Chicco Bravo Stroller, Ombra Review

Chicco Bravo Stroller, Ombra

  • Removable seat for easy transformation into a stylish frame carrier for the Key Fit
  • One-hand fold, auto-positioning wheels and a self-standing compact folded position
  • Multi-position reclining seat and all-wheel suspension for baby’s comfort
  • Comfort for parents with height-adjustable handle, linked rear brakes and a convenient parent tray with storage and cup holders
  • Spacious basket easily accessed from front or rear

Chicco Bravo Stroller, Ombra Reviews

I LOVE this stroller (By Jessica)

I LOVE this stroller. As first time parents, we obsessed over which stroller/travel system to pick. We decided on the Chicco Neuvo as the stroller was less bulky than the typical travel systems. Well it wound up being more of an umbrella stroller and didn’t hold up well for everyday use. The ability to remove the seat and place just the carseat on the frame is wonderful, and allows better access to the storage basket underneath (otherwise while the basket is large, it’s a bit difficult to get things in and out of with the seat installed and reclined all the way back- which is the position it needs to be with the carseat). The cup holders in the parent tray seem smaller than they are-they fit the fat tommee tippee bottles well, and then there is a small cell phone holder in between the two cup holders. We’ve been using this for a week so far and I’ve noticed the wheels starting to squeak, which is the only downfall. The rear ( and only) wheel locking mechanism is bilaterally controlled and easy to use. My favorite features by far are the large canopy and mesh viewing panel and the way it easily folds up and unfolds. I literally pull this out of my trunk by the handles and it feels like some sort of clown car magic the way it unfolds and is ready to go as the wheels touch the pavement. Folding it up is just as easy. The carseat support bar does protrude from the stroller in an awkward way when folded up, but it is removable if you need the extra space.

Should be recalled (By Christian Lopez)

The safety lock for the open position is very flimsy it worried me at first but worked fine, until today! I always make sure it is fully locked because it is not super great but today I was walking along hit a small bump in the sidewalk and the stroller completely folded down! WITH MY BABY INSIDE!!! The locking mechanism had completely failed! Thank god my son was in his car seat set in the stroller or he could have been seriously injured!!!! He was folded down in the stroller facing down, it was such a scary experience! I would never expect this from baby equipment that is supposed to keep my child safe! The picture is the tiny piece of plastic that keeps the stroller from folding down. I will be calling the manufacturer tomorrow!

5 star user-friendly, 3 star wheel system (By Belle)

We have been using this stroller for the last 6 months.

Let’s start with the DISLIKES:
– Wheels started to squeak after less than 2 weeks of use and have continued to sound a little “rickety” ever since then.
– The wheels provide a smooth ride on completely flat ground (at the mall, on pavement, or sidewalks). However the second you go onto grass, gravel, or trails, the wheels feel weak and stroller becomes difficult to navigate and a very bumpy ride for baby. When I was shopping for a stroller I didn’t really think about the wheel system much and in retrospect perhaps a jogging stroller with slightly bigger tires would have met my needs better.

If you can live with the above, you will LOVE:
– How Chicco KeyFit30 car seat EASILY clicks right into the stroller.
– Stroller seat is removable (for early months when you are only using it as a frame for the car seat).
– One handed open and collapse – fantastic!
– Fits nicely in the trunk of my Toyota Camry. Needed to put baby down to get it in the truck initially, but from about 4 months old I could hold him in one arm and then hoist this stroller into and of the trunk with the other arm.
– Canopy is nice and long and can be unzipped at the back to position it down in front of baby which is practical at sunset when the sun is coming in at a horizontal angle. Also like the mesh window at the top so I can keep an eye on him.
– LOVE the 3 recline positions. We started using the stroller seat (as opposed to car seat) when baby was about 5 months old in the most reclined position. He would lay there super relaxed looking up and out and the sky.
Now at 8 months he is sitting up straight and likes to hold onto his "handle bar" (which is really the adapter piece for the car seat that I have just left on the front).
-Adjustable handle bar and BIG storage under the stroller is awesome (I can fit his entire diaper bag in there with room to spare)!

Hope this helps!

Great stroller with small car seat adapter problem (By Melinda Parker)

Bought this stroller for baby coming in May of 2015, I had looked at the lite way plus but liked the fact that this seemed a little sturdier. It also had a adjustable handle bar and a generous sized basket. The stroller is well made and stylish, super easy to put together. Took me all of 30 minutes to put together and figure out. The only thing I would change about it, is to include a snack tray for the baby, to use when the car seat adapter is no longer needed. I would have gave 5 stars but I am having trouble with the car seat adapter, every now and then, the car seat will get stuck in the stroller. I have to jerk the car seat to get it to release, which would absolutely wake a sleeping babe, however I am hoping to find a way to fix this! All in all, it’s a top of the line stroller! And the fact that it goes from car seat caddy to stroller is what sold it for me!

We love love love this stroller (By K. Gray)

We love love love this stroller.

My husband and I are taller and we were having issues getting a comfortable fit with strollers. The adjustable handle on this is perfect. I like that it stays wide on the outside as that is the most comfortable place to grab it. This is unlike the Britax for which I went to the store in the first place but it’s rounded handle made it more uncomfortable. Only the center point of the rounded shape was tall enough on the Britax so I only had a decent place to grab for one hand in the center.

The wheels go well over practically every terrain. It’s easy to transport. Love the ample storage including the access from front and back. Adjust him up and down with an easy click is a huge bonus.

Many a time during a long walk I think not only how much I like this stroller but how much a pleasure it makes it to use.

The little man loves it too. He’s 10 months and wants to see everything. He prefers to sit fully up and we leave on the infant seat adapter because he likes to either hold it or rest his feet up there. Or both together.