brakes for the rear wheels
* Easy to fold
* Bright color makes it easy to pick out in a crowd

* 5-point harness is impossible to adjust – my husband and I both had major difficulties trying to get it to tighten; we ended up giving up. It works fine for us but, if you have a runner or escape artist, could be an issue.
* Plastic front (the portion that has the logo) feels very cheap/flimsy
* This stroller is very clearly only made for paved roads/walkways, it is terrible on grass, gravel, etc.
* If your kiddos are different weights, the stroller does list a bit in the direction of the heavier child
* Handlebar cannot be adjusted and is rather short, which can lead you to accidentally kick the brake (I’m 5’2″ and find that I’m OK while on a leisurely stroll, but often have to shorten my stride if I’m trying to move at a faster pace. My husband is 5’9″ and can push the stroller, but would prefer to be able to adjust the handlebar a bit higher)

Overall, we are happy with this stroller as it fits our intended purpose for using it: walks around town, the zoo, and a trip to Disney. We felt that, for the price, it was one of the better options available, and have found that we actually go on more walks because it enables us to be out longer. (I was originally looking at the B.O.B.
doubles, but the price was just too much to justify the purchase.) The baskets under each seat hold everything but the kitchen sink, and there are plenty of additional pockets to go around. I would not recommend this stroller as a jogging stroller, but it’s certainly great for getting around town.

Joovy Stroller: JOOVY Twin Roo+ Car Seat Adapter, Graco Snugride Click Connect Review

Joovy Stroller: JOOVY Twin Roo+ Car Seat Adapter, Graco Snugride Click Connect

  • Uses the car seat’s existing latching mechanism to simply click into place
  • Includes adapters for 2 car seats
  • For use with Joovy Twin Roo+ (Twin Roo Plus) model only

Joovy Stroller: JOOVY Twin Roo+ Car Seat Adapter, Graco Snugride Click Connect Reviews

Works for the Snugride Click Connect 30 too!! (By Urfriendlindsey)

The Graco adaptors list that only the Snugride Click Connect 35 and 40 are compatible and not the 30. It definitely works for the 30 as well, not sure why it’s not listed as compatible. I do have a very minor issue though. Its advertised that you can switch which way the car seats face (which you could not with the original twin roo) and that was the selling point for me. While technically that is true, in order to face the car seat in a different direction you have to uninstall the adaptors and switch them out. I was under the impression that I could simply unlatch the car seat and face it the opposite direction without any other hassle. Like I said not a major issue but just thought I would mention it. It could very well just be with the Graco seats too.

Doesn’t work with Graco Snugride Classic (By D. M. McClendon)

Just a reminder this only works with the 30/35/40 Graco Snugride Connect not classic.

P.S. don’t buy the $800 ones they are restocking them and price is only 19.99.

Easy to put on the stroller (By Ashley)

Used with Graco Click Connect 35 carseats. Easy to put on the stroller, and connects perfectly. Easy disconnect as well.

Great adapters (By D. Mcmillan)

Works great with Joovy twin Roo+ stroller. We have the Chicco key fit 30 car seats and they snap right into this adapter. Fits nice and snug,feels very sturdy.

like pushing a huge shopping cart (By janie allen)

Extremely big and heavy, like pushing a huge shopping cart. But I guess having something both twins go in is going to big huge.

Easy to use, great product (By Jennifer Labriola)

Easy to install into our Twin Roo+ — works great with our Graco Click Connect. It’s heaven sent!

Easy to use and lightweight! (By JCrizzle)

Fits specifically for Joovy Twin Roo – lightweight and easy to put on stroller.

Very pleased! (By Amanda J LaManna)

Easy to install, nice secure fit with our Cybex Aton 2 car seats

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Too Rear Seat, Black Review

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Too Rear Seat, Black

  • Caboose Too Rear Seat is compatible with older Caboose, Caboose Ultralight and Big Caboose models. For new Graphite models, please use the new version: Joovy Caboose Rear Seat
  • Full-size rear seat for toddler still too young to sit on the bench seat or stand on platform
  • Installs easily onto the existing rear platform and stroller frame
  • Multi-position reclining seat with 5 point harness
  • Seat minimum age 6 months, max child weight: 45 pounds

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Too Rear Seat, Black Reviews

I wish I had known about this seat earlier, and so does my son! (By Stephanie S. Hinderks)

We are thrilled with this rear seat. This little seat was a snap to install, and has extended the life of our Joovy Caboose Ultralight stroller. My oldest child is 4 and a half years old and very tall, and he still eagerly climbs into the back of the Joovy, now that we have this seat.

Our family has loved the Joovy Caboose Ultralight. It’s great and relatively easy for one parent to fold up and open. At first, my son loved to sit on the rear facing bench seat that comes standard in the back of the Joovy. However, once the novelty wore off and he grew taller, he started to complain that he couldn’t get comfortable (as he enviously eyed his two-year-old little sister chilling in her front seat). He would want to be carried instead, negating the whole purpose of the double stroller.

The problem is this: the standard seat is small, it’s not fixed in place (it can slide forward and backward – for easy access to the under-seat storage basket), and there’s no back – it’s literally a rectangle with a little padding – so there’s no ability for a little guy or girl to recline.

Since we wanted to use the stroller for an upcoming Disneyland trip, we were concerned. Enter this rear seat – Presto! Suddenly my son was able to relax, lean back, and enjoy life! And so could Mom and Dad. Once, after a long day at Disneyland, both kids even fell asleep sitting up in the Joovy as we pushed them back to the hotel. We have never taken this seat off – it is here to stay.

Storage issue and how we solved it: Installing the seat meant that the under-seat storage disappeared, since that is where my son’s feet go now. However, we solved this by buying some heavy-duty stroller hooks and we now hang tote bags from the handle to store what we would have placed under the seats.
And it’s easier to access our stuff this way. Before, we used to have to ask our son to get off the stroller so we could get at the under-seat storage.

Messing with little sister issue and how we solved it: Now that my son could face forward, this meant he could now have easier access to hit his little sister’s head/grab her hair or otherwise mess with her. We solved this problem by withholding treats/snacks in the stroller when he did not behave – a terrible fate.

I just wish we had purchased this seat from the get-go. It would have saved my arms and my patience on many occasions!

Very handy seat, even for preschoolers who might need a rare nap (By Legomom)

Pricey, but awesome accessory for the Caboose! My youngest is now 17 months and oldest 4 1/2, but at the time of purchase the youngest was an infant and the oldest was 3 1/2 or so. I bought for those rare times when the oldest would fall asleep in the car and want to continue the car nap or wanted to nap in the stroller after being out all day. By 4 he was too tall and his head would flop back with no support (it came up to his shoulders, he is average height). Also, be aware that the sunshade will not cover the rear rider’s head. It is meant to cover 2 kids back to back. I knew this when buying the seat and it wasn’t an issue. I just wanted to have a second seat in case both kids fells asleep at the same time. It was short lived but I have also used it when babysitting for friends with babies. Also, in case anyone is wondering, it will fit in the basket below with some wiggling. A good place to be able to put the seat if you aren’t sure you will need it. Toss it in the basket so you have it for the “just in case” moment but otherwise the oldest is free to get on and off as usual. If you think you are going to need this rear seat and you haven’t already purchased your caboose, I would recommend comparing prices on the caboose ultralight too which includes the rear seat. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy separately and other times it’s cheaper to get the one that includes it.

Just what we needed (By JulieInMD)

Just what we needed to convert the stroller to a double stroller. Our toddler doesn’t have a place to stand anymore, but that’s OK for now. We actually put the baby in the rear facing me and our toddler up front. And use the extra seat for extra storage. Once our infant is bigger, this will be perfect for both boys.

Watch out– Rear seat buckles are not compatible with the Joovy Caboose ultralight stroller (By Vivien Lee)

We love this seat and got it for the Joovy Caboose Ultralight and I didn’t have any issues with it until we tried to buckle the child into the seat. We were surprised to discover the buckles don’t match the stroller, so you can not strap the child in. Specifically the crotch seat belt is not compatible with the shoulder buckles. I looked at the internet trying to find anyone else who had mentioned this problem but couldn’t find anything. We couldn’t believe that we were the only ones who had this problem. So I called the company customer service– and yes, they did recently change the buckles for the Joovy stroller, so they do not match. They are sending me a new rear seat buckle to replace it. It’s just strange that the company would change the buckle system but not update accessory products that attach to it or mention this. Anyways, a minor inconvenience but one that people should know about.

Very nice! Sit-n-stand/double stroller converter! (By Amazon shopper)

I just installed this on my joovy ultralight – very easy. We have used the bench seat for our older boy and really like it – light weight, easy to maneuver, collapse compactly. (Wish it has a standing fold. But well, you can’t have everything.) It is great for everyday use – running errands, taking them to stores, etc. But I wouldn’t want him to sit there for too long because it is not comfortable (no back support) and the view is limited (facing backwards). He is still too young to stand in the back right now. (For serious outdoor activities, I use an all-terrain double stroller – Mountain Buggy urban elite. It goes over everything nice and easy. The kids have a smooth ride and we have an enjoyable time pushing it. But it is heavy and bulky and I could not take it for air travel.) The joovy ultralight is light weight, compact, and durable (so far). But it is best for part-time use if the older one is still young… (like under 2.5/3 years old).

I bought this seat for our upcoming trip, which requires air travel. I know that my older boy (who will be turning 2.5 years old) would want something more than a bench seat after a couple of hours being out and about (e.g., at the zoo). We tested it – still pushes easily and turns nicely. My boy tells me that he is comfortable. (I like it because he likes it.) It reclines so that even if he wants to take a little nap, he can in his rear seat! It still folds the same way. And I can always convert it back to a sit-n-stand when my older boy wants something different. Now I also have the option of switching position for my two boys. So maybe I will have the baby ride in the back close to me and the big boy ride in the front for the excitement. (Or if my older boy kicks the front seat, I could also switch them.) Options are always good. I love it that I have such a compact double stroller now.

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Groove Rain Cover Review

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Groove Rain Cover

  • Exclusively made for the Groove and Groove Ultralight strollers
  • Protects against rain and wind
  • Ventilated for breathability
  • Side openings allow you to pass items to child
  • Easy to install

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Groove Rain Cover Reviews

but so glad that we did (By Dani O)

wasn’t sure we’d need this when first bought it, but so glad that we did! Went on a trip to Boston and took it with us. Was really windy and then had some snow flurries. Baby was bundled up and warm with this cover. Did a great job of shielding her from the elements and kept her warm and dry. Have not had to put it on IN the rain yet. Can see that maybe being a bit cumbersome, but have really enjoyed it so far

It works fine for the stroller but it only lasted one season … (By NYC Katie)

It works fine for the stroller but it only lasted one season before starting to rip. I’m still using it, but would prefer something like this lasts longer. (I live in NYC and this got a LOT of use).

Pretty good rain cover (By William Schreurs)

Pretty good rain cover. I do like the additional slots they added to allow you access to your child while the cover is on. My only con would be that getting the cover on correctly can be a pain.

well made and works perfectly on our joovy groove ultralight … (By mrags)

well made and works perfectly on our joovy groove ultralight. not 100% sure its worth the price compared to the generic rain covers but we haven’t tried those so can’t say for sure.

Helpful to have (By kinc5542)

Great for rain and wind. I think it even helps in cold weather to cut the chill. Not the easiest to put on – especially when it’s already raining. But acceptable.

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller, Black Review

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller, Black

  • Most lightweight, compact, maneuverable tandem available
  • Oversized canopy with visor extension, three position reclining front seat
  • Large storage basket, parent organizer included
  • Linked rear parking brakes, easy trigger fold design
  • Child tray with 2 cup holders, universal car seat adapter included

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller, Black Reviews

PERFECT for traveling to Disney World! (By Jonathan and Ben’s Mom)

We have a 1 year old and a 5 year old. When planning our trip to Disney World we knew that the 1 year old would require a stroller with the following items:
– ability to recline for nap time
– large canopy for blocking sun
– food tray for eating snacks while walking around the park
– easy folding for getting on and off of transport trams
– storage for snacks, diaper bag, other items
– place for the adults to put water bottles or other items
– easily maneuverable for getting through crazy crowds
That’s a lot of “must have’s”! We also wanted something that would allow for our 5 year old to take a break when needed. It was also nice to help contain him in heavy crowd areas.

This stroller did it all! Both of my boys loved riding around in it and I never had a single problem with the stroller. The basket is big and whatever we could not fit below we hung from the back bar. The side pockets in the bottom bag is also nice for getting at things quickly. I could push the stroller and turn corners by only pushing with one hand it worked so well. We also looked at the Joovy Ergo stroller but felt it was too large to handle and not allowing the baby to recline was a deal breaker. Long days at parks mean the baby has to have a place to take a nap at some point. I found the shade helped a lot but I also used a light blanket (aden and anais swaddle blankets are perfect) over it as well to help block breezes and other distractions. My older son was jealous of the cool “fort” that it created.

We also purchased the sun cover and the rain cover. Neither of which we ended up using but do fit nicely on the stroller.

The stroller was great for traveling through the airport as well and was simple to fold and open with one hand.

Overall I would recommend this to anyone with two children especially for traveling through big parks like Disney World.

Love it (By SunnyDai)

The Baby Trend Stroller is a good option for someone with kids close in age, but if your kids are further apart a “sit and stand” double stroller may suit you better. The younger child sits up front and the older one gets to sit or stand in the back. My kids are 3 years apart and the Joovy Caboose Ultralight was the perfect choice for us. It’s great for zoos, aquarium, parks, shopping, etc. It is moderately prices at around $230.

Here are some things I took into consideration when choosing a double stroller.

1) Weight: how much does the stroller weight? My wife came along to test some of these strollers and lifting most of them into an SUV or Minivan is not an easy task.

2) Size: How big is it when it get folded up? If you have a sedan you can forget about trying to put anything else in your trunk after your double stroller is in it.

3) Comfort\Compatibility\Scalibility: How comfortable is it for your kid? Will it suit my kids needs? Can they grow with this stroller or will they outgrow it in a year?

4) Functionality: How well does it work? Is it easy to use?

Here are my pro’s and con’s with our stroller


1) Looks great, many different colors to choose from. We get looks and complements from other parents saying how cool the stoller looks. Expecting moms always turn to their husbands say, honey, this is the one I want.

2) Folds up much smaller and is lighter than most doubles. It is 21 lbs. The frame is made of metal and feels very solid

3) The back sets gives my older son the “big boy” feel. He has choices as to if he wants to sit or stand. He can ride looking forwards or backwards.
There’s been times when I had my younger one in front with my older one and his friend standing in the back. They thought it was so cool to ride together.

4) Has an infant carrier attachment you can install in the front seat. This allow you to use this stroller once #2 comes out and can last you until your younger one outgrows the front seat.

5) Easy to put together and use. The stroller has a few pieces to snap in and setup is very straight forward. It is also a lot shorter and compact than most doubles

6) Has some nice features. Big bucket for storage, back seat slides over buckets and keeps belonging a bit safer. Parents Neoprene organizer can we removed and washed. Big canopy that provides cover both kids.


1) Not too nap friendly. If the older one needs to nap, he is out of luck. He has to lean against the side rail or sit in the front seat, which he is usually too big for. If the young on up front is sleeping and you want to recline his seat it will take space away from the back seat. the older one has to sit slightly leaning forward or stand at that point.

2) Catch 22, To access the storage bucket below the older child has to get up for you to access, but the child sitting on top of the door keeps belonging safe. The thief has to steal your kid before they get to your wallet. may not be a bad thing in some cases, lol.

3) It doesn’t \”stand\” by itself when folded. You have to lock the wheels and lean it against something, can get annoying if its raining or if you have your hands full. Wheel locks are also hard to get to when folded.

4) Requires 2 hands to fold

5) Gets hard to maneuver if you have the heavy kid in front and lighter kid in the back

Met Specifications: Compact, lightweight, carries & toddler & infant (By casey)

We have a toddler (20 months) and a newborn and needed a compact, lightweight stroller for trips to the mall, park, etc. I settled on the Joovy because it had the smallest folded dimensions of similar tandem strollers that I reviewed – we needed something that would fit in the small truck of a hybrid car, and this fits beautifully! For my toddler, I bought the additional velcro-in rear seat addition (called the Joovy Too?) Overall, I would greatly recommend this product.

-Super compact
-Fairly manueverable
-Toddler easily gets in & out of the back, and actually has room with the Joovy Too seat adapter, although it doesn’t look that way

-Although the umbrella/sunshade’s detachability makes it smaller when folded, the need to remove it / re-attach it creates a small amount of extra hassle when loading and unloading the stroller
-The infant’s car seat (a Graco) fits in the adapter well, but I was surprised the design does not create a “lock” like the adapter on my BOB stroller. Instead, it has a safety strap to secure it.
-Toddler slightly over-reclined in the velcro seat adapter & slides down into the cargo basket if not buckled in

Honest review from a Dad (By B. Wu)

This is a GREAT stroller for its price, feature, and function – bar none.
-Ball bearing wheels mean this thing does move easily – once it starts moving.
-Put the heavier child in the back. Should the big kid sit up front and the lighter one in the back, you’ll end up with a top-heavy stroller that’s hard to turn (applies to all strollers).
-The rear bench seat slides. You can/should move it all the way back to give the rear child more hear room if they are seating facing the parent.
-This thing has a solid construction.

TIPS to really make you love this thing.
-Search for a small elastic/budgie cargo net. Hook it to the rear handle bar and now the rear child can also seat FORWARD facing and relax/fall asleep! The parent cup holder can stretch and slide down to become the head rests. Joovy should pay me for this :)
-When folding this stroller, if you slide the rear adjustable seat all the way back, it folds down and compresses EVEN MORE!

-I do dislike that the front tray (or universal car seat adapter *cough* metal bar) is snapped in and protrudes quite a bit. This defeats the compact size. It should have a up or down-wards locking and folding option.
-If the rear child is seating forward facing, the feet ‘can’ push the basket, touching the front wheels.

Joovy Stroller: JOOVY Zoom Car Seat Adapter for Graco Snugride Classic Connect Review

Joovy Stroller: JOOVY Zoom Car Seat Adapter for Graco Snugride Classic Connect

  • For use with the Joovy zoom-360 jogging stroller
  • Uses the car seat’s existing latching mechanism to click into place
  • Stroller folds with adapter installed

Joovy Stroller: JOOVY Zoom Car Seat Adapter for Graco Snugride Classic Connect Reviews

Easy to install and works great (By Elizabeth)

Easy to install and works great! Description says for Graco Snugride so I was concerned this wouldn’t fit out standard Graco carseat. The description on the product is for “standard” Graco seats. It’s NOT specific to the Snug ride Graco model.

Five Stars (By Amazon Customer)

Fits perfect and easy to install. Love it. Very happy

One Star (By Carrie c Eckstein)

This did NOT adapt for my Graco carseat.

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Groove Ultralight Lightweight Travel Umbrella Stroller, Blueberry Review

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Groove Ultralight Lightweight Travel Umbrella Stroller, Blueberry

  • Lightweight graphite aluminum frame with non-pinch hinges. Designed to support growing children
  • Compact umbrella fold, convenient shoulder strap
  • Generous canopy with sun visor and peekaboo window
  • Multi-position recline and adjustable footrest
  • 5-point harness and reflective safety accents

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Groove Ultralight Lightweight Travel Umbrella Stroller, Blueberry Reviews

Excellent lightweight, yet substantial stroller w/ well thought out features (By Kat)

After exhaustive research (I’m embarrassed to admit how much time I spent on this!), I decided to purchase this stroller (over the Uppababy and Maclaren strollers) to replace a Maclaren Volo. As I hadn’t had a chance to see it in person, it was the reviews on the previous year’s model of this stroller that ultimately sold me on the stroller. I couldn’t be happier with the Joovy Groove Ultralight. I was looking for a stroller that I could keep in the car and use for travel. Our other stroller is a BOB, and although I love it, we predominantly use it for local errands/walks/runs (not in the car except for hikes). I had narrowed it down to the Groove Ultralight, UppaBaby G Lite and G Luxe (saw both Uppababys in person). There is no comparison between this stroller, the Uppababy ones, and the Maclaren strollers. The Joovy Groove Ultralight feels much more substantial and has more features, yet is still very light. The frame is very solid, the handles are at a nice height and are a comfortable grip. I can actually push this stroller with one hand, unlike the others. The seat also reclines, which is a definite advantage over the Maclaren Volo. My daughter is very comfortable and can nap in this stroller. The sunshade is an ample size. The peek through window is perfectly placed and easily stays open or closed. The two pockets on the internal sides are large enough for a snack and water bottle. The material wipes clean fairly easily and feels thicker than the Uppababy and Maclaren. The storage basket below is surprisingly large and I can even put heavier items in it (after grocery shopping). The two separate brakes are easy to engage and disengage. (The dual brake bar on the Maclaren broke during baggage handling, which is the reason why I needed a new stroller.

This is one of our favorite strollers. It’s light enough to travel with & … (By Vanessa Wauchope)

This is one of our favorite strollers. It’s light enough to travel with & has just enough to bells & whistles to keep me satisfied out and about for the day. It reclines for naps, has great sunshade coverage, has a sippy cup holder (in the seat), an adult cup holder, and folds up to an umbrella stroller. I have actually taken to using it over my full stroller systems. I never thought I would make it to the “less is more” stage…so goes the evolution of being a mom. There’s a ton of under carriage space & an adjustable foot rest. It’s superb!

Love it (By Shaena)

Love this stroller! We have the Uppababy Cruz as our main stroller but needed a lightweight stroller for our upcoming flight. I ordered this and the jogger vue and returned the other right away. My little guy is little (13 months but small) and the adjustable seat and adjustable foot rest were really important for me. I love that it had a nice sunshade and that it has 2 mesh cup-holders in the actual seat for his drinks (I didn’t see any others that have this). It had a zip compartment in the back that fits a few items, a basket underneath that isn’t huge but big enough and a spot for my photo or sunglasses. I ordered the jade color and love it. The only reason I am giving 4 stars is because one of the front wheels seems to drag a bit. Not enough to really bother me but enough that it is noticeable. I plan to call about it. The other thing I love is that the carrying strap comes included and it’s easy to collapse. Overall it’s great!!

Great Product AND A-Plus Customer Service (By RangersFan)

So to give some background I purchased a Joovy Groove Ultralight stroller back in October 2014. I compared it to the other umbrella strollers available in our price range and decided that it was a great choice based on the features and especially the light weight of the stroller. I actually bought it earlier than was necessary since our newborn wasn’t exactly ready for an umbrella stroller but once our little guy got to be a little bigger we started using the Joovy more often. The Groove Ultralight takes a little getting used to for set up and folding but that is probably the case for most strollers and the light weight of the groove ultralight makes up for a little extra breakdown time. Also, we have only recently started using this stroller regularly so we are still getting used to the folding process.

The stroller itself is nice, works well, no complaints. Now onto the meat and potatoes. About a month ago the folded up Joovy was left in the middle of the garage, just barely peeking out from behind some fixtures for our bathroom which was being remodeled. Well I never saw the stroller and it was peeking out far enough for me to pull over one of the wheel assemblies with our car. Of course I immediately backed up but the damage was done. I thought that I had just broken the wheel assembly so I contacted Joovy about buying a replacement, lo and behold Joovy sent a replacement wheel right away free of charge! I was pretty psyched about this so when the wheel got to our house I went out and put it on the Groove.
Well something about it just didn’t fit right, three of the wheels were on the ground and the fourth didn’t touch, I suspected I had bent the frame but kept my fingers crossed and contacted Joovy about the wheel assembly hoping that it was sized wrong and I could get another front wheel assembly so the front wheels would be at the same height.

This is the best part, Joovy said if three wheels were touching that the frame was bent and a new wheel wouldn’t fix the problem, THEN they told me they would replace my entire stroller free of charge. Now I still consider myself fairly young and inexperienced but this is the best customer service I have ever had, hands down. I was very forthright about how the stroller was damaged throughout this entire process and was planning to pay for whatever needed to be fixed. Joovy was always quick to respond and couldn’t have been nicer about helping us out. I can’t say enough good things about this company, if you are debating buying an umbrella stroller, or any other product that Joovy makes for that matter, I hope this review will help you make your decision!

Highly Recommend (By Kate)

We’ve only had this for a few months, but its basically traveled the world. In the first week a little piece on the recline adjuster broke, we called and the company sent out a whole new stroller in 2 days. Our new one with the new piece has held up. Folds small, and stroller is very light. The fold is super easy, I know some reviews said the unfold can be hard, but you actually just need to loosen the cover and its much easier to do (you just adjust it until its snug but not impossible to “click” the center pedal down). I often have to travel alone and I can fold and unfold while holding baby. Canopy is nice an large and has a little window, seat reclines nicely and footrest can be put up to accommodate a sleeper. Bottom basket is actually pretty spacious. We ordered a storage net and cupholders to go on the handle bars. The only downside we have found after almost daily use for 2 months is that the cover does not seem to be removable to wash, we ended up putting a liner in it so that we don’t have to worry about spills and other stains.

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Rain Cover Review

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Rain Cover

  • Exclusively made for the Caboose and Caboose Graphite strollers
  • Protects against rain and wind
  • Ventilated for breathability
  • Front opening allows items to be passed to child without removing or lifting cover
  • Easy to install

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Rain Cover Reviews

Definitely a must-have for rain and cold weather! (By New England Mom)

I live in a big city and use my Joovy Caboose every day. With this wind/rain shield, it is a year-round stroller. The shield is thick – it will not crack or tear, and the rain just pools on top, never leaking through. We’ve used it in the rain many times, and the kids have never gotten wet, except for in a really heavy downpour when their shoes get wet. Unfortunately, there is no way to help this, since understandably it cannot cover all the way down, as it would then cover the wheels. The shield does not cover the organizer, and so things in that may get wet in the rain. I also use the shield in cold weather, and it does great to keep the kids warm. It’s like a little greenhouse inside, so be careful that the kids don’t get too hot if they are bundled warmly.

One of the best features of the shield is that there is a zipper about 6 inches long on the side of the front where you can pass things through to the front child. This is great for handing snacks or a water bottle through without taking the shield off or reaching up underneath it. There are also little holes for air vents on each side. It attaches with 3 squares of velcro on each side in the back and with strips of velcro by the front tires (I don’t attach the front unless it is really windy out). The back child can just undo one side and come out of the stroller easily without taking the whole thing off.

One con is that it is very difficult to hear the kids through the shield, so pay extra attention that they are not in there yelling and you just aren’t hearing it!

Overall, this is a wonderful product. This makes it very feasible to use the Joovy Caboose year-round and still have the kids be comfortable.

Works well. (By Christine S. Stark)

Works well and keeps the kids dry. Works on other brands of the sit n stand stroller.

Get this for everyday use (By R. Lerman)

Worth a few bucks if you get the Joovy Caboose. Easy to put on and easy to store in the basket. My twin toddlers think it’s fun to be in the “bubble”. Go figure.

Why didn’t I buy this sooner? (By SunnyDayMama)

I looove this cover! I should have bought it with my Joovy stroller, but I waited a year. It keeps the kids warm on windy days, so we’re able to get out much, much more often now that I have the cover. It’s so easy to pull on and off and fits nicely into the storage bin under the seats.

perfect fit, but needs improvement (By Kmom)

I am glad I bought this item – it keeps both the kids warm and dry and it is a perfect fit (as expected) and the plastic is strong and durable. However, the folks at Joovey could make it easier to use – put some zips on it please! Zips on the front – so I can get the baby out without having to take the whole thing off! Try doing this when it is wet and the baby is crying…really need faster and easier access to the baby! the velcros at the back are ok, but zips would make it better – the sound of velcro opening is a certain way to wake up my baby :(

A bit bulky but it is perfect for baby and toddler (By Melissa)

A bit bulky but it is perfect for baby and toddler. Bought for a trip to Disney but we still use it. Best decision ever! My 3 year old (now 4yrs) could easily sit or stand while my 8month old (now 1yr) sat comfortably at the front. My 4 year old also sits facing forward by placing her feet in the basket under. Cons. A bit bulky. Heavy with two kids. Baby cannot recline; when the baby is in recline position it was hard for my for 4 year old to sit comfortably. It’s not idea for baby to take a nap since it does not really recline.

This has been so nice to have with my kids (By MoMom)

This has been so nice to have with my kids. I felt so bad when my daughter would be sitting in the front and hardly able to breath because of the wind (If you blow in a baby’s face they try to hold their breath). It also has really helped to keep them warm. We have had a really cold winter and I always dreaded trying to bring my two youngest to pick up the oldest at school. This almost acted as a little heat bubble. It didn’t create any heat but it at least helped keep it warmer for them. My only complaint is that it was hard to put the kids in and cover them up quickly. I have the extra seat installed on the back of mine and I would try to keep either the front attached or the back attached and lift it up like a lid. This just kind of left one kid open to the elements while I put the other one in since its not very flexible. It does take a good few minutes to try and get all the straps on. But over all I am so glad I had this. I have had many parents say they wish they had one for their stroller

Simply Works (By ring dawg)

Withstood 10 degree wind chill with rain/snow in Chicago this afternoon. Both kids were warm, cozy and dry. Pretty cool.

Joovy Stroller: JOOVY Toofold Rear Seat Review

Joovy Stroller: JOOVY Toofold Rear Seat

  • Converts your TooFold stroller into a full-size double in seconds
  • Built-in sunshade stores away in a zippered pocket behind the seat
  • 5-point harness

Joovy Stroller: JOOVY Toofold Rear Seat Reviews

High Quality. Light and Portable. Comfortable. A Must Have For the Joovy Toofold (By Memly)

A must have for the Joovy Toofold if you want to make it into a inline double. It is a high quality, solid second seat but it is still very light, portable, and easy to carry. It snaps on and can be taken off very easily. And it has to be removed in order to fold the stroller. It comes fully assembled and all you have to do it attach it to the stroller and it is ready to go.

The back as the seat is plush very comfortable. Comes with padded safety belts. Need to hide your child from pesky paparazzi? No problem. The included black sun shade makes the back seat into a private retreat of his/her very own. The sun shade can be folded and stowed away in an attached zippered pouch on the back of the seat.

My daughter can get into and out of the seat on her own. But not easily or quickly. So we just put her in and lift her out.

This was a great purchase for us and I would recommend it to others.

A must have for your tandem option on the TooFold/TwoFold (By Opinionated Mama)

I’d give this 5 stars if it were not so expensive as an add on to the Joovy Toofold (aka the Micralite Twofold distributer in the US). I feel a mama’s limit is $150 to add something to an already expensive stroller. I’ve you’ve got the stroller and a toddler that’s between walking and riding, this is a good option. If you need a full time riding option with recline and naps, this isn’t going to be a good fit. My daughter is nearly 3 and jealous of her sister’s great rig. And she changes her mind to hop in and out and off and on the board. I love having the seat on the stroller as it keeps both of my little ones safe. The canopy comes out maybe 4 inches ABOVE the seat, and my taller 38 inch kid has another 2-3 inches before making the back canopy that folds out useless. The only slight con for me is that the older rider does tend to pound on the release latch (that does nothing in the unfolded setup), which my husband and I refer to as her imaginary “eject” button for baby sis. The whole setup is very transformer-like and James Bond spy car in my mind. If they could only add an “oil slick” button and maybe some rockets, I’d consider that a worth 5 stars at full price.

Bugaboo still wins (By Kate B)

This second seat for the Giove to fold stroller is probably the best part of the Josie to fold stroller all together. It is really a great little package for the additional seat. I bought mine off of Albee for a lot less than it is here on Amazon. However I ended up returning the Joovy Toofold as it is wayyyy to back heavy. Not safe at all. The second seat was the most impressive part , that and the built in rider I said I returned the stroller so this went back as well. The hood is built in and has a metal wire To keep it open. It is such an easy pop on and pulling I tiff is so easy it’s almost fun. I wanted to love this stroller but too back heavy. I’m a bugaboo fan for life

A great second seat option (By Mom Mart)

The TooFold rear seat snaps right on the back of the TooFold stroller and has a built in canopy so that the second seat rider gets a little shade too which is a really great feature. The canopy is hidden in a zippered pocket on the rear of the seat so it can be folded and put away when not in use.

The seat is also equipped with the same super soft mesh as the TooFold stroller liner, making it a comfy second seat option.

While the TooFold stroller is not able to collapse with the second seat attached, it is quick and easy to snap on and take off and it is very lightweight.

We really love the second seat option and are planning on taking it with us on our upcoming Disney Trip.

I was provided a sample of the Joovy TooFold Rear Seat for the purposes of a blog review {Mom Mart}, regardless all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Joovy Stroller: JOOVY Twin Roo+ Car Seat Stroller Review

Joovy Stroller: JOOVY Twin Roo+ Car Seat Stroller

  • TWIN INFANT CAR SEAT FRAME STROLLER with unique side mounts for easy access to both babies
  • STURDY and STABLE, easy handling and super maneuverability
  • FEATURES one-hand fold, front-wheel suspension, swivel wheel locks, rear brakes
  • TONS OF STORAGE, large under seat basket with organizer and 4 cup holders for bottles or beverages

Joovy Stroller: JOOVY Twin Roo+ Car Seat Stroller Reviews

Best Stroller for Twins in Carseats. (By LancerB)

When you are having twins you want to make your life easier in any way you can. I researched twin car seat strollers and picked this one based on my findings. Now after 4 month, I am especially glad I picked this one.

What I love:
-Car Seat Click In (Makes it easy to do errands when you can easily transport your twins in their car seat from the car and into the stroller)
-Easy to fold up and easy to collapse (you can do this with one hand)
-Easy view of both your babies (I don’t want just the rest of the world to see my twins, I want to see them anytime I look forward). This design allow babies to both the same side or alternate side but at a 90 degree from the person pushing the twins.
– Storage area under the stroller

What could be improved:
-Ability to collapse smaller – Check the product dimensions to make sure it will fit in your vehicle. It works great in my Toyota Rav4 but is to big to fit in my smaller vehicle.
-It works with several car seat types but it would be nice to expand to accommodate additional car seat types.
-Adapters have to be purchased separately. It would be nice to either have multiple adapters ship with the stroller or to have kits that a consumer could pick the stroller and adapter combo together.

Overall, I think it is the best one on the market and it has allowed me to give the Mrs. a break while I take the twins with me alone to the grocery store and other errands. Random people always comment what a cool stroller this is an it makes for a fun conversation starter when meeting people in everyday life.

Works for the Graco Snugride Click Connect 30 Too!! (By Urfriendlindsey)

The description only lists that the Snugride Click Connect 35 and 40 are compatible and not the 30. It definitely works for the 30 as well, not sure why it’s not listed as compatible. I do have a very minor issue though. Its advertised that you can switch which way the car seats face (which you could not with the original twin roo) and that was the selling point for me. While technically that is true, in order to face the car seat in a different direction you have to uninstall the adaptors and switch them out. I was under the impression that I could simply unlatch the car seat and face it the opposite direction without any other hassle. Like I said not a major issue but just thought I would mention it. It could very well just be with the Graco seats too.

Absolute best car seat frame stroller for twins!! (By O)

Absolutely love this stroller!!
This is the best stroller for twins in car seats on the market!! I did a lot of research talking to other twin moms and looking at reviews before we bought it. We have Chicco Keyfit30 car seats. We bought the adapter from the Joovy website and it fits perfectly. The car seats snap in and out by the same handle that the carseat is released from the car seat base. This makes sure the car seats are in the stroller snug and secure.
It is easily able to maneuver and turn in tight places. The wheels are larger and more sturdy than most of the other car seat frame strollers.
It has a sturdy frame and large basket on the bottom to store items.
The car seats can look sideways in either direction independently or together.
It is able to fold up easily and fits in the trunk of my Chevy Malibu car with room to spare. Even with the car seat adapter on the frame the stroller is able to fold up easily.
It is not heavy at about 20 pounds so it is easy for me to get out of the trunk and fold open even after healing from a c-section.

I did have a baby trend snap and go and hated it. The car seats just sat on the stroller and weren’t secure. They would tilt either forward or backward and I felt like the babies were uncomfortable because they were too upright or leaning back too far. I was constantly having to readjust the way the car seats were sitting. Even with the straps over the seats they still moved.

Not so compact. (By 4Eights)

Easy to assemble. Seems really sturdy and rides smooth, but isn’t so compact as advertised. Joovy claims it fits in any car, which could be true if said car didn’t have car seats in it. We couldn’t get it to fit in our hatchback 2014 Kia Soul. We took out the bottom section of the back and still didn’t fit. It needs another hinge or something, we are 2 inches from it fitting. Now I get why everyone buys minivans.

Well made stroller worth the price, but wish it folded differently to be more compact. (By wabba)

Very sturdy and well made stroller, particularly compared to the Baby trend brand that is the direct competitor to this one. The car seats click into place (vs the straps that the baby trend uses) which makes the whole thing feel very sturdy and secure. The frame is sturdy, the wheels are well made of high quality plastic and pivot easily for great maneuverability. The wheels have a thick foam rolling surface and it rolls smoothly on any hard surface.

One thing to note is that while the side facing car seats are nice because you can see the babies, it also makes this stroller quite wide. Certainly will fit through any standard size door but its wider than the average stroller, so beware that you’re not going to fit it through narrow aisles or the clothing racks at Macys – but would do fine with wide aisles or sidewalks.

My primary complaint and the thing to watch with this one is that it is NOT “compact” in length and will not “fit in any car” as the description says. It won’t fit in the trunk of my BMW 5 series sedan, which by most standards is a large trunk. You’ll see in other reviews that it won’t fit in the back of SUVs or other sedans, so make sure you measure your trunk before you buy. The folded footprint is about 48″x26″. It’s also not terribly light weight, which is often the reason people typically buy these frame style systems rather than the other types which can be used for longer as your babies grow. At the same time, the extra weight is a trade off for it being so sturdy.