Chicco C6 Stroller, Cilantro (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Review

Chicco C6 Stroller, Cilantro (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Lightweight, aluminum frame, only 11 pounds
  • Rounder, roomier canopy, adjustable and removable
  • All wheel suspension and front wheel swivel locks, take it anywhere
  • Padded five point harness and multi position reclining seat, safe and comfortable
  • Fashionable carry bag and carry strap, easy to transport

Chicco C6 Stroller, Cilantro (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

the perfect alternative… (By D. Ataryan)

i got this as a travelling stroller having in mind that we’ll also use it for quick trips and errands… we have a bigger one which is way more stable and comfortable but this one really exceeds the expectations of a lightweight strollers… usually the travelling strollers are not supportive and look very awkwardly uncomfortable but this one is pretty good.
of course, its not as light as the plastic made or minimalistic looking travelling strollers but on the other hand it is like a double purpose stroller; you can definitely use it for travelling but also for short trips like a quick market visit it’s more practical than using the bigger one. of course the bigger one stays always in the car and we use it for anything that will last more than an hour and a half so the baby could comfortable sleep in it… bottom line, its good to have this one handy and a bigger as a backup for more serious outings!

Just okay. (By Dasher)

1. Price is reasonable for quality
2. Weight is truly quite light.
3. Smooth Strolling, Suspension in wheels. This seems just as sturdy as several $200 umbrellas we tested.
4. Padded Straps
5. Quick easy fold with 1 hand
6. Comes with a travel bag
7. Easy 1-hand steering

1. Handle height is too low, or perhaps the angle is off: even my 5’4″ wife was kicking the wheels on our walk. Handles themselves were uncomfortable
2. Recline is difficult and limited (Zippers on each side release the back to recline about 2 inches)
3. Seat fabric is rough
4. Canopy can not adjust to rotate forward to block afternoon/morning sun
5. Like most umbrellas, it folds long and skinny, so it wont fit lengthwise in most trunks.
6. 5-point harness has a velcro wrap that covers it, ostensibly to keep out prying little fingers, but it’s a hassle to unstrap.

We have a full size Jogger that we use from home, the excellent Indie from Bumbleride. We are looking for a *lightweight* travel-friendly stroller that will work for errands, be easier to manage in restaurants and narrow aisles, but sturdy and comfortable enough for all-day use.

This Chicco C6 arrived today, and we took it for a long walk. We both went crazy hitting our feet on the wheels on our 1 hour afternoon stroll around the Marina. The setting sun also was right in our daughter’s eyes at times, so we had to turn it around and pull her behind us for about 1/4 mile– the shade is not adjustable. I’m Thinking that this is going to be a problem with most any umbrella stroller, and that we’ll need some kind of add-on sun shade such as Protect a Bub.

All in all, this stroller is light and sturdy, especially for the price.
It rolls and turns smoothly with hand hand, and can be quickly and intuitively folded with 1 hand as well. For us and baby, however, the ergonomics were all wrong. We will be returning it to Amazon and looking for something equally light-weight, but hopefully with taller or adjustable handles, and also with a full or better recline.

Please feel free to comment or make suggestions.

On our short list:
Maclaren Triumph
Peg-Perego Pliko Mini
Inglesina 2013 Swift

Already knocked off the list:
Bumbleride Flite – HEAVY – weighed it, its 16lbs, not 13 as advertised, difficult 2-handed fold
First Years Ignite – Heavy, also, much heavier than stated weight.

This stroller is perfect! Folds up skinny (By Courtney Griesel)

I have a BOB but I wanted a small stroller for traveling/flights since my son and I travel alone so much and I end up needing to carry stroller, car seat, carry ons, etc. This stroller is perfect! Folds up skinny, but long, with a shoulder strap. The bag has held up so far with gate check. It is comfortable and has a slight recline feature to the back rest. The sun visor is hooked to the handles, not the back rest permanently, which is great for adjusting to taller kiddos. I bought this when my son had just turned 3, he’s now 6 and we’ve taken it everywhere, even as recent as a couple months ago to Disneyland. Hint: bright color is easier to find in a sea of strollers.

Pretty Decent (By Jill F)

This umbrella stroller this one is pretty good. My major complaint is that the movement is not perfectly smooth. It can be awkward at times to maneuver, especially through doorways. However, I still give it 4 stars because my impression after talking with other umbrella stroller owners is that this is the case for this type of stroller. As well, I am accustomed to using my Stokke stroller which is incomparable in maneuverability compared to other strollers.

I really appreciate how light weight and easy to fold this stroller is. Often times, I will just get my 3 year old to hop out of the stroller, fold it up and carry it up stairs rather than find an accessible route. It also takes up a lot less room in my trunk. The handles are quite long which makes it comfortable for both me (5’9″) and my husband (6’1″) to push. I chose the bright green color for a splash of fun but it also makes it easy for my son to find if we need to park it. Overall, I would recommend this stroller to others and think the price is great.

good overall, but some usage challenges (By chris)

I’m 6′ and my wife is 5’4″, and yet we both struggle with using this stroller. The biggest problems we have are the spacing of the rear wheels (they’re right where you would want to put your feet). She can easily take smaller steps where it’s not an issue, but I usually end up holding onto one handle and walking off to the side. The second is related to this that the handles are very close to the stroller. I would be kicking the stroller a lot even if the wheels were wider because you are just that close to the stroller. I end up carrying her more (defeating the purpose)

Best umbrella stroller for our needs . . . (By Kelly McBeth)

Both of my grandsons (and their Mommy’s) love the Chicco C6 — very lightweight, yet sturdy and very, very easy to navigate. The fabric is breathable, so baby doesn’t get too hot. Nice little storage area under the seat, too.