Chicco Urban Stroller, Coal Review

Chicco Urban Stroller, Coal

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Chicco Urban Stroller, Coal Reviews

Nicely Made, Very Easy To Operate, Lacks A Few Amenities (By B. Colonna)

This is a very well-made stroller. If youve never assembled a stroller before, this one might take you 20-30 minutes. If youve done one before its pretty standard, and a 10-15 minute job. The stroller comes unassembled, frame, wheels, canopy, boot, basket, seat and seat insert, bumper, cup holder, Keyfit attachment and side hubs, and shoulder/crotch pads.

The stroller converts easily from carriage to stroller. The handle is comfortable and the wheels operate smoothly over pavement and even the more gravely dirt of parks.

Weight Limits:
The stroller holds a child up to 50 pounds.
Storage basket will hold up to 10 pounds of items.
The cup holder holds up to 16 ounces.

I love the brakes (wheel locks) which operate with the touch of ONE foot button. On my old Graco, which I thought was a great stroller, the locks were independent, so you had to press both, and unlock both to get going again.

Removable Wheels. You may ask Well when the heck would I want to remove wheels off my stroller? Anyone who has ever packed a minivan full of luggage and other items for a trip down the shore knows the answer when every spare inch of spare counts. So, while its not a feature Ill use often, its a nice little extra.

NOTE: Although the stroller matches perfectly with Chicos KeyFit infant car seat, it DOES NOT include the car seat, so you need that seat, or a different car seat, for auto travel. The only infant seat that will fit the stroller is Chiccos KeyFit Infant Seat. Do not try to put a different brand on the stroller.

EVERYTHING on this stroller is easy to adjust, from opening it for use, or folding it to put it in a car, or adjusting the canopy or backrest.
Brake operation is simple one button foot control! The swivel locks also operate easily. Even changing the color with Chiccos color kits (sold separately) takes just minutes.

My stroller is gray, but they sell colors kits of bright pink, royal blue and teal. Until the end of June 2015 it looks like Chicco is offering one free color kit (only if purchased on-line from them).

Now, overall this is a very sturdy, while lightweight, stroller. I think it offers comfort for the baby and is as safe as any other stroller. It operates smoothly and it is very well made (everything fits and operates as advertised). Four things that are lacking which really puzzle me are:
1. The handle is adjustable, but only in 3 locking positions. It does not freely adjust, so unless you height and arm length are comfortable with one or more of these three heights, oh well. That said, I think the three heights probably work for most people.
2. The canopy is solid, lacking any plastic window so you can keep an eye on baby when the top is up.
3. There is no mosquito net. Yes you can usually buy ones that fit any brandat almost $400, this is not the product on which Chicco should skimp.
4. There is no snack/play tray included.

I think this is a great stroller, but while its priced like the Cadillac of strollers its appointed more like a base model Chevy. For these reasons, Id rate it a very nice 4, but its priced a bit high to be a 5.

Comfortable, versatile stroller! (By Ellie)

This is a very nice, versatile stroller with a number of good amenities. Basic assembly is fairly straightforward (as far as strollers go) and it includes all the parts for the three basic configurations shown on the website (use with a car seat, use for an infant sans car seat and use for a toddler). Each of the configurations can be inward or outward facing, adding additional options. For the car seat option, I believe it can only be used with the Chicco Key fit car seat which is not included and runs about $200. We tried to put our First Years infant car seat in and it was not a fit that would be safe to use.

If you want color options, this is a great stroller as Chicco is selling a variety of color packs that would easily switch out. This is also nice for mom as I know that the inside of our old stroller quickly got icky with all the various items baby brings in, so having the ability to replace the liner and dress it up is a nice if somewhat pricey option at $70 per kit.

The stroller seems quite durable and I love the brakes, which are a very easy-to-use one button system for your foot. Unlike some of my other strollers I’m not likely to injure my foot trying to set the brake on this one. As someone who likes to wear sandals, that’s a nice change.

The storage basket is spacious and easy to access. It says the weight limit is 10 pounds, but I’ve definitely put more in (I think our diaper bag alone weighs more than that). The handle bar adjusts to three different lengths, if not positions. I miss having a “window” in the back of the canopy to allow me to see baby, but we’re learning to live without it. I love the built on side drink holder – very convenient and saves buying a drink holder attachment.

Do not buy sight unseen – Test before buying (By Jacob’s Mom)

My husband and I went to Babies R Us to test this stroller out. We wanted to buy a Chicco car seat so getting a Chicco stroller would have been great. Unfortunately, there were issues with this stroller that we couldn’t overlook.

The deal breaker: I wanted a Chicco frame so that I would not have to buy the snap and go base. Unfortunately, this frame was awful. Folding it was doable as long as we used two hands. Unfolding it was almost impossible unless you had 3 hands. Yes, 3 hands. A person would have to press two buttons at the same time with both hands and with the third hand grab the handle to pull it up. We struggled with it and finally found a person on the floor to help us. After all, maybe we were missing something. The salesperson had the same issue. He was even a bit winded after unfolding this stroller. Who needs this inconvenience??!! By the way, I brought over the snap and go Chicco frame to compare and it was a breeze to fold and unfold. No comparison.

FYI #1: The bassinet and the toddler seat are the same piece. The pictures make it look like two separate pieces. A little bit of unfolding and you have the bassinet. I imagine this is one of the reasons the price is so low since many travel systems have a bassinet and toddler seat that are in fact two separate pieces. There is no way to remove the straps if you’d like to use it as a bassinet.

FYI #2: There is a separate adapter that looks like a square frame that needs to be installed in order to use this base with a car seat. Installing the piece wasn’t easy (although I imagine it would get easier with practice).
It was a rather big square piece & the whole process of putting the piece in and then putting the car seat in, then taking the car seat out and removing the adapter seemed a bit cumbersome. This is nowhere as easy as just buying the Chicco snap & go base where you pretty much just snap the car seat in and go.

Maneuverability wasn’t very smooth and the wheels looked kind of cheap.

Basically, you will get what you pay for. We passed on this stroller.