Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller, Pierce (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Review

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller, Pierce (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Jogging Stroller accepts all Graco Click Connect infant car seats with a secure one-step attachment
  • One-second, one-hand fold has an automatic storage lock and is self-standing when folded
  • Air-filled rubber tires offer suspension
  • This infant jogging stroller features locking front swivel wheel provides an easy transition from daily strolling to jogging

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller, Pierce (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

Front wheel defective (By Thomas Townsend)

I was so excited to try this stroller after seeing all the good reviews but it has been an absolute nightmare. The front wheel would constantly go to the locked position whenever I went over the slightest bump and I would have to stop jogging every couple minutes to fix it. I put tape under the trigger to make it stop but it was incredibly frustrating and a poor design. After a few weeks the front wheel completely broke. We called graco to get the wheel replaces and they told me it
Would be a few weeks. Long story short, it has been over 3 months of calling and trying to get the wheel sent and I still haven’t received it! I have been without a stroller this entire time and it is miserable! Extremely poor customer service and communication! I would not recommend this stroller!

All the perks of a $400+ stroller for $100!! (By Haley)

We love the new stroller. basically if you’re on a budget but want a jogging off road type stroller this is the one for you only $120+(depending on the color I went for the cheapest color and love it)
I jogged for 1/4 on asphalt (didn’t lock the swivel wheel) and it handled great also jogged 1/4 mile on dirt trail also handled very well.
I did a total of 3 miles today on asphalt, dirt, loose gravel, pine needles ect. And it was wonderful.
The assembly was very easy only have to add the wheels and the parent and child trays which are very very easy to do. Also the wheels and trays are easy to take off but not easy enough that bigger kids would be able to get them off.
Two cons. The parent tray has a cell phone holder and under that is a hiden container for keys but it doesn’t lock so on rough trails it was a little irritating To have it be slightly bouncing open and shut. Not enough for things to come out but enough to be irritating I may add some Velcro or something to help it stay shut.
And the shade canopy is very easy to pull forward an back I thought it was great at first but on rough trails the cover kinda slides back, it doesn’t lock into place I wish it did.
The basket is very large, way bigger then the BOB brand basket.
The height I really liked I’m 5’2″ish and it was perfect for me.
The child’s tray is great to put snacks and has large cup holders for any size bottle or sippy cup.
Has a 3 or 5 point harness.
It has 3 different recline positions perfect for smaller babies and large kids.
I also had the Graco click connect infant car seat which would work with this stroller.
The cover also had mesh sides which is great my son can see out without havin to lean forward.
The parent view on the cover is also mesh which is great because you don’t have the sun glare that prevents you from being able to see.
It fits in my car trunk sideways I like to take the child tray off to have more room but I don’t have to to get it too fit. I have a Camry.
Over all I’m very happy with this stroller.

this stroller is pretty unbeatable. We got a fairly expensive Baby Jogger … (By Dan I.)

For the price, this stroller is pretty unbeatable. We got a fairly expensive Baby Jogger brand “City Select” for our main stroller, which we absolutely love. But it cost 4-times as much. We’re in Florida for a few months, so I got this one to jog with (despite its name, our other stroller isn’t a jogger) and now we use it whenever we’re on walks around the neighborhood, leaving the other in our trunk for outings. It fits our 2-month-old’s Graco car seat, which is awesome – clicks right in. It’s well-made and has a great, easy folding mechanism. I also love the canopy, particularly in conjunction with the car seat, as it provides a full shade for sunny days. The console is great too, as it holds an iPhone securely plus two cup holders and a little compartment.

It definitely doesn’t run as smooth or handle as well as a very-high end stroller. But c’mon, for the price, you can’t have crazy expectations. The sort of white noise it generates while jogging is actually probably soothing for our baby, as she sleeps soundly. Glad we can leave it with our relatives down here to have a stroller whenever we’re in town.

Lots of space for a diaper bag underneath Easy to take wheels off (to fit in a trunk … (By Cao Tingting)

Lots of space for a diaper bag underneath
Easy to take wheels off (to fit in a trunk better)
Easy to fold, you literally pull a strap with one hand
Great looking – I’ve gotten many compliments from other moms, and I love the colors (I went with grey and orange).
The click connect car seat works perfectly with this stroller.

The wheel lock that changes from a fixed forward facing wheel to a swiveling wheel (walking) does not stay in place. While walking with the swiveling wheel over bumpy sidewalks this “lock” will drop down locking the wheel in the fixed forward facing position; which makes the stroller impossible to turn. I have to fix the lock with a sticker.

The sun shade doesn’t provide much cover for my baby so we have to put thin blankets on the shade to block out the sun. Of course she can’t look around and loses some wind, so that is why i’m not happy with the stroller.

Nice stroller for tall people (By Amazon Customer)

Seems like a very well built stroller. However, this is not made for vertically challenged people. I am 5′ 7″ and my wife is 5′ and this stroller is too tall for both of us. This would be perfect if it had an adjustable handle! Still, a nice stroller for the money if you are 5′ 10″ or more!!

A GREAT VALUE (By MichelleShops)

Overall – I’m very happy with this purchase. Some of the highlights:

Graco does an excellent job in packing the FastAction Fold Jogger in as flat as possible, but also thinking about the recipient who will have to ultimately put it together upon receipt. I had this out of the box and put together in about 5 minutes.

The tires came fully inflated – which was great as I had my baby in it and out for a run 10 minutes later.

The basket is ENORMOUS. Enough for a baby bag and groceries or shopping items.

The parent tray is excellent. My iPhone 5, in it’s Speck case, fits perfectly in “portrait” mode. There was left over space so I’m sure whenever I chose to upgrade, the next size phone will also fit in “portrait mode”. It did not fit in “landscape mode”. The enclosed compartment was much larger than I expected and it did not rattle when I was running. I appreciate it does not latch shut as I do not have to stop to access it while on the go.

Getting a Graco car seat in and out of this stroller is beyond easy.

Running – I went for a run in the city. We went up and down curb cuts, up and down driveways, on and off the street, on and off the grass and overall I was very happy with it’s performance. here does not seem to be any shock absorbers (that I can see), but the large rubber wheels did a good job of making it a relatively smooth ride. My baby smiled the whole ride and even dozed a bit. The baby sits very high with a car seat so you do have to be careful to hold the handle closely as the center of gravity is pretty high. However, I did not have any tipping issues.

I appreciated having the tether – though I wish it was a smidge longer.
At 5ft 5 inches – I cannot lift my hand above chest level with the tether attached. I’m sure onlookers had a good time watching me repeatedly forget it was there and attempt to adjust my sunglasses or scratch my nose.

The canopy is very large and, along with a car seat, provides full coverage. When my baby outgrows her car seat, I will use an SPF 50 sunshade I received as a shower gift. I want to ensure my baby gets full protection from the sun and the canopy itself only goes about 60% of the way.

I haven’t used the baby tray yet as my baby is too young. However, it is large and has ample space for a drink and a snack for when I use this stroller when walking or resting on a run.

Size and Weight. It’s big. It’s heavy. This stroller only fits in my 2010 Prius trunk if the kid tray is removed. And, it only fits in sideways. And, it takes up most of the trunk space. I had enough trunk space left over for groceries and items from target on the left and the right of the stroller. Also, I could pile a few things on top if necessary. I can lift it in and out of the trunk myself – however, it’s not the easiest thing in the world.

I took the "Bob Revolution SE" stroller for a test run before I made this purchase. It felt very sturdy and was much lighter. However, I found the folding of the Bob stroller as well as the wheel locking mechanisms quite cumbersome. Lastly, the cost kept me second guessing that purchase. The Graco folds very easily and all locking/unlocking mechanisms are so simple a child could use it.

Overall, the Graco FastAction Fold Jogger is a great value. It is very good quality for a very good price.