Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller, Appletree Review

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller, Appletree

  • Patented stand on tandem design
  • Most compact, maneuverable tandem available
  • Includes a universal infant car seat attachment
  • Large storage basket, child tray with 2 cup holders
  • Easy trigger fold design

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller, Appletree Reviews

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! (By S. Hudspeth)

I did some research online about sit and stand strollers and was trying to decide between the Baby Trend LX Sit and Stand or the Joovy. I bought the Baby Trend because there were no local stores that carried the Joovy for me to look at it. So, I bought the Baby Trend, took it home, strolled around my house and found it was to big, I was hitting wall corners and could not see what was infront of me. I would have to lift the stroller to go around tight corners. So, I went on the hunt to fond this Joovy stroller to test out. I finally found a retailer, drove 40 miles to test it out and it was worth it. I could manouver it well, I had my son sitting and my infant car seat attached and strolled around the store perfectly. It was easy to fold and pick up also. Attachments went on and came off easily. I was so pleased, wondering what the bad reviews were about, those people are crazy!! Here are some things I found were not hard or inconvienat at all that others did:

1. The storage basket accessability: Yes, when your child is standing or sitting in the back area it is impossible to get to the basket from there, BUT WHY WOULD YOU ANYWAY???? The sides pull out so far that there is no need to access the basket any other way.

2.The wheels do not turn well: OK, this has to be due to no readng the owners manual! There is a lock on the front wheels that keeps them from swiveling if in lock posistion. Once unlocked the wheels swivel to make sharp turns at ease. The only way I knew this is because I read the manual!

3. The rear seat has little room when front seat in reclined: This is a fact, BUT the back seat slides back and forth, so if the seat is reclined you just pull the back seat foward more! AGAIN, READ THE MANUAL!


Great stroller!!! (By Rebecca)

I usually don’t write reviews but after reading positive & negative reviews, I felt I would share my experience. This stroller is fantastic!! If you follow the directions there should be no assembly issues. I had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands 4 months ago so my strength is limited, I put this together by myself in about 15minutes. My 6month old was in front & my 96th percentile for height 3 1/2 yearold was in back. She fits nicely on the seat & likes the freedom of jumping on & off. Walked on gravel, bumpy sidewalks & grass, had no steering problems. Lighter than my single chicco travel system stroller, and has storage for phone, keys etc on back of front seat. Only pitfall is no cup holder, but my umbrella stroller cup holder is detachable & fits. For the price the quality is fantastic!! I highly recomend to anyone whose kids have a 3+ age gap!!

Joovy Caboose VS Graco RoomFor2 (By Chihuahua)

I purchased both strollers to try out as my secondary stroller. However, I tried to be objective in my review as far as a someone only wanting one stoller is concerned. If you plan on using your stoller for extended times, outdoors, or have a special vacation in mind I would not recommend either of these strollers as your main stoller. Both are practical but neither are comfortable for either the babies or parent. Regardless here is my review.

Both: -are about the same weight and take up about the same space when folded up
-both have a tray table
-wheels are about the same size both made out of that hard foamy plastic material. Not rubber.
-Both front seats fit my 35lbs 3 year old toddler fine with the exception of the foot rest. So they both have room for

Joovy Pros: -Short wheel base. It is about 3 inches shorter then the Graco and doesn’t feel like a train when I push it. (size matters)
-Easy to fold but takes two hands.
-I liked the layout of the tray table compared to the Graco. It was flat between the two cup holders instead of a small
square “cup”
-Felt more sturdy then the Graco. And this was just the way it felt in your hands and not the structural integrity.
-I liked the buckle for baby better then the Graco however both were not super easy.

Joovy Cons: -Short wheel base. It is a bit harder to maneuver then the Graco.
-Canopy is a few inches narrower. But I think both were pretty useless as far as coverage goes.
-Tray table does not swivel like the Graco. It is either on or off (and not very easy to get off) Making it more of an effort to
buckle in baby which is not pleasant in MN sub arctic weather.
-Does not have parent cup holders.

Space for two kids in a very compact stroller! (By Kim)

I have a three-year-old and a four-month-old. I did a lot of research into double strollers, DREADING the thought of lugging around a behemoth. I expected to wind up purchasing a double jogger (along the lines of B.O.B.) but I checked this one out and I adore it.

This stroller is hardly bigger than a single, yet I can get both kids on it when I have to. I do not need any sort of attachment for my son’s car seat (Chicco Keyfit), it just plops right into place. My baby is very fussy so the fact that he can see me is a HUGE plus. My daughter loves being able to hop on and off her special seat in the back, it really gives her a sense of independence.

I am more than willing to sacrifice storage space for the compact size, but I will caution that there isn’t really much storage space at all. There’s a small pouch under the step that will fit maybe one regular sized shopping bag at the mall. If you can make the assumption that your older child will mostly be walking then the diaper bag or whatever can be perched on the step. Otherwise plan on carrying it.

Setup and breakdown of the stroller is a breeze, too.

This was exactly what I was looking for, thanks Joovy!