Chicco Travel System: Chicco Cortina Travel System 30 Romantic Review

Chicco Travel System: Chicco Cortina Travel System 30 Romantic

  • The Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat is the premier infant carrier for safety, comfort, and convenience. The KeyFit 30 is packed with features that make this Infant Car Seat the easiest to install. Designed especially for the Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat, the Cortina Stroller works as a travel system for your infant and a full-size stroller for your growing baby. The Cortina Stroller will satisfy your desire for convenience, comfort and safety.

Chicco Travel System: Chicco Cortina Travel System 30 Romantic Reviews

One of the best baby items we have! (By blf)

This Chicco car seat and stroller is fabulous. I was a bit unsure that I wanted a travel system as many people complained they were big and bulky. After reading through all the reviews, I decided to try it anyway. I’m so glad I did. This is one of the best baby things we own! The car seat is great, but the stroller is even better. I don’t find it to be any heavier or bulkier than any other strollers. I love that the stroller reclines all the way down so that you can change a small baby’s diaper in the stroller without having to rely on any public bathroom surface. The handling of the stroller is wonderful – the handles adjust and the wheels pivot easily or can be set to only move straight. When the carrier is in the stroller, you have a double awning over the baby to really control the sun exposure. I’ve also found that I use this stroller often without the carrier (my baby is around 14 lbs) just so he can stretch out in the stroller without being confined to the car seat. On the other hand, I do like having the ability to clip in the carrier in case he’s sleeping, and I don’t want to wake him.

If you’re debating whether or not to buy a travel system – don’t. You’ll be really happy with this one. I know people who have just bought this exact car seat and then struggled to find a separate stroller. It’s just not worth it.

Also, I’m not sure why this design is called “Romantic.” I have a baby boy and was concerned that it might be a bit girly. The picture just looks a bit pink. It’s actually black and gray – and perfectly gender neutral.

Happy Consumer (By Mary Essayian)

My husband and I purchased the Chicco travel system for our first child as a newborn. So far I have no complaints. We compared this system to several Graco models, but found that this was worth the extra money. The stroller itself has far more control when driving it. Very sturdy..and doesn’t wobble like the Gracos. I found that it is especially nice if you are taller and therefore especially nice for the Dads. All of the other systems we looked at, my husband and I would both have to slump to push it, because the handle is so low. The material is durable and weather resistant. And the base of the car seat is adjustable to conform to your back seat and there is a built in level on the base to insure the base in positioned and secured evenly and acurately. Only small complaint is that when the car seat is in place in the stroller, it limits the amount of storage underneath the stroller making hard to put something large, like a diaper bag underneath. But I just place it over the handles and no problem.

Great stroller and car seat! (By Danielle Anslinger)

I have researched and researched and it came down to the Chicco and Britax systems for an infant car seat and stroller. My ultimate tipping point was that the chicco carseat fits better in my car. I loved the Britax as well but it was a bit larger and was just a tighter fit for my car. With the Britax the carseat would touch the back of the seat if my husband was sitting in the seat in front of the carseat and that is a big no no. (I highly recommend going to look at the car seats and then taking the ones you like to your car to make sure they fit). I have an older Lexus RX and the Chicco just was a better fit for my backseat. Plus it gets great crash test reviews and is very lightweight compared to most out there. I LOVED the fabric choice of the romantic and hope that chicco continues that pattern because it is very subtle and very neutral as we don’t know the sex of our baby until they arrive. This is also a great stroller and carseat combination. Easy to fit the car seat in the stroller and easy to take out. The stroller folds down very easily, with just one pull of the handle it folds down fast. The stroller is also lightweight compared to some and I can easily pick it up into the car without throwing my back out. :O) Either way, I don’t think you can go wrong with the chicco or the britax, but just keep in mind how much you want to lift and how big of a back seat you have. I would definitely buy a chicco product again and do not regret my decision at all. I love it!

Just OK (By Rae)

Pros: Easy to install (yea!), easy to adjust the straps, made very well – doesn’t feel cheap. The stroller is sturdy. I could hang something off the handles and it wouldn’t tip over. I give it 3 stars because I did feel it was very safe. I took off two stars because the cons were huge for me.

Cons: To have the car seat snap into the stroller you have to have the seat totally reclined. This means it is really hard to get to the basket bellow because the seat back covers the opening. Why is this a problem? Well for me, the point of having a car seat stroller combo is to use it when the baby is little and I have to run into the store and do not want to wake the baby. If I can’t put anything into the basket without moving the car seat (which every time I did woke the baby), it defeats the purpose. Even to the mall – I can’t get into the basket to store the other kid’s coats or my purse or the diaper bag – ergh annoying. So everything ends up hanging off the handles which makes maneuvering through store isles a pain. Also, when you go to fold the stroller back up, the seat has to be all the way up – so it often got jammed.
My only complaint about the car seat (and this was shared by my good friend who found the same problem) is that it doesn’t fit in seat part of a shopping cart. I don’t carry my infants in a moby or pack while shopping because it hurts my back and we often over heat. But babies are often too small to sit up on their own in the shopping cart for 6+ months (the angle is tough for little necks even when they can sit up on the floor on their own earlier then that). Why else would you bother with an infant carrier?? I would end up putting it in the main basket (where it barely fit) and boy what a pain trying to pack your groceries around that.
There isn’t any room! I often resorted to putting the seat across the front of the cart which I hated because I felt like it was going to fall off at any moment. Also because I was left pushing the cart at the other end, it left my little one more open to strangers who think they have a right to touch the baby (people have no personal space with babies). My old (rather ancient) Eddie Bauer performed better than this significantly more expensive set. I have sold the Chicco and although the EB car seat has expired and is long gone, ironically I still go back to the old faithful ED stroller. Even if it isn’t fashionable, it is still the most functional and when I had the car seat that went to it, I never had any of these problems.