Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Rain Cover Review

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Rain Cover

  • Exclusively made for the Caboose and Caboose Graphite strollers
  • Protects against rain and wind
  • Ventilated for breathability
  • Front opening allows items to be passed to child without removing or lifting cover
  • Easy to install

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Rain Cover Reviews

Definitely a must-have for rain and cold weather! (By New England Mom)

I live in a big city and use my Joovy Caboose every day. With this wind/rain shield, it is a year-round stroller. The shield is thick – it will not crack or tear, and the rain just pools on top, never leaking through. We’ve used it in the rain many times, and the kids have never gotten wet, except for in a really heavy downpour when their shoes get wet. Unfortunately, there is no way to help this, since understandably it cannot cover all the way down, as it would then cover the wheels. The shield does not cover the organizer, and so things in that may get wet in the rain. I also use the shield in cold weather, and it does great to keep the kids warm. It’s like a little greenhouse inside, so be careful that the kids don’t get too hot if they are bundled warmly.

One of the best features of the shield is that there is a zipper about 6 inches long on the side of the front where you can pass things through to the front child. This is great for handing snacks or a water bottle through without taking the shield off or reaching up underneath it. There are also little holes for air vents on each side. It attaches with 3 squares of velcro on each side in the back and with strips of velcro by the front tires (I don’t attach the front unless it is really windy out). The back child can just undo one side and come out of the stroller easily without taking the whole thing off.

One con is that it is very difficult to hear the kids through the shield, so pay extra attention that they are not in there yelling and you just aren’t hearing it!

Overall, this is a wonderful product. This makes it very feasible to use the Joovy Caboose year-round and still have the kids be comfortable.

Works well. (By Christine S. Stark)

Works well and keeps the kids dry. Works on other brands of the sit n stand stroller.

Get this for everyday use (By R. Lerman)

Worth a few bucks if you get the Joovy Caboose. Easy to put on and easy to store in the basket. My twin toddlers think it’s fun to be in the “bubble”. Go figure.

Why didn’t I buy this sooner? (By SunnyDayMama)

I looove this cover! I should have bought it with my Joovy stroller, but I waited a year. It keeps the kids warm on windy days, so we’re able to get out much, much more often now that I have the cover. It’s so easy to pull on and off and fits nicely into the storage bin under the seats.

perfect fit, but needs improvement (By Kmom)

I am glad I bought this item – it keeps both the kids warm and dry and it is a perfect fit (as expected) and the plastic is strong and durable. However, the folks at Joovey could make it easier to use – put some zips on it please! Zips on the front – so I can get the baby out without having to take the whole thing off! Try doing this when it is wet and the baby is crying…really need faster and easier access to the baby! the velcros at the back are ok, but zips would make it better – the sound of velcro opening is a certain way to wake up my baby :(

A bit bulky but it is perfect for baby and toddler (By Melissa)

A bit bulky but it is perfect for baby and toddler. Bought for a trip to Disney but we still use it. Best decision ever! My 3 year old (now 4yrs) could easily sit or stand while my 8month old (now 1yr) sat comfortably at the front. My 4 year old also sits facing forward by placing her feet in the basket under. Cons. A bit bulky. Heavy with two kids. Baby cannot recline; when the baby is in recline position it was hard for my for 4 year old to sit comfortably. It’s not idea for baby to take a nap since it does not really recline.

This has been so nice to have with my kids (By MoMom)

This has been so nice to have with my kids. I felt so bad when my daughter would be sitting in the front and hardly able to breath because of the wind (If you blow in a baby’s face they try to hold their breath). It also has really helped to keep them warm. We have had a really cold winter and I always dreaded trying to bring my two youngest to pick up the oldest at school. This almost acted as a little heat bubble. It didn’t create any heat but it at least helped keep it warmer for them. My only complaint is that it was hard to put the kids in and cover them up quickly. I have the extra seat installed on the back of mine and I would try to keep either the front attached or the back attached and lift it up like a lid. This just kind of left one kid open to the elements while I put the other one in since its not very flexible. It does take a good few minutes to try and get all the straps on. But over all I am so glad I had this. I have had many parents say they wish they had one for their stroller

Simply Works (By ring dawg)

Withstood 10 degree wind chill with rain/snow in Chicago this afternoon. Both kids were warm, cozy and dry. Pretty cool.