Chicco Cortina Se 30 Travel System Review

Chicco Cortina Se 30 Travel System

  • Multi-position memory recline seat remembers the last position before folded
  • Convenient one-hand fold
  • Designed for the Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat, the Cortina SE Stroller works as a travel system for your infant and a full-size stroller for your growing baby.
  • Multi-position leg rest and flat recline
  • Adjustable canopy

Chicco Cortina Se 30 Travel System Reviews

Great car seat, stroller needs some work (By Alla)

Overall a nice travel system. The car seat has one of the highest safety ratings, that’s primarily why we chose the system.
The car seat pros:
1) is sturdy and comfortable
2) The infant insert is great, don’t buy any additional infant positioners/inserts, they are not needed.
3) Car seat base is easy to install, and has adjustable hight to make sure that the seat is at a proper angle.
4) The strap length on the seat is very easy to adjust.
5) canopy is removable and has a flip-out shade protection
Car seat cons:
1) really the only thing I could complain is the canopy is a bit flimsy and on the small side

The stroller pros:
1) is very easy to manuver even with one hand
2) has adjustable footrest
3) full recline
4) breaks and ability to lock front wheels

The storller cons:
1) folds very very large. I can hardly fit it in my Toyota Corolla trunk.
2) when it folds, the contents of the basket fall out. Can’t keep a spare blanket or anything else in there that you’d want to stay in the stroller
3) the child’s tray isn’t flat, so if you want to put a juicebox or anything that would require a flat surface, you are out of luck
4) the canopy is much too small and it’s pointing upward providing very little protection

All in all I should have bought the car seat with the car seat caddy and bought a better stroller.

Overall the assembly was easy even without referring to the instructions (By Michael)

After MUCH research, we decided on the Cortina Key Fit travel system. This review is based on not using it with our baby yet (not due until May), but on ease of assembly and ease of use. Overall the assembly was easy even without referring to the instructions. We both “practiced” using all of the different features (snapping the car seat it in/out of the base, snapping it in/out of the stroller, folding the stroller, adjusting the angle of the stroller seat, etc.) and we both were able to do everything with ease. It is amazing how easy it is to use all of the features. My wife is very petite and has no problem picking up all 3 pieces along with folding the stroller and moving it around. We love that the handle adjusts so easily because she is 5’2 and I am 6’0. We would highly recommend this travel system!

… B) we tried it in the store and I LOVED the fact that I could pick up the stroller … (By Janis Butcher)

WE bought this 5 yrs ago with our first born because a) we were doing consumer reports and it was the top of the line B) we tried it in the store and I LOVED the fact that I could pick up the stroller with one hand with the car seat in it. The stroller is light weight enough that I am able to steer it with one hand with either my almost 2 yr old at 22 LBS or my almost 5 yr old at 34 LBS. The basket under neither is a GREAT size. We used to use the stroller to walk to the grocery store and would use the basket to carry the groceries home. The cup/snack holder is easy enough to use that my 4 yr old is able to pop it up so that he can climb in and out by himself. I like that there are two cup holders upfront to hold a sip and a snack cup when we are out on walks. Love that the carseat snaps in with a click when they are an infant and the two canopies work together to keep the sun off of babies face. While the stroller seat does fold all the way down neither of my kids lie that feature to take naps. However if you are using this feature with the carseat and trying to use the basket under neither you need to take the car seat out, raise the seat up put things under and re-do the stroller seat and pop the car seat back in. Also when the seat is folded down….it makes a GREAT changing table if you find yourself somewhere that you need a quick change and can’t find a changing station! After 5 yrs the wheels have lost their tread but it is still usable even if you have to upgrade the carseat because of the plastic degrading you can keep the stroller for years to come. My only huge complaint about this stroller is that while you are able to take the cover off and throw it in the wash I find it’s a pain in the butt to put the straps back through the slots in the back of the stroller.
While I was diligent fighting to get those straps through the plastic with my son I haven’t been that way with my daughter and so we don’t bother using the straps because it’s just too much of a pain to get the straps through the plastic. It is also nice that the snack container part is dishwasher safe. This stroller is lightweight enough that my son is able to help push it when we are out on walks (one of our ways to make him feel like a big brother was to find ways that he could help) when we started to take walks with the stroller and sister he wanted to ride in the stroller and so we were able to ask him to help push the stroller instead since he was a big boy. This is honestly a great stroller!

Great travel system, good value. (By Neil)

Love this system. We read about it in Consumer Reports and it was rated very highly there. The stroller folds up nicely and is pretty easy to get it into the trunk. My wife and I have no trouble with hauling it around. It’s very stable. The travel system is also very handy early on if you’re going to be driving anywhere. The convenience of the travel base can’t be denied. The cost of an extra one is pretty steep, though. It click and locks into the stroller just fine and there’s plenty of space to put your things. The instructions to put everything together took some trial and error but it was overall pretty easy. Highly recommended.

Worth every penny (By Amazon Customer)

I have burned through a lot of jog strollers over the last ten years. Now with my fourth baby I finally got it right. I love this jogger and would’ve saved a lot of money if I’d done it right the first time. It is worth every penny. I strongly recommend the infant seat attachment. Over the years I have always used two strollers, jogger for running and another for stores, zoo, etc. I actually prefer to use the Bob for everything and my other strollers are gathering dust hanging In the garage. It is so maneuverable even in tight spaces. One of my favorite features, in addition to the revolving front wheel, is the canopy the reaches SO far. We live in a sunny place and baby is always protected.