Chicco Standard Stroller Chicco C6 Stroller, Black Review

Chicco Standard Stroller Chicco C6 Stroller, Black

  • Lightweight, aluminum frame, only 11 pounds
  • Rounder, roomier canopy, adjustable and removable
  • All wheel suspension and front wheel swivel locks, take it anywhere
  • Padded five point harness and multi position reclining seat, safe and comfortable
  • Fashionable carry bag and carry strap, easy to transport

Chicco Standard Stroller Chicco C6 Stroller, Black Reviews

Not a bad travel stroller (By Jean Gray)

As a very compact stroller, this one is pretty good. I looked at many umbrella strollers and most did not have 5 point harnesses or aren’t comfy for someone over about 5’2″. Now I’m a hair under 5’8″, but I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone taller. My husband at 6′ had to hunch over to push it. Another issue is that the wheels are pretty close together and the handles don’t tilt back far enough to provide a lot of separation between your feet and the wheels. You do have to walk heel-toe if you are going to walk behind the stroller and that not only takes a little getting used to, but can be tiring because you don’t use your normal walking muscles.

It has a very small basket underneath that can store some smile items, but because of the cross back support, you can’t put a bag of any size under there, but it’s good for small purchases. Also, while it does recline, it’s not much, but more than you would see on other umbrella strollers.

Another plus is that it is significantly wider than the Jeep umbrella stroller and the other low price ones. My 3 month old looked cramped in that one and I cannot imagine her being able to use it for long. This stroller should last us for travel purposes (especially on the subway) for a couple of years.

I also like that the sunshade can be snapped to the back of the stroller or you can unsnap it and change the angle depending on where the sun is.

I recommend you take a test push of this before purchasing. They have them instock in limited colors at Babies R Us, but that’s good advice for any stroller purchase.

Looooooove this stroller!!!! (By Kim)

Let me start by saying I got this stroller because we were looking for a cheap stroller to take overseas and I saw this one had so many great reviews. I see why! We have a $300 something dollar Maclaren and (don’t tell my husband) but I think I like this one better! It is super light, easy to fold, pushes like a dream and the baby is so comfortable in it. It comes with a carry strap as well as a bag which makes it PERFECT for airports. You can apply the breaks while it’s folded so it’s easy to lean against things. The sunshade is great. So happy with this purchase!

Avoid what we learned after buying (By Brett Traxinger)

Pros: its lightweight, quality is adequate, it fits our son well and he seems comfortable, sun shade works, handles are comfortable, wheels are good quality and take various terrains well.

Con: THIS IS A HUGE CON – the entire point of a stroller is to be able to walk … given the design is nearly impossible to walk easily or comfortably because you end up kicking the stroller the entire time. Its a design flaw in the way that the rear wheel/legs are positioned. Its super annoying and completely defeats the purpose of the stroller. I ended up just carrying my son in one arm and pushing the stroller from the side because i was tired of a) taking short choppy steps b) kicking it with my toes on every stride. There are other strollers that are angled to avoid this – do your self a favor and find one of those.

Straps poorly positioned (By Serena F.)

I’ve had this stroller for over a year now, and I wish I’d bought a different model. A deciding factor when I selected the Chicco Ct0.6 was the five-point harness. However, the buckle is positioned so low on my son’s torso that the shoulder straps hardly hold him in. The buckle is at hip level, nearly at his crotch. Besides being just plain too short, the crotch strap is attached to the seat of the stroller too far back. It should be attached farther forward. He can easily slip his arms out from the straps. To hold him in, there should be another buckle for the chest, like a car seat, or else the buckle should be higher up, at waist level.

My other complaints are minor. The buckle snaps shut very suddenly and firmly, and I have pinched my fingers in it more than once while buckling in my son — it’s quite painful. The flap that covers the buckle is oriented such that it wraps toward the child. I think it would make more sense for the flap to wrap away from the child. The stroller handles are short; I often find myself leaning forward to avoid stepping on the wheels, and I’m only five feet tall.

With all that said, the stroller is nice and light. It seems fairly sturdy and is still in good shape after a fair amount of use. It folds closed and open easily, although I need more than just one hand to work the mechanisms: to open the stroller, I usually use my foot to push the latch all the way, and I use both hands to close it.

Best Umberella Stroller on the market for infant, toddlers, and kids. (By Amazon Customer)

I have had this stroller for over 2 years now and I love it. It held my son from the time he was 6 weeks old (that is when we purchased it). My nephew who is 6 can still easily ride in this stoller, so it will last you a long time. It’s one of the only umbrella strollers on the market that has 2 storage compartments, a canopy, and it RECLINES. It also has a leg extender on it so when they are little their legs don’t dangle off the end, and then it folds down for when their older. It does not have a cup holder, but it has a storage pocket on the back that you can put a drink in and it holds it great, or if you have a diaper bag or blanket in the bottom you can easily support a drink in the bottom. I have taken this stroller everywhere, up in the mountains hiking, through grass, even in snow (I walk over 5 miles daily with it). It also fits easily into any trunk and takes up little space. Look no further this is the best stroller out there.