Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect, Tidalwave (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Review

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect, Tidalwave (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Stroller holds child up to 50 pounds for years of comfortable strolling^Multi-position reclining seat is padded for baby’s comfort^Convertible 3 or 5-point harness grows with your child^One-second, single-step fold. Lightweight, sturdy frame^Lockable front swivel wheels with suspension provide superior maneuverability

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect, Tidalwave (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

The Grandboy loves it! (By Melanie)

We bought this to use when The Grandboy stays with us. My husband and I have used it in shopping malls, on sidewalks, on paved trails, and dirt trails, and it’s holding up very well. When the front wheel locked when the going got bumpy, we wedged a tiny piece of plastic in to keep the button up, and it keeps the wheel moving freely. The handle is high enough for my 6’3″ husband to feel comfortable when he’s pushing, and it’s reach is far enough back that his long legs don’t kick the wheels, brakes, or axle. With 4 drink holders, we never have to worry about Grandboy’s hydration and snacks, or our coffee fix. The phone holder makes keeping in touch with his parents, a breeze, and the under pouch holds a diaper bag, purses, jackets, and whatever else anyone doesn’t want to carry. Our Grandboy gets really excited when he sees this come out of the closet. He loves riding in it, and also seems to have no trouble falling asleep in it 😉

Too many frustrations (By Brin)

This stroller is a smooth ride for the little one, easy to fold up, and has plenty of storage space in the cargo basket that is easily accessible. BUT the front wheel kept locking on it’s own (very frustrating) and the canopy doesn’t stay extended all the way. Even when the canopy was extended all the way it never fully blocked the sun for baby since it is attached to the frame and can’t be rotated forward at all. As others said the phone holder is not large enough for current phones rendering that feature useless. I know jogging strollers don’t fold down small, but this one seems a bit on the ridiculous side. I usually like Graco products, but after a few outings with this stroller I decided it was more frustration than it was worth, so am returning it for a different jogging stroller.

AWSOME stroller/jogger (By Kristen Blake)

This is an amazing stroller. Great for sidewalks, bumpy paths, nature walks and even the beach. It folds up easy and stores nicely in my SUV. I have not had to remove the wheels for transport but they are easy on/off. The stroller stays clean and is durable. Great choice.

trail walker/runner (By Sara Clemons)

its a great stroller. everything I expected and more. my only complaint, it doesnt work well for park trails. its better then a lot of other stroller cause it has bike like tires. the front wheel keeps locking up due to uneven ground. it states that in the insteuctions.

Some great features (By Brooke)

Purchased this stroller about 3 months ago and have used it daily. My absolute favorite part, hands down, is the iPod dock. It is so nice to have your phone secured right in front of you, especially if you are listening to music on your run. This is overall a good stroller, however, we have had a few issues too. I walk/run on a paved path in my neighborhood, so nice and smooth for the most part. Within 3 weeks, we had a flat tire, and the front (swiveling tire) had begun to stick. After examining the mechanism, it seemed that the latch that you slide up and down to secure the wheel locking in place would not stay up high enough. I have kind of rigged it to remain in the unlocked position, otherwise I’d have to lean the stroller back to go around corners. On the good side again, has a huge basket for storage, lots of cup holders for mom and baby, and of course, that iPod holder…my major selling point :)

I really wanted to love this stroller (By Katherine Boddie)

I really wanted to love this stroller, but I just don’t. It pushes very easily and rides smoothly. However, it is super heavy to get in and out of the car, and it’s HUGE. I have a Tahoe so I’ve got lots of storage space, but I put it in my Mom’s Prius one time and it barely fit. I could deal with that if it worked perfectly, but it does not. There is a latch on the front wheel that you can lock if you don’t want the front wheel to track. For some reason on my stroller, that latch continuously locks on it’s own when I don’t want it to. It makes it nearly impossible to steer the stroller, and I constantly have to stop, flip the latch and unlock the wheel. My husband tried taping it up, but even that doesn’t work. He’s planning to remove the latch completely, but until he has time this stroller will sit in my garage, unused.

For $100 sure, for the MFSR $200+.. NO!! (By matt)

First thing with this stroller, tires needed 10 PSI more air on arrival. No Biggie!
Second, after first run I removed the DUMB kick stand because it falls as you run and either almost trips you up or drags on the ground!! What the heck. So stupid.
It’s a bit heavy and takes a crap ton of space even in my spacious Ford Escape trunk. So if you have a small car, expect to remove the wheels each time.
Other than that I got it on sale for $100 and it’s good enough for me, I run max about 12-15 miles a week with my 2 year old :)
If you’re a marathon runner, go for something with less weight, better steering and a suspension system!

Flat tire, but WORTH it (By Amazon Customer)

I am VERY glad I found this at a good price because I had to take the wheels in to have the inner tubes replaced before I could even use it. The front tire wouldn’t hold air because the metal rim rubbed the inner tube valve stem and sliced it. After I spent a little over $40.00 on new inner tubes and some coating around the metal opening this stroller has been a dream ever since. My son finds it comfortable to sit it. I find it easy to steer and maneuver in stores as well as on trails and sidewalks. The only downfall is that my trunk is a little tight so I have to take off one wheel to get it in my trunk, thankfully that is EASY to do!