Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Parent Organizer Review

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Parent Organizer

  • 2 cup holders
  • 1 front pocket for storing keys, cell phone, etc.
  • 1 rear zippered pocket
  • For use with the Joovy Caboose and Big Caboose models
  • Easy to install and remove

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Parent Organizer Reviews

Stroller organizer (By T. Bender)

When I first saw this item on Amazon, I thought it was way overpriced. After I ordered it (to go along with the Joovy StandUp/Tandem Stroller I purchased) and saw it in person, I understood. The pictures online do not do it justice. There are two pockets on each side in the front that easily hold baby bottles or drink bottles plus a bigger pocket in front for misc. items. On the back (where you push) there is additional storage pockets and a zipper pocket where you can keep spare change rather than lugging a purse around with you while taking a walk with the kids. It is very well constructed and easy to put on the stroller handle. Shipping was super fast! I would highly recommend this product!!

Also Works With The UPPABABY VISTA Stroller! (By )

Decided to write a quick review to let anyone interested know that this product also works with the UppaBaby Vista stroller (I have the 2010 model but I’m guessing it would work on previous models as well)
It serves it’s purpose well- holds one drink and all the little extras, however I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 for two reasons:

1) As a previous reviewer mentioned, not all of the compartments are zippered and it’s VERY EASY to mindlessly fold up your stroller without taking your things out first, thus having them all fall onto the ground. It would have been nice if all of the compartments were zippered that way you could have the OPTION of either zipping it and keeping items secure, or leaving it unzipped and have your items easily accessible.

2) There is only 1 cup/bottle holder on this and it’s a tight fit for anything larger than the water bottle pictured. It would have been nice to have 2 cup/bottle holders so that baby AND parent could both tote their drinks easily and also if it had been made a little larger or more easy to stretch so that it could hold bigger sized bottles or cups, such as the Avent baby bottles, as those are larger around than the avg. sized baby bottle.

+ fits Bugaboo; + cupholders; + sleek; – tiny zippered pocket (By Vahnee)

I saw a mom using this on her Bugaboo Frog and it was the first thing I ordered when we got our Bugaboo Cameleon. It’s sleeker than most stroller organizers out there, and really looks as if it were made for the Bugaboo.

Yes, it fits the Bugaboo Frog. As for the Cameleon, I think the fit is a little different because it partially covers the handlebar extension. If you frequently adjust the handlebar height on your Cameleon, this might not work well for you. I rarely adjust mine, so I don’t mind slipping the sleeve up a little to do so and pulling it back down.

The tilt of the handlebars on the Bugaboo means that I would never feel safe putting hot drinks in the cup holders, but then again, I’d never put hot drinks that close the baby anyway, so I feel it’s a null issue. I use the cup holders to hold my CamelBak Water Bottle and keys/cellphone/wallet. (I find the zippered pocket too small and awkward to zip/unzip to be useful.) The small pockets will hold a diaper or two (sticking out a little) and a mini-pack of wipes, which means I can do short trips without the underbasket attached. The neoprene is soft, easy to wipe clean and doesn’t show dirt easily.

I don’t know how the Joovy folds up, but one thing to keep in mind when using this with the Bugaboo is to remember to EMPTY THE POCKETS BEFORE FOLDING!
I dropped my cellphone and wallet many times because they were in the pockets when I folded the handlebar down & picked up the stroller to load it in the car. I’ve since made it a habit to load the baby in the car seat, empty the stroller pockets, and then pack up the stroller.

Must have for Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Rider (By Amykins)

I love my Joovy Caboose Stand on Stroller, but it lacked in the storage department. This item is handy for storing your keys, cell phone, drinks, etc. I love that it has a zippered compartment to keep things secure. Also, the material is incredibly sturdy and I feel like it will outlast the stroller itself. I’d recommend this product for sure.

It is an odd “add on” (By L)

I ended up returning this because it just didn’t make sense. My 4 year old likes to stand on the standing platform. This “organizer” is completely inaccessible when he’s standing there. And he complains that it bangs his head. It might work for some configurations of “passengers” but it is really not practical for many of them.

nice to have (By Kindle Customer)

Everyone asks me where I got this. Lots of people have the Joovy stroller, not so many have the organizer. It’s a great place to store keys, phones, wallets, etc., but not so great for a drink. The cup holder is kind of floppy, so I find that drinks tend to tilt and drip when they’re in it. I wind up using one of the regular pockets to hold a drink – it’s more upright. The “drink holder” is great for keys, cell phone and camera.

Just right (By AugustBabies)

I just love this parent organizer. It fits very nicely on the handle bar. I can hold a big water bottle, cell phone, keys, wallet, and snacks for the kids. If we’re just going for a walk I can hold my water bottle, 2 sippy cups, and a water bottle for DH. I really like that it’s made from neoprene as when my son is getting on and off and he hits his head on it he doesn’t get hurt…like the cut on his head he got while “test driving” a different (not Joovy) Sit and Stand that has a built in plastic tray.