Graco Relay Click Connect Performance Jogger, Lynx Review

Graco Relay Click Connect Performance Jogger, Lynx

  • All the convenience accessories are included in this ultimate performance jogger, so there’s nothing more to buy
  • Pneumatic tires and a locking front-swivel wheel with tracking are built to handle all of your jogs while staying active with baby
  • Jogging strollers premium suspension system offers high-grade performance for a smooth ride on any terrain
  • Breathable, premium tech fabrics are upgraded for your child’s comfort and feature reflective piping for added visibility in low light
  • One-second, one-hand fold provides the ultimate in convenience for moms on the go

Graco Relay Click Connect Performance Jogger, Lynx Reviews

Move over BOB. (By Geno)

Im a dad and I picked this up. Its too bad that Graco picked to only sell these at a specific retailer at first, because its such a great jogger.
If they sold this at other retailers, it would definitely take a lot of BOB clientele. BUT NOW BEING ON AMAZON, it will finally get some attention!

I encourage others to purchase this if they were looking for a true jogger, but dont want to pay premium BOB prices.

Well, this actually ALSO has a premium price, but you get a lot more. Esp for new parents who will need to get an infant car seat. Amazon has a great price for the BLUE color.

The GRACO click connect 35 infant car seat just clicks right in. That is what I have. I got the all black colorway. What people should know is this stroller also has a high COOL FACTOR! It looks darn sporty and cool. The other “CLICK CONNECT” series will click into this.

No need for adapters to click Graco click connect infant seats. Has a parent tray (or pockets) and has a child bar/cup holder. I would have to spend an extra $100-150 with BOB in accessories to do that.

BOB had its time, but now they are getting exposed on being overpriced. Yea its great product, but to pay all that extra.

What is nice about BOB and Chicco Activ3/Tre joggers are the 2 setting shocks. One stiff and one soft setting. The stiff setting, at least in the Chicco is pretty much like having no shocks, it did have some bounce but very little and required a lot of force. The all terrain setting is on par with and all comparable among the 3. Good travel and bounce when needed. The dual setting is nice, but not necessarily required, but almost asked to be included since those aforementioned cost significantly more.

This Should Be Your New Jogger! (By Elizabeth Ann Bergesen)

I love this stroller! I was previously using the Graco Fast Action Jogger Click Connect Stroller as my jogging stroller, and the new Graco Relay Jogging Stroller is ten times better!

This new stroller has a lower, stream lined design to it, it is lighter and smaller when folded compared to the Fast Action Jogger. It doesn’t have a kick stand and auto lock latch that the Fast Action does, and I wish they would have kept those two features.

But, I really don’t even feel I should be comparing it to the Fast Action Jogger as the Relay looks and performs more like a Bob Revolution.

Because of the new design, the bottom basket has been reduced in size (compared to the Fast Action) and is more the size of a Bob. There is no plastic cup holder/tray (like the Fast Action has) and instead you have a large mesh basket on the back of the seat, along with a zippered storage pouch that straps on the handle bar. If you use a large water bottle then just purchase a hook to add onto your handle bar and you will be fine.

The canopy is a nice improvement as it is lined with UV 50 fabric. This canopy is a nice size, extends low which means great coverage, and stays put!

Let’s just mention the upgraded wheels and amazing suspension! Wow – this is what I’ve been waiting for! While it doesn’t have two levels of adjustable suspension for the back tires (like the Bob has) I really don’t think you need it. This stroller rolls over things like butter – nice and smooth!

I have to mention the padding and seat incline. There is a lot of padding on the seat and seat back, and there is a slight incline to the seat making it almost like a bucket seat.
This is great as I always felt that the only thing holding my one year old into the Fast Action was the crotch strap due to the lack of incline in the seat. That is not a problem with the Relay as he now sits back into the seat with the right amount of incline.

There are so many things that are done right with this stroller, and I can see folks (who don’t want to pay Bob prices) really enjoying this one. Heck, I can even see Bob folks converting to this one!

Awesome jogging stroller (By John Hale)

This stroller is awesome. It has clean lines, awesome construction, and comes with all of the add-ons that you have to purchase separately with other jogging strollers. One hand breakdown works just like other Graco strollers and the rear wheel disconnect system is awesome. We initially looked at the Bob, but our tall toddler just didn’t fit so we expanded our search and found the jaguar and couldn’t be happier. The ergonomics are top notch. One minor design flaw popped up though; the front wheel is difficult to inflate because of the size of the rim. You really can’t get standard bike pump nozzles into the space the air up the tire. I eventually used an air compressor with a gas station style air nozzle and that worked perfectly.

Excellent jogger on a budget! (By Big Dawg)

We are Bob stroller fans, we have been using our Bob for several years now and it is still running strong. This Graco Click Connect Jogger is very promising, it is built well, feels very solid, has all the comfort features of the Bob with its suspension and large pneumatic tires. The best thing with the Graco is it comes complete with everything you need to go!

Here’s are the items to highlight.
– Solid build quality
– Large pneumatic
– Good suspension
– Easy to maneuver
– Comes complete with cup holder tray and parent bag.
– Easy click on rear wheels.
– Simple and easy fold and unfold.
– Seat is slightly slimmer than on the Bob
– Smaller than Bob when folded

– Non adjustable handle bar height.
– No quick release for the front wheel.

– 40.25″ handlebar height
– 53″ long
– 25.5″ wide

– 37″ long
– 18.5″ tall

This is a great Jogging stroller, would I trade in my Bob for it, probably not, but if I didn’t have a jogger yet, this would be on the top of my list! Great job Graco!