Chicco Liteway Stroller, Magma (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Review

Chicco Liteway Stroller, Magma (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Lightweight, aluminum frame and compact 3-D fold
  • Hide-away boot for enclosing infants when reclined
  • Ear-wheel suspension with precision swivel front wheels let you take it anywhere
  • Padded five-point harness and multi-position reclining seat keep your child safe and comfortable
  • For use from birth to 40 pounds

Chicco Liteway Stroller, Magma (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

Great Stroller.. I wish it had a higher weight maximum (By Claire’s Mom)

I bought this stroller from Baby’s R Us about 2 years ago. Up until recently, I was quite pleased with it. (Will discuss later.)
This stroller is everything that it says it is. Lightweight, easy to maneuver for anyone (my 6′ dad, myself (5′ 7″), or my 5′ mom), easy to clean, and very easy to fold and carry. As a matter of fact, I’m hating the fact that my daughter has outgrown it (at 3 years) and now I’ll have to buy another stroller. :(
Why do I give it 4, instead of 5 stars? Two reasons:
1.) I REALLY wish that Chicco had built this stroller to handle a max of 55lbs, instead of 40. (And yes.. It’s my fault for not paying closer attention to that 2 years ago..)
2.) The basket under the seat is rather small. (Or I could just be spoiled from my Britax B-Ready.. )

Overall, I would highly recommend this stroller for anyone. (But if you have a larger than average child.. just be aware.. he/she might outgrow it way before you are ready to put away the strollers.)

Perfect for my needs! (By Justine Chelette)

I’m highly disappointed that it took me so long to find a stroller like this! My daughter just turned a year old, and we are about to move to Hawaii. I wanted a stroller that would recline to a comfortable position, allowing her to nap, but would also be light weight and easy to fold because we will be spending a lot of time in the airport and traveling. Her previous stroller is a beast, and came as part of a Graco travel system that was gifted to me. I liked that travel system, and it was perfect to use with her infant car seat. But by 4 months she had outgrown the infant seat, and the stroller became more of a pain than useful. It took up a lot of room in my trunk, so I had to remember to take it out when I went grocery shopping. Also, it didn’t recline far enough for her to nap if we were out at the zoo or the park.

I had the Chicco 0.6 umbrella stroller for my son and I really liked how compact it was. But I wanted something a little bit more substantial for my daughter since she’s still so young (I still carry a diaper bag for her) and also something that reclined more thant he Chicco 0.6. I happened across this stroller while at a Babies R Us, and took it off the shelf. In 2 minutes (without reading the manual) I was able to figure out how to recline it, adjust the foot rest, and saw that the basket was detachable. I wasn’t able to figure out how to fold it, so I waited until I was at home to research. I found a you-tube video online that showed me how it folded up and I was sold. It was the compact, light weight stroller that I needed. Once I received the stroller, it was pretty simple to put together. I did it on my own. The only thing that was a pain was the directions to attach the hood were really vague…

You won’t regret it! (By Stacy M. Dew)

I LOVE this stroller!

I ordered this stroller for my third child. I had different strollers for the other two kids, but wanted the perfect stroller this time. This does not disappoint! Its small and maneuverable. It rolls so incredibly easily and smoothly. Easy to fold and light enough to lift easily into the trunk. The seat reclines easily for naps, or for small babies who cannot hold their head up on their own. The basket is handy and a diaper bag can easily be hung on the stroller handles for easy access.

I chose this smaller version rather than the bigger stroller that holds the car seat carrier because the seat reclines and easily holds a small baby – mine easily rode in hers at 7 weeks old without any concerns (it may have worked sooner, but we didn’t buy it until then).

Below average (By SB-PB)

I searched for a long time for a lightweight stroller for my toddler. Based on reviews and cost I thought this was a good choice… But after 4 months of light use this stroller is already getting warped. I’m hoping I can get it replaced. The best part Is that it has good padding in the seat better than other umbrella strollers.

Overall Great Stroller (By Jocelyne)

First off let me say – This stroller is amazing! Very lightweight, full recline, LARGE canopy, and 5 point harness!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Purchased when my son turned a year old, I figured I would need a lightweight stroller as he was growing, I decided on this stroller because of its deisgn it looked very thing very light weight and I loved the black color. Now, the only two downfalls about this stroller -storage space is very very limited I had to buy a small diaper bag to fit under and it’s almost impossible to access the storage when the seat is reclined, so if my son was sleeping and I had to grab something I couldn’t which I didn’t like, but I managed to keep this stroller for almost a year. And the second downfall being that my son is bigger than average, he is 32 pounds at 20months hes a big boy – I started noticing the stroller was getting a bit hard to make turns with, so I believe this is better for younger / skinnier childen. Thats why I gave this stroller four stars, but honestly I would have loved to get this stroller since my son was younger, the recline is just amazing! I would highly recommend this stroller to anyone I’d say babies 6months to 1 and 1/2 years.

i LOVE this stroller!! (By Amy)

I received a BRU umbrella stroller for free (came free when we ordered baby swing) and I thought it would be fine. WRONG! I Hated this thing. No 5 point harness (didnt work well for my 4 month old at the time) and the handles were way too short (I am 5’8). It was awful. I stopped using it completely. Then i was able to find this stroller (black one- prob a few years old) in amazing condition used for $20. BEST purchase ever! I Love this thing. My 14 month old is so comfy in it and and I just wish I had it when he was an infant! Rolls nicely, tall enough handles, decent bottom storage (not big enough for a diaper bag tho, but i mainly just keep this stroller in the trunk of my SUV for quick trips anyhow). It folds up easily. Yes, it is heavier than a regular umbrella stroller but not by THAT much. I love how quickly I can fold/unfold it. My son is very comfortable in it. The ability to recline it completely is amazing. Only complaints – it steers well but obviously not as well as my jogging stroller (i know this isn’t a realistic comparison, but I use the jogger 2-3x a day and that’s what I had to compare it to) but it does very well. Would I buy it again at full price? Probably not (based on MY use of it)…I feel like the price is a bit high….if I used it for more than quick trips into Panera, the park, etc. then I probably could justify the higher price tag. But it lives in my car and I only use it 1-2x a week. Anyhow, I do highly recommend this stroller!