Chicco Standard Stroller Chicco Liteway Stroller, Noce (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Review

Chicco Standard Stroller Chicco Liteway Stroller, Noce (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Lightweight, aluminum frame and compact 3D fold
  • Hide away boot for enclosing infants when reclined
  • Rear wheel suspension with precision swivel front wheels let you take it anywhere
  • Padded five point harness and multi position reclining seat keep your child safe and comfortable
  • Detachable storage basket converts to sling tote for carrying baby’s things

Chicco Standard Stroller Chicco Liteway Stroller, Noce (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

Not the best in comparable strollers (By Bob Loblaw)

I had ordered the Chicco Liteway and returned it the next day because it was so wobbly plus the annoying footrest going up, strange storage basket(?) and the crotch strap wasn’t very long.
I wanted the best umbrella stroller with all the fixins so I researched A LOT and ordered
A. Jeep deluxe all weather….junk all around
B. Summer infant 3D One, this is a brand new product, really hard to find info on it, it’s just like the 3D Zyre but it has a stand and adjustable footrest. The crotch strap on this stroller is awful. I had to struggle to find it to even buckle, it’s bulky and digs into the child’s legs big time. This one also was a very shaky ride. Difficult to fold and open. The seat was the most comfortable for the child (I had my 8 yr. old daughter sit in them all to give an honest opinion, that my 2 yr. old and 8 month old can’t give) but the negatives outweighed the positives.
C. The Graco Breaze! Winner. Such a smooth ride, easy open and close, great canopy, the seat is comfortable (just a little less than the 3D One), full recline, one pedal for both brakes, and adjustable slim crotch strap…yes!!! Oh, and the basket underneath is huge. I only wish there was a pocket to hold my stuff, but I’ll buy an add on one.
I’m so happy I got to do a very complete comparison of these and I’m confident in the one I chose to keep.

Searched long and hard for the perfect stroller (By scorpizious)

We bought the Britax B-Ready before our little one was born and loved it with the car seat and bassinet attachments. However, once our little guy outgrew the car seat and it was time to install the stroller seat, it was too big and bulky, so the search began for a multi-function and easily transportable umbrella stroller.

Enter: Chicco Litewaya

This stroller has everything you could ask for in an umbrella stroller, plus features typically reserved for higher-end traditional strollers.

Pro’s: Very adjustable canopy that can be zipped to the stroller seat or unzipped for a little breeze or to adjust better for the sun. The canopy has a TINTED (yep, nicely tinted to block out direct sunlight) peekaboo window to see your little one through. The back rest is a multi-position backrest that can go from fully upright to laying down flat, with multiple positions in between. The seat also FULLY (100% flat fully) reclines, which was exactly what we were looking for (and could not even find in in the higher end traditional strollers). The seat recline is a simple as pushing (well, pulling) a little lever on the back of the seat. We often go for walks by the beach and my little one falls asleep. Its super easy to recline the seat and then we unzip the canopy base and tilt it to block the sun. With the canopy unzipped, you can also see your little one snoozing and they get a nice breeze.

The handles are high enough that I have not kicked the wheels once, and padded, so it is comfortable to push. The stroller gives a nice ride and feels durable. The fabric is breathable and quick drying (we got stuck in the rain last week).

great umbrella stroller (By adriach)

I bought this stroller and the First Years Ignite to see which one would work better for us. I ended up keeping the Chicco and sending the Ignite back. It is of way better quality than the Ignite stroller. It is not as smooth of a ride as my Britax but it folds up nicely and is a lot easier to maneuver in crowds or tighter spaces. My Britax takes up half of my trunk and doesn’t leave much room for other stuff. The color is nice and the shade cover is larger than I thought it would be. I was a little worried from the pictures because it looked so small but it actually offers pretty good coverage from the sun and the plastic window to peek at the baby is tinted so it stays cool even when the sun is coming through it. It is definitely on the pricy side for an umbrella stroller but I can see it lasting for quite a while vs. some of the cheaper ones.

Love it! (By Emi)

Just got this stroller last night and absolutely love it. I was a little worried about buying a damaged box item, but for the price it was worth a try. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the box only had a few marks and indents on it and the stroller itself was perfectly fine. It was super easy to put together, folds up nice and tight and is very easy to steer. I love the color too!

worth the money (By mary)

I bought this stroller the best stroller I ever bought. My daughteris 3 months I use it to take her walking it fits perfectly. will not trade it for any other stroller. It is light weight. It is Awesome!!!

Great stroller love love it great from newborn to toddler (By Erika Gonzalez)

Great stroller love love it great from newborn to toddler, it offers a lot for a small Leight weight .and it’s not bulky when it folds down. Must buy

which made me very disappointed. (By Priscila)

the heavy cart and the very short seat belt. Did not come with the raincoat, which made me very disappointed.