Chicco Standard Stroller Chicco Liteway Plus Stroller, Silver Review

Chicco Standard Stroller Chicco Liteway Plus Stroller, Silver

  • 2 in 1 Lightweight stroller and KeyFit car seat carrier
  • Seat folds forward to attach KeyFitinfant car seat with an audible click
  • One hand adjustable seat recline with 5 positions
  • Adjustable, removable canopy with zip off rear panel and peek a boo window
  • Compact fold and carry handle for easy travel and storage

Chicco Standard Stroller Chicco Liteway Plus Stroller, Silver Reviews

Takes up little space (By Marie)

We originally bought the Chicco Key Fit 30 Travel system but it was such a waste of money. The large stroller was never used and was so bulky and took up so much space that I didn’t want to have to keep it in my trunk. I was looking for a stroller that could go beyond just being an umbrella stroller and I could use when we had more children. When I came across this one I was instantly intrigued. We love that you can use it for your infant carrier and then it moves into an umbrella stroller as they get older. Plus everything is all contained and you are not trying to find parts when you want to switch it to the umbrella stroller.

– Easy to assemble. Even if you need it to go back and forth from the umbrella to the infant carrier style it is easy to move it from one to another.
– Folds up easily; and has a side handle to carry it.
– Rolls smoothly; its an umbrella stroller so I didn’t have huge expectations of the quality of the wheels.
– Takes up very little room in the trunk. We traveled for a few weeks and had to carry a lot of things and this didn’t take up much space.

– The basket is a little useless. It is hard to reach your items.
– Canopy is too short. Wish it was a little bigger.

We love this stroller and it replaced the travel system stroller completely. It has been our go to stroller and it will last through multiple children. This has been a great stroller for day trips and on vacation. If you are looking for an alternative to the large travel system stroller I would highly recommend this as one to consider. It has many different uses and takes up such little space.

Aggravating (By Lalai)

I chose this for our registry before my first baby arrived, and if I’d known better I would have chosen something else. I thought it would be fantastic to have a stroller that would work both with and without the car seat. As it turned out, we didn’t use it very much with the car seat attached – we found that she preferred being worn in a carrier.

We use it much more often now that she’s a toddler, but it’s clumsy. The front wheels don’t swivel easily, so it’s hard to make anything but wide turns. The left front wheel twists and jams like a broken shopping cart if we try to turn too sharply. Our biggest complaint is the canopy; it doesn’t cover my daughter well, and the front doesn’t attach securely to the sides of the stroller. The buttons that the canopy snaps onto come loose very easily, so we have to stop and reattach it every 2 minutes when it bumps loose and flops into her face. Wouldn’t recommend, wouldn’t buy again.

a little heavy but otherwise great (By Mrs.Bloom)

We use this with our Chicco car seat. Our baby is too small to use the stroller, but it will be nice to have this compact stroller when he is big enough. The design is nice, it opens and closes easily. I am 5’10” and my husband is 6’5″ and this stroller is a good height for us.

We love this stroller (By buffalobeal)

We love this stroller. The big front wheels turn smoothly and easily. I have pushed some strollers that bind up any time you change from pulling backward to pushing forward or some that bind up if you deviate at all from a straight line. This stroller performs great. It still has bound up on me a time or too but it was either on a rough surfaces or in loose gravel or sand so that is totally understandable. Speaking of sand and loose gravel this stroller does much better in these loose substrates that other strollers I have used, he big wheels must be the key to its ease of use. We also really like that you can position the sun shade anywhere over your child. It drives me crazy when a sun shade only extends just above your kid which limits the functionality to noon time and the rest of the time your kid is exposed to the blistering sun. It folds pretty easily, it isn’t a one button folding or anything but it’s still quick and simple. Love the under seat basket and that it can recline for a sleepy kid. I have used it for my new baby and my 6 year old. It still pushes great even with a too big to be riding in the stroller kindergartener. I have an SUV so I can’t speak on how well it fits in a trunk but it fits really easily in the back of an SUV in case you were worried. We love Chicco products which is why we bought this after buying one of their car seats (I will never buy another brand of car seat) which by the way fits super easily into the stroller. It pops in and out just as easy from the stroller as it does from the base in the your car.

Great stroller, just a few drawbacks (By Jenna Manges)

LOVE this stroller!

– doesn’t take up much space in the car
– maneuvers easily
– folds & unfolds easily, though not one handed
– infant seat snaps securely to the frame of the stroller, unlike the traditional universal stroller frames where the seat simply rests on the frame.
– perfect for all stages (infant, older baby, toddler)

– no super lightweight like a traditional umbrella stroller
– basket underneath is pretty small
– no parent tray for keys, cell phone, drink, etc…(comes with a snap-on cup holder, but I’ve found that I prefer the tray found on other strollers.
– no child tray for drinks or snacks

AWESOME! (By Mom of 2)

My husband and I love this stroller! We originally bought a chicco travel system but wanted something that wouldn’t take up as much space in the trunk. Great for traveling. It folds like an umbrella stroller but is heavy duty and very durable. It ways 20+ lbs so don’t expect it to be light like an umbrella stroller. We love that it’s compatible with our keyfit 30 infant car seat! The color is very vibrant and we get a lot of compliments on the stroller. Worth every penny!