Graco Trekko Classic Connect Stroller, Metropolis (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Review

Graco Trekko Classic Connect Stroller, Metropolis (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Featuring a 1 hand foldable frame, 3-wheel design, front swivel wheel, rotating canopy
  • Deluxe padded seat with 4-position recline lies flat for baby’s comfort.
  • Convertible 3 or 5-point harness grows with your child, fitting up to 50 pounds.
  • 180 degree rotating canopy with peek-a-boo window fabrics shades your child from any direction.
  • No-flat tires will take you on any journey
  • Featuring a 1-hand foldable frame, 3-wheel design, front swivel wheel, rotating canopy, and an adjustable harness, the Trekko seamlessly combines convenience and comfort.
  • No-flat tires will take you on any journey. Large storage basket and adjustable handle height make this stroller infinitely practical.

Graco Trekko Classic Connect Stroller, Metropolis (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

Tackles Terrain Like a Champ! (By Amy T.)

Overall, the Trekko is a great stroller. I like the sun canopy and the ease of going over different types of terrain. The infant seat enclosure is a nice touch and the recline is easy. There are a couple of things I wish the stroller had, and one issue with a wobbling wheel, which I demonstrate to you in this video review.

A good stroller for the price but with some drawbacks (By N. Reuter)

I bought this stroller with the car seat and have been using it with my now 15 month old son since his birth, so I figured I would chime in on some of my feedback on this stroller.

– Comfortable seat, my son really likes it
– Pretty sturdey
– A good value for the price

– VERY heavy
– Not to be used for jogging, despite the three-wheel design
– Does not fold very compact at all. Putting in the trunk of a car often requires removal of front wheel (which is pretty easy)
– Not that durable. The seat folding bar snapped off on me at about the eight month mark and still I can’t adjust the seat up or down without removing the fabric cover and manually adjusting it
– The basket sucks. If you put even something slightly heavy in it (like a sweatshirt), it will fall off the two small hooks on the side and land on the brakes, which engages them
-The sun shade could be bigger. I always feel like it’s too far back or too far forward but there is no in between position

If you are looking at this stroller you are probably thinking, like we were, that we want something reasonably priced that will grow with our child and allow us to do occasional more rough and tumble strolles on unpaved areas. We also don’t live in a city but a suburb so the walking isn’t as necessary – we usually walk a few times a day on our street, probably a mile or two a day, occasionally more if we go places like a mall or the beach or something. ANd it works for that.

We are having a 2nd child now and are switching to a City Mini double stroller. It is much nicer than this one, but also costs almost $200 more – so it’s up to your budget. This stroller gets the job done but like anything you get what you pay for.

For all this, the stroller has been OK. It has travelled with us several times (four flights) and been fine. It’s just


I had a different Graco stroller (the 4 wheeled kind) for the first year with our son, and I always hated how the wheels sounded when we were taking walks on the boardwalk that is near by, and even down our street… they just never seemed sturdy. Well, just after our son’s first birthday the front wheel finally broke off. I decided for my next stroller I wanted a 3 wheel stroller that would be for any terrain. I do not jog, so it is not used for those purposes, just wanted something I could take anywhere without worrying about the wheels. This stroller has been WONDERFUL! I am so upset that I didn’t just get one like this from the beginning.

Best features:
Easy set up; only took me a few minutes to do, the wheels just had to be put on.
Easy to fold up. It is trully as easy as they say and show in the video. It can be done with one hand.
Comfortable seat.
Huge storage bin underneath. I have never seen one that would fit so much stuff.
Easy to maneuver back and forth and around objects.
Sturdy wheels.
Adjustable handlebar.
Seat reclines in several different positions for child to sit up or lay all the way back, and it’s easy to do!

Only down falls:
No snack tray for baby or cupholders for parents. BUT, I used the brica cupholder on the handlebar for my drink and the brica snack pod on the side for baby to reach his cup and snacks, and they work great, so it’s really not an issue.
The stroller is very LARGE!!! Which is great, however it’s hard to fit in some vehicles. We have an SUV with a huge trunk, so for me it’s not a problem, but when we put it in my in-laws vehicle we had to remove the wheels in order for it to fit. But it was very easy to get them off, and then back on. DIdn’t cause much of a problem at all for us.

So you can see the positives out do the negatives in a big way… I would highly recommend this stroller to anyone!!!! It’s a great buy!

We Love It (By Noelle)

I got this stroller after doing a ton of research. It was the right price for me. I am a casual jogger and didn’t need a BOB for what the BOBs cost. My 2yo daughter loves it. We have multiple strollers and she always requests this one. The canopy is great. It shields from sun and wind and there is a eek a boo window that I love. The wheels are extremely sturdy. They go smoothly over gravel and large rocks. I live in a desert climate so the surfaces are not smooth, but this stroller feels like they are. It fits into the trunk of my Toyota Corolla. You can easily fix the wheel in front to go straight only or to swivel. It’s just a push of a button. The basket is huge.

On my second or third outing, while I was actually jogging, the front wheel began to wobble. No problem, I just detached it, turned it around, and re-attached it. No more wobbling after that. Now any time it happens, about once every five times, I take the front wheel off, turn it 180 degrees, then reattach it and that stops the wobbling for good. I’m really impressed because I read SO many complaints about jogging strollers wobbling, and I thought it was a curse of any jogging stroller under $300.

I love that I can use this again with the next baby because it accepts Graco car seats.

Problem one, this monster is quite heavy. But that is typical for joggers. I don’t have any trouble with it because it’s extremely easy to fold and unfold, but it is not practical for light use. That is why I am going to replace my now-broken umbrella stroller with a Graco Liteway. My daughter and I use our strollers an awful lot so I need the two. This is not the stroller I choose to keep in my trunk for trips to the mall, or for the walk to daycare. It is just too bulky.
I prefer to keep it in the garage and use it for long walks with the dog in our neighborhood and the occasional jog. It’s wonderful for that. I can steer it with one hand while I play with my phone.

Another problem is that if I put too much stuff in the basket, it detaches. No problem, it’s easy to fix. But I didn’t want to carry my purse. My purse was really heavy that day. It had my work laptop in it. So I will be purchasing a stroller hook for that.

Also I’m bummed that it doesn’t have a snack tray for my daughter. I bought a detachable cup holder for her, but I don’t really like it because it doesn’t stay in place. The only thing I would change about this stroller is that I would add a snack tray.

So for the price I give this 5 stars. I paid about 145 for it. Had I spent 200 or more I would have given it four stars for not having a snack tray for baby. Other than that it’s pretty great for jogging and/or long walks.