Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System, Sedona (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Review

Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System, Sedona (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Aluminum, Plastic, Polyester
  • Imported
  • Includes the KeyFit infant car seat and base
  • Carrier shell is lined with EPS energy-absorbing foam
  • Vehicle base features spring-loaded adjustment foot with easy-to-read bubble level guides on both sides of base and centrally located, one-pull latch tightening for easy and secure installation
  • Stroller features multi position, flat-recline seat with Memory Recline
  • Stroller features parent and child cup holders, large storage basket and easy one to hand fold
  • Stroller features multi-position, flat-recline seat with Memory Recline
  • Stroller features parent and child cup holders, large storage basket and easy one-hand fold

Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System, Sedona (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

The best available! (By Becca)

I am a mother of 4, I have been through MANY strollers (including a Graco travel system–which fell apart within the first 6 months, a Combi travel system, a Maclaren, a Safety 1st compact tandem double, and a Peg Perego Pliko 3 and Primo Viaggio car seat) over the last 11 years and this is by far my favorite! My most recent stroller was the Peg Perego Pliko 3 with Primo Viaggio infant seat and I SWORE by this stroller, until I received this Chicco. I would still have my Peg, however, I was “finished” having children 4 years ago and sold all of my baby items. It’s very comparable to the Peg Perego, but half the price, if purchasing both stroller and carseat. It does everything the Peg Perego does, except offer a step on the back for older children, which I rarely used because you have to wait until the younger child is able to sit up in the stroller for the older child to stand on the back and my daughter was too big by then. The child’s and parent’s trays are great and the handle is plenty tall enough for me (5’4) and daddy (6’2).

The carseat is very easy to use, clicks right in and out of base and stroller very easily and it’s fairly light-weight (compared to the monsterous Primo Viaggio!) I love that the stroller has so many recline settings, and the memory recline is a great feature (you don’t have to adjust the seat each time you unfold it).

The stroller truly DOES fold and unfold with one hand and stands independently very easily, a must with 4 children! Even the design of the basket is impressive– As with most strollers, you cannot access the basket with the seat fully reclined without disturbing a sleeping infant, but this model is slanted slightly downward to allow you easy access to items in basket without any adjustments to seat!

We love this travel system! (By H. Erickson)

We have been so happy with our Chicco Cortina travel system! Everything about it is practically perfect. My favorite features include:
– 4 cup holders & a small item case, plus a basket underneath for more storage
– easy to remove car seat cover & pads to wash
– I can remove it from my trunk & unfold it all with one hand
– canopy rotates down to cover my baby’s face when facing the sunlight
– adjustable handle bar
– the carseat base is SO nice & easy to use
– the color schemes & fabric are very stylish, easy to clean, and durable
– carseat snaps in SO easily to both the stroller & the base, it’s very easy to use
– unlike other strollers we’ve both used & tested, none of the adjusting mechanisms have EVER jammed or given us trouble. After over a year of frequent use, it still functions like new

We just recently stopped using this system since our daughter has outgrown it, but we have another baby on the way and the stroller & travel system is still in great condition & has worn well – we’ll be using it again!

I highly recommend this product, it’s worth the extra price. We tested out ALL of the strollers we could find, and this one both rides & folds/unfolds better than them ALL. This travel system literally screams “GOOD DESIGN!” and honestly, as a parent with a million baby products, that is very rare. The Chicco Cortina is a winner in my book.

no flat position for footrest, but otherwise great (By sparrowhawk)

We got this stroller after much research. My husband is VERY tall, 6’8″, and not just any stroller would work. The handle is adjustable and he can easily and comfortably push it at his height, as can I, and I imagine anyone could since it goes pretty far down. I contacted Chicco after seeing the stroller in stores and noticing that on some of them, the footrest did not lock into place in the flat position. That is because as of 2007, they stopped making the Cortina stroller in that way. It no longer locks in a flat position. I personally wanted this feature, so I did some negotiating with the personnel and swapped their barely used floor model stroller for the new one in the box. (I kept the new padding and carseat & just changed the stroller frame) If you want this feature, know that you will probably not be getting it on this stroller any longer. Another difference is that the covered section on the parent tray is slightly smaller on the newer (post 2007) models. No big deal.

On that note, the difference between the Keyfit 22 and Keyfit 30, other than the obvious pound difference – you can use the Keyfit 22 car seat with a baby up to 22 lbs. and the Keyfit30 up to 30 lbs.– is the fact that the Keyfit 30 has the lap belt system on the outside of the carseat, clearly visible, and the Keyfit 22 has it under the padding. If you ever need to use the car seat without the base, you can use a seatbelt with this system, just know that if you have a Keyfit 22 (not the one sold in this listing) you will have to remove the padding on the bottom sides of the car seat until it is visible and accessible. Read the manual for how to use this correctly.

*The stroller is great and rides very smoothly. The fabric is of nice quality.

Love the seat, hate the stroller (By Amy)

This seat has lasted until 7 months, and would go a little longer. My son is about 20 pounds, but is growing out of the height range. I have been very happy with this car seat! The pads wash very well, even after spit-ups and diaper blow-outs. You would never know to look at the pads. It clicks into the base easily and is very simple to install. A t the hospital they preferred this one because it lays newborns back a little more. remember to take the newborn insert out when your child reaches the appropriate size, and adjust the strap heights. This is VERY easy to do. This car seat is heavy and I almost never carry him in it. I don’t know how it compares to other seats, but add a 10-20 pound baby and it’s too much for me.

I hate this stroller and am trying to sell it. It is too bulky to shop with. There is no need for it with the infant seat, and I want a better stroller now that he’s out of the infant seat, so it was never useful. I used a Maclaren Easy Traveller (much recommended over the coordinating Chicco travel system strollers) to get him everywhere. I wanted the Cortina so that I could lay him flat and not have him trapped in the car seat all the time. Even for an obsessive mom like me, it just wasn’t worth it. The storage is minimal and impossible to get to if the seat is down, it turns poorly, it is wide, and it takes up my whole trunk!

I would buy this seat again, but would leave out the Cortina stroller.