Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight Tandem Stroller, Purpleness (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Review

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight Tandem Stroller, Purpleness (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Weighs just over 21 pounds and with the second full size seat installed it is just over 23 pounds
  • Two full size reclining seats, front seat has a 3 position recline and rear seat has a 130 degree recline
  • Includes parent organizer, child tray, universal car seat adapter and removable rear seat
  • All wheel suspension, linked parking brakes, over sized canopy and large storage basket with side pockets
  • Ultra maneuverable and compact, easy trigger fold design, accommodates two children up to 90 pounds

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight Tandem Stroller, Purpleness (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

Very misleading (Read this before you buy!) (By Linzua)

I did a ton of research before choosing this stroller and so I’m very disappointed that it’s just not what I expected it to be based on the reviews I read and photos I saw. As another customer said, this product is really misleading. According to the Joovy representative I spoke to (who was actually very nice), there was recently a regulation change that required Joovy to lower the recline of the front seat — so basically, when it’s in it’s most upright position, it is not even close to being upright (if I can figure out how to add a photo, I’ll take a picture of mine). This is not the case with older models, so if you look up images of the stroller in use, you’ll see a bunch of pictures of happy kids riding comfortably in the back seat. But FYI, that is NOT the stroller you are about to buy! Nope, that’s the old version. Nowhere did I see information about this change so when I purchased the stroller, I assumed it would/could look like the one in the photos I’d seen.

What happened was this: I got the stroller just before my baby was born in May, so once we started using it immediately after her birth, we used the carseat attachment and have been using it that way just fine for three months. This whole time, my older son was sitting awkwardly and uncomfortably in the back seat (because of how low the front seat was reclined in order to accommodate the carseat), but we knew it was only temporary until we could put the baby in the front without the carseat adapter. Well, we tried to do that over this past weekend and that’s when we realized that the recline we had it set to was actually the HIGHEST possible position! With this set up, a child CANNOT SIT COMFORTABLY in the back on the bench seat because the seat leans so far back.
It’s not as bad with the Too seat attached so that the child in the back is facing forward, but it’s still awkward since the front seat is reclined right into the back child’s face.

So basically, this adaptation they made completely defeats the purpose of the stroller! It makes it almost unusable. And yet, THEY DID NOT DISCLOSE IT CLEARLY ANYWHERE. Even the manual that came with the stroller shows the old model!

If you’re still interested in buying this stroller, make sure you know what you’re buying. Also, realize that any review written before the beginning of 2014 is for the OLD VERSION.

It’s too bad because otherwise, it’s a great stroller. I would honestly love it if it wasn’t for this huge issue, but sadly, this issue makes it uncomfortable for both of our children.

EDITED TO ADD: Amazon was awesome and allowed me to return the stroller for a full refund even though the return window had closed and we had been using it for 3-4 months. We got the City Select with the extra seat and are much happier — two comfy kiddos.

What a great stroller! (By BostonMom)

I bought this at another retailer with a 20% off coupon, but I would most certainly pay full price! The difference between the Ultralight Too and regular Ultralight is that this one comes with the Too seat at a savings of about $30 if purchased separately at retail price.

I have a newborn and 2.5 year old. The 2.5 year old is getting much more independent so I didn’t want to invest in a full double, but he’s not quite big enough to never need a full seat. This stroller is PERFECT for us! The Too seat is super light and easy to install/uninstall, so it’s not a big deal if my son changes his mind about how he wants to ride.

Setup was a breeze, with step-by-step, clear directions. I did it myself within 15 minutes.

It comes standard with a universal carseat adapter and my Chicco KeyFit 30 fits perfectly when the front seat is reclined to the second position. There’s not a ton of room in the backseat with the carseat installed, but my 27-pounder fits very comfortably and loves that he can keep an eye on his baby brother AND see out the front with this configuration. If your child is quite a bit bigger, this seat may not be ideal. The basket is also entirely off-limits with the Too seat attached, but the Mommy Hook helps with that problem.

The “parent console” is limited, but of minimal concern to me. Maneuvering is a dream, and it’s super compact and easy to open/close (though definitely not one-handed). I’ll definitely use it as a single as well as a double, and the value for the price is unparalleled. This is my first experience with a Joovy product, and they’ve definitely earned my future business with this stroller.

Compact stroller for Parents on the Go (By Amazon Customer)

When I took the stroller out of the box for assembly I was happy to find that minimal work needed to be done before it was ready to go. The wheels were put on as well as the hood and parent organizer. This literally took minutes.

The Caboose Too Ultralight is a fantastic compact double stroller weighing in at about 21 pounds in the stand-on mode and approximately 23 pounds in the too mode.

The full size rear seat is super easy to install onto the existing rear bench and stroller frame. Just place on top of bench, pull the safety belt through the bottom, a few snaps and velcro attachments and voila – ready! The Caboose Too seat reclines and has a 5 point harness. It can be used from 6 months of age to a max weight of 45 pounds.

As you can see, the stroller is compact in profile and not bulky as others. Both kids are comfortable for a short ride to the neighborhood park and all day at an amusement park.

A unique feature of the Caboose Too Ultralight, in addition to the huge underneath basket, are the side pockets on both sides of the basket. I easily placed a baby carrier, jacket/sweater, hats, etc. for our day. There is a velcro closure in case you want to place smaller items for storage.

My favorite parent organizer ever – made of a stretchy neoprene material – has two cupholders with storage space on one side and a zippered pocket on the reverse side. You just slip it over the handlebar and it’s ready to use. This thing is durable and can even accommodate the souvenir cup.

The five point harness on the front seat was easy to adjust for Mason and he was secure and ready to roll. There are 3 height adjustments for the strap so many more years of strolling for our family.
While the feet of the child in the rear seat go into the storage basket, the front child gets an adjustable footrest. It can go all the way up for infants like Mason or down for longer legs like Kenzie’s.

This double stroller also comes with a universal car seat adapter. Just snap off the snack tray and place the adapter right on. Make sure to recline the front seat before placing the car seat onto the bar. There are visual instructions right on the adapter in case you forget how to use. The straps for extra security are located right inside the side pockets next to the front seat – clever right?

The shade is huge and the range spans the entire stroller. You can adjust it meet the sun as you stroll. The fold is also an important feature of a stroller because when you have two or more tots to look after, you don’t want to fumble around. I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of close – just pull up on the two red tabs on each side of the stroller and push forward to close.

Easily portable, smooth suspension, easy to nap and snack, two happy kiddos = satisfied parent. This is the perfect stroller for any type of outing and travel.